About Setting Captives Free

Hello Saints. My name is Pam Sheppard. I have developed a unique approach to setting captives free! IT IS CALLED DELIVERANCE COUNSELING: THE SEW PROGRAM. SEW stands for Spiritual Empowerment Workshop.Since there is no distance in the realm of the spirit, we cast out demons over the telephone, around the entire world!

In the beginning of my work in deliverance counseling in 2002 , I was  shocked and horrified at the manifestations that emanated from professing Christians. To hear even tongue talkers be used by demons to roar, growl and shout blasphemies that include 4 letter words is so astounding, that it can be rather “disconcerting” to say the least.  What I have found is that religious demons are now dwelling in the human spirit of professing Christians, the place which is intended for the Holy Ghost. I have also learned   that these demons must be cast out first, before the Holy Ghost will enter.

This is a formidable task because religiosity has become “a high  tower” in the lives of the lost who insist that they are saved. This high tower must be pulled down by truth, brick by brick. Simply put ,to reach a churchgoer who believes that he is saved because he repeated a sinner’s prayer and accepted Jesus “into his heart” is like trying to put a camel through the eye of a needle. But as the Lord declared,”what is impossible for men is possible with God.”

I marvel at what the Lord is doing. Compelling case studies are presented in “Faces of the Religious Demon.”

Grieved and quenched, it has been my experience that the Holy Ghost will not move either the called or the chosen by the “free will” method because the gospel has not been properly preached. Since faith comes by hearing the gospel, we need to understand “what the gospel is.” The gospel is plain and simple yet very rarely heard in what is commonly known as “a sermon.” In fact, most sermons heard in churches today are “not the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

They may be interesting, inspiring, enthusiastic, joyous, dramatic, charismatic and even life changing relative to coping with the natural challenges and circumstances of life. Yet, unless the gospel of the kingdom is preached in every sermon, the Holy Ghost will not draw anyone to the cross and without the cross, no one will be saved. You may cry, shout, jump up and even fall on your face yet without the complete truth, there will be no   fruit that leads to eternal life.

Here is the dilemma. If you believe that you are saved but you have had a false conversion, you will not be delivered.  Deliverance is based upon truth. As Jesus said, when we know and accept the truth, the truth will MAKE us free. The acceptance of truth will cause fallen angels to walk away from you and cause demons to come out of their hiding place within your soul. Captives will be set free and deliverance  will be made EASY!


4 Responses to “About Setting Captives Free”

  1. katlovesjwg October 8, 2014 at 11:22 pm #

    This sounds interesting to me. I am a saved Christian, yet I wrestle every day with torment for a sin I committed in August of 1981. Does this cost anything?

  2. Jody June 22, 2012 at 9:00 am #

    Setting Captives Free is a trademarked name; you will need to stop using the name “Setting Captives Free” to be compliant with the law. Please address this immediately.

    • Pam Sheppard Publishing June 22, 2012 at 9:27 am #

      With this kind of attitude, I doubt if you are setting ANYONE free, Jody. We who are Christians are all supposed to SET CAPTIVES FREE. How you could put the law in my face on this matter is an indication of who you REALLY are.

      You need to do a search. I know of two other ministries with the exact same name. The leader of one of them is Lynne Dicke. I use PastorPam Settingcaptivesfree as a Facebook surname because “this is what I do.”

      The truth of the matter, is that setting captives free in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth should be the un-official name of every ministry. My legal names are Pam Sheppard, Pam Sheppard Ministry, Pam Sheppard Publishing, RESCUE and Sheppard’s Counseling Center.

      On wordpress, I have a legal right to use any domain name that is available so you need to take your issue up with wordpress. WordPress gave me http://settingcaptivesfree.me

      Its a blog title, not a trademark name.

      As an author, I write under the trademark name Pam Sheppard. There is another author who writes under my exact name. . I am sure I get clicks for those who are looking for her and vice versa. I deal with it. You need to do the same.

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