Are You Worshiping the FAKE Jesus?

27 May

If you go to church, chances are you are worshiping THE FAKE JESUS. Most people in the churches are oblivious to the fact that there is a false spirit around, pretending to be Jesus Christ. Why? Because they are wrapped up in false beliefs taught in the churches. The pastors and ministers are not to blame. Religious demons and fallen angels have orchestrated this entire thing. It is a grand deception. If you are participating in practices that open the chakras, chances are you are making invitations to demons and fallen angels. Here are a few important facts from a previous blog, written by Pam Sheppard:

• Extraterrestrial beings, aka aliens, are not “other life forms.” They are fallen angels that Jesus Christ of Nazareth called DEVILS. The Apostle Paul called these cosmic beings “spiritual wickedness in heavenly(high) places, aka the skies that surround us.

• Most of these demons are “religious.” They began their open, telepathic communications with mediums and psychics centuries ago.

• Knowing that they would not be well received by true followers of Christ, there work in and with the Christian churches has been and continues to be “undercover.”

• There is a fake Jesus. He is not Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten Son of God. The fake Jesus is a demon that calls himself “The Christ.”

• The fake Jesus identifies himself as the portrait that has hung in many churches for centuries: a Caucasian blue eyed man with long, light brown hair. The fake Jesus calls himself Jesus Sananda Immanuel.

• With his occult followers, the Fake Jesus boasts of having been the founder of various Christian cults.

• There is more than one high ranking demon who specializes in false religion. The high ranking demons call themselves “ascended masters.” The “leader of leaders” calls himself “Maitreya.”

• Each ascended master has a company of lower ranking demons, at least one demon assigned to every one of the elect.

Religious devils are not human, nor are they divine. They are simply fallen angels who began calling themselves ascended masters around the mid 20th century. In open communication with their occult disciples, we Christians have been sleepwalking in the spirit. Tenaciously focused on the contents of our own personal lives, the so called “ascended masters” have been secretly planting their seeds and working diligently toward the fulfillment of their sinister agenda. The ascended masters are in the service of their master, Sanat Kamura, — Lucifer, the highest fallen angel that we all know as Satan or “the devil.” While the higher ranking demonic have been setting the stage for “their final act” of the endtimes, rank and file foot soldiers in Satan’s army were busy distracting all of us from the real issues.

if you want to know more, you need The book “The Fake Jesus.”
Go to for this book. The book is there twice, once as an ebook and once as a paperback, so make sure you choose what you desire. Another great book on this topic is “Church of the Endtime Zombies.” It is also featured on the list.


22 May

Most who claim to be Christians do not even realize that they are under a STRONG DELUSION. They believe that the religious things they were taught make them a Christian, when they don’t realize that the enemy has them fooled by their religion. Consider what Pam says here:

“It never ceases to amaze me how people prefer their delusions to truth. This is why psychiatrists can make money off of one client for ten yrs or more. The client actually prefers to live in his or her delusions and does not want to face truth. The client may even share and talk and be open with you, but if you really hit on the truth behind their torment, he or she will back up and the enemy gets an even tighter grip on them. SMH

The worst and strongest delusion of all has been perpetrated for the hundreds of yrs in one form or another. It is the delusion that we choose God on our own terms. That the bible establishes a relationship with God. The bible was only printed about 500 years ago and only in the second
Half of the 20th century, was everyone with access to one. So what did Christians do for 1500 yrs without a personal bible?

This is a tough job we do. dealing with a religious person is the camel in the eye of a needle. With man it is impossible. With God, all things are possible. WE NEED MORE OF GOD!!!!”



If you want some help to examine your salvation, a good place to start is with a book created for the sole purpose of giving you the know how.  It’s called “The Church of the End-time Zombies: A Guide to Religious Detox.  Both paperback and e-book are Available on this link—

“Confirmation” is a Demonic Trap by PAM SHEPPARD

21 May

Assumptions are constantly made by Christians who believe that “the 3 witnesses rule” is an indication that a sign, wonder, message or circumstance is “a confirmation” from God.

Confirmation! Its a twelve letter dirty word that covers a wide field of consideration. In fact, Satan and his crew get many chuckles out of this one.

There are so many varieties of “confirmations” that it is hard to present one representative example, so I’ll have to make one up.

You had a dream that you should move to Georgia. Or perhaps someone
from your church prophesied over you—“God has called you to
minister in Georgia.” The same day, you heard Ray Charles sing,
“Georgia on my mind.” Then someone called you on the telephone
from Georgia, but it was a wrong number. In the afternoon, a friend stopped by
and gave you some peaches. Georgia peaches.

“So there it is” you say to yourself. I got 3 signs or
witnesses that provide “confirmation” to my dream or prophetic
word. God wants me to move to Georgia.

I use such a ridiculous example to highlight what foolish believers
do constantly. The “confirmation” thing is nothing but
an assumption, not based on fact, not based on truth.
When God sends a message, He does not have to confirm it. He may, or He may

Have you ever been duped by “confirmation?” I HAVE! LOL Many times.

If you believe that God has spoken to you about a particular situation, yet are still confused about your sign from God, you may be hearing from the devil and not God. Contact Rescue to find out why: 518-477-5759 or

So Many Doctrines

15 May


There are so many different doctrines being preached in the organized church, it’s a wonder we didn’t catch on sooner. If nobody was ever on one accord, yet everyone claimed to be “leading people to Christ,” how in the world could we have believed that the church was the avenue to God? Just some observations. Did you know that there are over 41,000 denominations that exist? Now, some of the denominations share the same doctrines, so 41,000 denominations doesn’t necessarily mean 41,000 different doctrines, but let’s face it…We all know, even from discussions among us, that there are several different gospels being preached…all of which have nothing to do with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. They water down the true gospel, and suddenly boatloads of people are flocking to church altars all over the world, claiming they got saved??? Really? My question to them is, “Well which gospel were YOU preached?” BLOWS MY MIND.

Anybody else out there put any thought into this? If so, do share!

In RESCUE, we dispel false doctrine and proclaim truth. Many who have joined Rescue have been undeceived as a result. If you have questions about practices within the organized church and feel that God may be leading you away from those practices, you are not alone. Rescue just might be the group for you. Interested in trying us out? Call 518-477-5759. Or email


The Enemy Knows the Bible Too

14 May

Knowing the Bible inside and out, thinking you have ALL the answers and believing that you are to use it as an instruction manual for your life is NOT necessarily the smartest thing. That does not save you. How do I know this? Because before I was TRULY born again, I was one of those people who thought I was saved because with all my Bible Knowledge, I “thought” I had all the answers that lead me to salvation. Boy was I WRONG! All I had was puffed up pride in me, boasting in my own power to somehow obtain salvation, because of knowing all these scriptures. No cross, no repentance, no resurrection in my testimony. I had a false conversion, and did not even know it. I had taken my salvation in MY OWN HANDS. And instead of worshiping God, I worshiped the bible, thinking every scripture and verse I “happened” to land on was for ME. I took Bible scriptures out of context, misinterpreting those scriptures, and basically tried to work up my own salvation using those scriptures, not realizing that many of those scriptures I read were not even for me. They were written to a particular audience at a particular time, for a particular purpose. What I did was something called “Bibliomancy,” which is witchraft using the Bible…YES, THERE IS SUCH A THING! THE ENEMY IS ALL UP IN THAT! Contrary to what the churches have taught many of us about how to use the Bible, the Bible is NOT meant to be used as a instruction manual for your life. Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit, for HIS guidance will ALWAYS go hand in hand with God’s intended purpose for the Bible.


Consider this quote by Pam”

“Practically everything I know was acquired by personal experience. Now some may think that personal experience is not the best way to learn spiritual matters and so I am expecting that the bible thumpers will say that you try the spirits by “the word.” You need to know that the enemy knows the word better than we do. The enemy even knows how much YOU know about the bible. So he can line up the experience or communication with scriptures, the way YOU interpret them.” (Pam Sheppard)

So, let’s GET REAL. Who else is/was guilty of this?

Questions? Email us @

You DO NOT NEED TO DO Anything to Get Saved

13 May

A large amount of professing Christians have FALSE CONVERSIONS… meaning that they have been tricked by the enemy into thinking that they did something to get saved, when Ephesians 2:8-9 CLEARLY STATES “For by GRACE you have been saved through FAITH; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast.” Yet all over the place, people are boasting that they did this or that in order to get saved. HMMMMM….Something is SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE. If we could just do some religious work to get saved, then Jesus of Nazareth would not have had to die and be resurrected! Yet false doctrines being taught in so many churches are teaching that we save ourselves by doing a religious act like praying Jesus into our hearts, chanting a sinner’s prayer, responding to altar call, etc.. Folks that creates forms of Godliness that deny the power of Jesus Christ!!!

One of the things that is often missed when it comes to salvation is the understanding that in the essence of who we are, we are WICKED and EVIL. It is in our nature to be evil. Therefore, there is nothing that “qualifies” a person to be born again. For example, consider a show or movie you have watched that has an evil villain in the story. Well that is US! Often times we’d like to liken ourselves to being the “good guy” in the story, but quite frankly we are the OPPOSITE of that, which is why people often cannot see their wicked natures…The deception lies in the fact that we don’t realize that WE are the evil villains in the story, until the Lord regenerates our spirits and we become born again…a new creation. The power of salvation is that God can take a wicked, evil being and completely change that individual. It truly is a miracle because the one who is being born again sees how wicked they truly are, and that they are hopeless without the help of the father. THIS IS IT RIGHT HERE FOLKS! And there is no “work” on yourself you can do to make yourself a candidate for salvation, for you are lost and hopeless without the Lord. Chanting a sinner’s prayer, responding to an alter call, praying Jesus into your heart, and performing any other religious work in order to “get saved” does NOT save you. SALVATION IS IN THE HANDS OF THE LORD. Evil does not have the power to change itself into good…IT IS EVIL! Therefore, that evil being needs HELP to become good. Religion causes people to miss this because it encourages people to believe that something “good” about them qualifies them for salvation, and therefore, they can just do certain things to save themselves. It doesn’t work that way folks! There is evil, and there is good. There is evil fruit, and then there is good fruit. If we are, in our natures evil, how then can we just magically change ourselves into being good by performing some religious act? THINK ABOUT IT…

I used to believe this very thing..thinking that if I work up my flesh enough, I could become good. But guess what? In my evil nature, I could never do it. I failed miserably EVERY TIME. And if the religion that taught us to do works was “good,” then why has so much evil come from it? Because it stems from an evil tree. Good cannot produce evil results, and an evil tree as well as your evil nature cannot make you good…BUT…through the power of the cross and bodily resurrection, the Lord can change you from being evil into being more like Him, who is all things good. AND HE DOESN’T NEED YOUR HELP TO DO IT.

Have questions about your salvation? Call us @ 518-477-5759.

Are you Willing to Let Go of Your Religious Beliefs in Order to Receive Truth?

9 May

Most religious beliefs are FALSE. Because of this, people who are professing Christians and in torment are wondering WHY they are being tormented by Devils and demons. True Born again people are not in torment, so something is seriously wrong here. In Rescue, we deal with identifying false religious beliefs in people, and helping them to discard those religious beliefs so that they can actually get set free. Herein lies the problem. Most people who have been in religion are so wrapped up in their beliefs that they regard them as true, and therefore, REFUSE to consider that what has been taught to them in church is a lie. It is very important for the captive to let go of false beliefs, and begin to digest the truth about their captivity. This is VERY difficult to do. Many of the beliefs that people hold near and dear to their hearts are NOT TRUTH, and are LIES FROM THE ENEMY that have them bound in the first place. This is the PRIMARY way a person is held captive…THROUGH RELIGIOUS BELIEFS THAT ARE NOT BASED ON THE TRUE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. In Rescue, we have deliverance coaches, whose job is to help the captive denounce those false beliefs by providing the captive with information that will shed light on the TRUTH of the matter. It is then the captive’s responsibility to either accept or reject the truth. This is not an easy feat with many who contact us for deliverance. Religious pride often rears it’s ugly head, and blocks the captive’s ability to move forward with this very important step. This is because, like I mentioned earlier in this post, that the captive is in bondage to common religious beliefs that they automatically assume are truths from God. Most people are VERY naive to the enemy’s crafty wiles and strategies to keep people deceived and in torment. It is very difficult to help people to see that much of what they believe as truth is a flat out lie from the enemy.

Quite often, we come across folks who are just unwilling to accept the fact that what they believe is actually not from God, and that they have been tricked into believing religious lies from the devil. When something has been a part of your life and taught to you for so many years of your life, it is very difficult to let it go, and can be uncomfortable at first. But, I assure you that the results FAR outweigh the struggle. But, in order to get beyond the struggle and progress to the next step, one MUST begin to develop the will it takes to receive the TRUTH by first recognizing the lies they thought were truth, by trusting in the Lord to undeceive them so they can begin to see the truth, and finally, by courageously make a firm decision to DENY those false religious beliefs. Then and only then will person be in the position to attempt to identify strongholds the enemy has in their life, and then as a result be able to successfully tear down those strongholds. Honestly, it requires an open mind, because the truth seems foreign at first; but the more a person is willing to humbly receive truth, the more he/she will begin to see more and more revelations of truth.

When I was being undeceived, I was utterly shocked at what the Holy Spirit was showing me. And then I went through a period of constant revelations, back to back, just opening my eyes even wider. For someone who has been raised in religion, my morals, values, and decisions were shaped by false religious beliefs. When I learned the truth, I had the choice of either rejecting the truth and traveling down the comfortable road by continuing to uphold my religious beliefs, OR by considering the fact that maybe, just maybe many of the beliefs I had developed over the years may actually be based on religious lies. I chose the latter. And I am quite pleased that I did. The blinders have been removed! I once was blind, but now I SEE!



Why ALL Churches are Evil

6 May

Still think there are some good churches out there? Well watch this video to see why we made the seemingly outrageous claim that there are NO good churches. Before you come up with some religious response to arrogantly refute what we are saying, just watch the video:

To be born Again, Wait on God’s Call! 

4 May

My salvation is clearly the most important thing that I have. It’s the only thing I own that no devil and no human being can take from me.  That is because    I am an heir.

 I have examined my   salvation at least three times according to II Corinthians 5:13, seriously examined it, because it was so supernatural. And the reason my salvation is  my only personal possession is because I never accepted Jesus into my heart. I never sought Him. In fact, I  did not believe that He actually was a literal human being that lived on Earth. I thought He was a myth, made up by the white man to keep my black  people enslaved with all of His meekness and turn the other cheek behavior,  which was not my  personality at all. I was not afraid of hell because I did not believe in hell either. I confess that I  I was both proud and adamant in my position as an atheist. 

So what i received was a call.

 The problem is that religious folk have “accepted”  Jesus before they heard His call. The call is not about going into ministry. The call is when God is reaching out to you to tell you, “I saved you before I created the foundations of the earth. I knew you when you were in your mother’s womb. Oh atheist Pam, you were an atheist for 33 years, but I knew you, and I called you.” And when you get a call, you get that call on a specific day and time. Now He may have been drawing you for years, and He definitely has sent angels to stand by and protect you to keep the devil from killing you before you heard the call. my day and time was Monday, March 29, 1977 at 4 pm. 

Everybody who is born again who is saved by God hears a call. And where does that call take you? It takes you to the cross. That’s where you gotta go. You gotta go to the cross. And you may not know then the victory of the Lord’s blood, the power of His blood to ruin all the enemy’s plans that he has for you, the power of that blood to keep you. That’s the meaning of baptism, you have been baptized into His death, into His cross and raised out of that water into His resurrection. Lord have mercy. The call will also take you to His resurrection.  The Holy Spirit will give you faith to believe that a dead man got up in the body He died in, and walked out of His grave alive, never to die again. 

It’s a call! So, those who want to argue with me on this subject, who want to say “well what about my will, what about my will and my decision to choose God?” You know that doesn’t even really sound right. How can we choose    God while we are yet dead in our trespasses and sins?

Let’s see what the bible says about this. What about your willpower in this? 

I asked myself  this question since I  was a person with a very strong willpower. In fact, I  stood against my grandmother every Sunday. There was a church and my grandfather was the pastor. As an eight year old, I stood with my willpower as a young child and said to Grandma Greta “NO, I’m not going to that church, I’m not going to your church. I don’t believe in Jesus, I WILL not go.” and I did not go!!! 

So what happened to my willpower when i got the call? It almost seems like it disappeared . I was just caught up, snatched up in the call. You say “prove it to me, show me in the bible.” Well look at   Ezekiel the 36th chapter. This is the prophetic words of God about the new birth. He doesn’t mention Jesus by name, but He does mention Him. He says, “I will sanctify My great name, I will take you from among the heathen.” And that’s what happened to Me , the one  my grandmother used to call a heathen. 

I was taken from among the heathen and gathered out. He says “I will sprinkle clean water upon you.” look at God”s emphasis. On all the “I will’s.” He says “I will sprinkle clean water upon you. I will give you a new heart, I will give you a new spirit, I will put a new spirit within you, I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, I will put My Spirit in you, and I will cause you to walk in My statutes and you shall keep My judgments and do them.” 

And that’s what 38 years of my  life have been about. I  got caused to be where i am now. Why? Because He said “I will put My Spirit within you, and it is My Spirit within you that will cause you to walk in my statutes, and you shall keep my judgments and do them.” Lord have mercy. It’s the fear of the Lord, that Spirit within, that has caused ME  to be 38 years in Him. 

And then He says “I will also save you from all your uncleanness.” That’s what He does in Christ. Many have jumped out and said “I accept Jesus.” And so, since they accepted Jesus, then they have to cause themselves to keep the laws and the statutes and to obey God. It becomes a real work for them, but it’s a work without power. Why? 

They didn’t wait on the call. 

Wait on Him to call you. If you have a desire for Jesus Christ of Nazareth, then God is moving upon you. Wait for Him to call you. Don’t get duped into saying, “come into my heart.” Jesus Christ of Nazareth does not come into anybody’s heart. But the Fake Jesus does. If you need help,intact me at, because you are going to have to uninvite the Fake Jesus out of your heart, and you’re going to need some help doing that. 



2 May


In this day and age, MOST professing Christians are too proud and stubborn to consider the fact that the religious teachings they have grown to love ARE ALL A LIE. They lack spiritual discernment, and HAVE NO IDEA about the darkness that has taken over the organized church. THEY ARE RELIGIOUS ZOMBIES. They will fight you about examining their salvation, even though Paul encourages in Ephesians to examine yourselves to see if you are in the faith. They will argue that they know scripture, all the while taking it out of context and misinterpreting it as a means to try to support their false beliefs. MOST WILL BE AGAINST WHAT WE PREACH. IN FACT, MOST ARE. THEY DON’T REALIZE THAT ANYTHING THAT IS WIDELY ACCEPTED SHOULD CAUSE THEM TO RAISE THEIR EYEBROWS. But they don’t consider that. Instead, they defend their religious beliefs with a closed-mind and keep God in a RELIGIOUS BOX. HMMMMMM……

The more you pursue truth, the more you will realize that your journey will NOT be popular. When you leave your religion behind, you WILL lose friendships…THAT’S A FACT. Some may be more surprising than others. MOST people are not interested in TRUTH. MOST people worship their religion so deeply, that they have no desire or respect for the truth. They wanna hear what makes them feel good. You will find that you have to use a lot of wisdom when preaching truth…a message that is NOT popular to even those whom you love dearly…your parents, your siblings, closest your friends, and sometimes even your spouse. Why? Because not everyone is READY for the truth, and quite frankly, not everyone is meant to know the truth. You cannot force it on a person. You cannot MAKE them believe you. You cannot make them see that the religion they are in is not of God, but instead a bunch of religious lies from the enemy. NO. All you can do is preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to them, and then you have got to leave it up to the Holy Ghost to open their eyes and truly SHOW them. It is NOT your job to convince anyone of the truth. No one convinced me to leave the false doctrines within organized church. I was led by the Holy Ghost, and I was led here.

We have to use a lot of spiritual discernment when folks are sent to us. Some are sent here by God, to use us to help undeceive a person, and others are sent by the devil to mock our ministry and cause confusion. So, what do we do? We wait and see. As we preach truth in here, it doesn’t take very long for us to tell the difference. When it is the enemy, religious demons in people who are bound by their religious beliefs will usually surface. They get haughty, argumentative, and start making it their business to quickly disprove what we are saying. When it is God, we see how BEAUTIFULLY the Holy Spirit operates in a person’s life to help them get set free. It is truly AMAZING to see, and we know that it was not US, but rather the Holy Ghost working to show someone something that otherwise would have been impossible by human efforts.

I simply preach the truth I know, and if by chance that person receives it, I know that the Holy Spirit must be working to undeceive that person.

Family and friends can be your biggest stumbling block and obstacle, and the enemy WILL use them to challenge you. DO NOT ALLOW THE ENEMY TO USE RELIGIOUS FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO TEMPT YOU AND INFLUENCE YOU TO RETURN TO CHURCH AND TO RELIGION. BE STRONG ENOUGH TO STAND ALONE. When you have a pure love for the truth, and if the Holy Spirit is truly undeceiving you, you will not waver on this. But know that the enemy WILL try to use ANY desire hidden within you to lure you back in. You’ve got to be vigilant enough to catch it. Religion is so ingrained in many of us, that oftentimes, it is difficult to make the distinction between a pure desire, led by the Holy Spirit, versus a hidden desire that will reveal your love for religion. It takes awhile to identify the religion within us, and detox ourselves from the very religion and religious acts that have shaped us, and influenced MANY of our life decisions. If you have been influenced by religion in any way, chances are the very beliefs, morals, and values you have are based on a religious foundation. IN RESCUE, YOU WILL BE CHALLENGED IN EVERY WAY BY THIS. For many religious folks, the TRUTH is a VERY difficult pill to swallow. It is painful, and will challenge everything you have ever believed that was taught to you BY THE ORGANIZED CHURCH.

Here’s a good tip: If it is the road the MAJORITY is taking, then it is most likely NOT the road to truth. If there is a less popular road that very few are taking, chances are it could be the right one. DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING, OR THINKING ABOUT YOU. YOU STAND FOR WHAT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT. After the Holy Ghost led me out of the organized church, all I wanted was the TRUTH. And I am glad I pursued truth, because in my pursuit of truth, I found RESCUE. RESCUE is my safe haven after having dealt with so much religion and false doctrine in the institutional church. RESCUE helped me to identify my religious beliefs and denounce them, all in the name of TRUTH. I like the truth that RESCUE brings, because it goes against every single religious belief I have ever had, and helps me to see the smoke in the mirrors, the reality of things vs. what I was taught for so many years. In RESCUE, I have gotten so much more teaching, spiritual growth, and authentic fellowship than I have EVER gotten being a part of the Institutional Church! I thank God for the ministry of RESCUE, that is a TRUE light in the darkness.

I am prepared to stand alone, because I have a love for truth, above everything else. How about you? When tough times and tests come, will YOU be prepared to stand alone? Or will you cave in to pressure from those around you? Do you have the will to stand against adversity? Will you stand your ground, or will the ground fall from up under you? Are you TRULY ready to let go of your religion? If you are ready to receive TRUTH, discard your religion, and stop following the CROWD, help is available. Contact RESCUE at 518-477-5759 or send an email to

Also, my pastor recently released a book specifically to help people stand alone.  Its called “The Church of the End-time Zombies.  You can find either the paperback or the e-book by clicking here. Also, listen to each of 200 videos, at least one a day.  Write down what you have learned and watch the miracle happen.


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