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25 Sep

In the first coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, the angels of God played a significant role in preparing those involved for the Lord’s birth with special visitations to Mary, Joseph, and the father of John the Baptist, Zechariah. The book of Revelation shows us that angelic involvement will increase prior to the second coming of the Lord as well. Demons were also involved in the first coming, as they inspired Herod and his soothsayers to predict the signs of the time, and to conduct a relentless search for the baby Jesus. The killed all male newborns from among the Israelites.

Prior to the Lord’s second coming, the word of God predicts that once again, both angels and demons will once again be extremely “active.” We will need the grace and the wisdom of God to be able to discern God’s angels from the demons who work on Satan’s behalf. These are some serious days. Since countless professing Christians are awaiting the Lord Jesus Christ to come again, set up and rule His own kingdom of peace and justice on the earth, they could very well be fooled by Satan—“The Man of Sin,” “the Son of Perdition,” he that opposeth and exalteth himself,” “the Wicked One whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth,” “he whose coming is after the working of Satan”.

Fallen angels are already prepared to transform themselves into beings of light by manifesting in the flesh, counterfeiting the incarnation of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, born in Bethlehem 2007 years ago. As Jesus warned us in Matthew, many false christs shall manifest in the flesh. Jesus also compared the time of His return to “the days of Noah.” What astounding thing happened in the days of Noah.? Fallen angels took on flesh, consummated the sex act with women and reproduced an offspring of giants.

 My understanding of Genesis 6 is that this was such an offense to God that He brought about the flood to wipe away the contamination and to cleanse the earth. Since the floods of the days of Noah, fallen angels who had sex with human  are chained up in hell. However, there are other fallen angels who are not yet chained. These thieves and robbers are among those who will once again attempt to enter the sheepfold by “climbing up another way.” (John 10:1) These principalities and powers, the rulers of the darkness of this earth once abided in the heavenlies but they have apparently “fallen to earth.”

There are two fallen angels who masquarade as the Lord: Jesus Sananda Immanuel and Maitreya. It seems to fit that Sananda and Maitreya are the two beasts of Revelation, the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet. As I have continued to examine literature on the ascended masters, the automatic writings of those who channel telepathic communications from high ranking demons claim that various ascended masters have already “manifested in the flesh.”

The Ascended Masters claim to be overseeing the spiritual development of the human race on both an individual level and on a global plane. According to various accounts, there is a distinct hierarchy of “fallen angels” in operation to build a kingdom for their master Sunat Kamura, who the bible calls Satan. Through consciousness-altering techniques of yoga, transcendental meditation, channeling, chanting, drugs and hypnosis, millions of New Agers have allegedly received visitations from disembodied beings who have masqueraded as benevolent spirits, duping their hosts into believing that they are angels sent from God to fulfill His Divine Plan.

Yet, as depicted in the Book of Genesis, it is a more highly favored achievement for a fallen angel to be able to manifest in the flesh as they did in the days just prior to the flood. In the Lord’s warnings about the last days just prior to His second coming, Jesus compared the endtimes to “the days of Noah.” The First Beast: The Anti-Christ: Maitreya.According to Benjamin Creme, Maitreya descended in July 1977, allegedly from His ancient retreat in the Himalayas and took up residence in the IndianPakistani community of London. Furthermore, Creme alleges that Maitreya has been living and working there, seemingly as an ordinary man, His true status known to relatively few. He has been emerging gradually into full public view so as “not to infringe humanity’s free will.”

 Not so. Maitreya descended from higher than the Himalayas. He descended from second heaven. Creme himself has been lied to, deluded and deceived, because he agenda of “the god of this world”is to rule all humanity at any cost. Since demons are infamous liars, don’t believe for one minute that Maitreya is embodied 24-7. He is a fallen angel, who like the other ascended masters that Maitreya is “the master of masters” of, they can only function as we do on earth by taking over the body of a human being who has opened the door to them by submitting their free will to consciousness altering techniques.

 Religious demons have more than merely infringed on free will, but have literally stolen the bodies and souls of the vulnerable. Since July 1977, through Benjamin Creme and the undercover work of a multitude of lower ranking ascended masters and religious demons under Maitreya’s command, the Masters of Masters has been diligently and secretively preparing humanity for his outward presence, particularly for the day that the bible calls “the abomination of desolation.” On this horrendous day, the anti-Christ shall enter the temple and declare Himself to be God and those who serve him now, shall worship him then.

I find this date rather significant because I was born again just 3 months prior to Maitreya’s appearing to Benjamin Creme. I thank Jesus Christ of Nazareth that I “made it in” to the kingdom of God, just under the wire. Paul warned the Corinthians that the god of this world has the power to blind the lost from being saved, and in other parts of the scripture, there is a warning of deception even for the very elect. I believe that the power to deceive the unsaved intensified 3 decades ago when Maitreya “descended and introduced himself to mankind through Benjamin Creme.

 How was Maitreya able to do this? In the one of the most significant scriptures concerning the coming of the antichrist, Paul warned us through his word to the Thessalonians: ” For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work: only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way. ( You need to read this: II Thes: 2: 1-12) I have been in Christ since 1977. After 30 years, I can tell you that the Holy Ghost has been restrained the entire time. He certainly has not left the elect of God but He has been held back so that Satan could have his way. It is amazing, a true miracle from God that I got saved.

Even though I was a willing channel or medium, The Holy Ghost actually stole me out of Maitreya’s hands by compelling me with the cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Ironically, what was in my favor was that as an atheist, I had no religion and had not been raised in church. So when the religious demon assigned to me channelled pages and pages of writings on Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism and mentioned the “one world religion, bored to tears, I was in no way “interested.” Actually, even my carnality was in my favor because all I wanted “the spirits” to reveal to me was “who will be my next boyfriend?

” So when I got born again on Monday, March 29, 1977 at 4pm, I had already been a channel to demon spirits from 1974 until that momentous, life changing day. Channeling is a synonym for mediumistic activity. In other words, like Benjamin Creme, I myself was a psychic medium, communicating with cosmic beings aka, “fallen angels”,first with a ouija board. I also saw a few spirit manifestations. By 1977, I had graduated to automatic writing, which is what the channels of today are doing. .The final stage of my channeling came when the demon actually stepped into me, pushed my spirit aside, grabbed my larynx and spoke through my mouth, while my spirit stood on the opposite side of the room, jumping up and down yelling, “let me back in. Let me back in.”

Consequently, the demons who were asssigned to “transform me into a channel” in the early 70’s were not as skillful as Maitreya was with Benjamin Creme. In my case, the Holy Ghost “was not yet restrained,” and He stepped in and literally pulled me out of the religious demon’s hands. No one can stop God with those He has called and elected to salvation. No one. Even though the Holy Ghost has been restrained, He has still converted, saved and delivered. However, with Maitreya’s entrance into the earth’s sphere, the Holy Ghost has stood back because “Satan’s time is short” and he has been given an opportunity as “the god of this world” to touch the elect, just as the Lord removed the hedge from Job for a brief period.

So while the Holy Ghost has been restrained but not removed, Maitreya has boldly taken credit for a number of world events over the last 30 years. Is the fact that so many counterfeit rebirth experiences have occurred within the organized church in the last 3 decades due to Maitreya’s appearing in 1977? Is the fact that the tremendous growth and influence of the word of faith, charismatic movement has occurred in the last 30 years a mere coincidence? And as the charismatic church has increased, the Protestant denominations have subsequently decreased, both in membership, in spiritual power and in influence.

Did the unknown and secretive appearance of Maitreya to the earth’s atmosphere have a great impact on the present condition of the organized church? I believe so. Yet the plan for Maitreya’s entrance was first established through the Jezebel spirit of two women: Helen Blavatsky in 1875 and Alice Bailey from 1919-1949. Both of these women claimed to have received their information telepathically from one or more of the ascended masters. Theosophy is a fragment of the ancient, once universal, wisdom teaching. The masters of Theosophy, located in Tibet and around the world, preserve and extend this ancient wisdom. Periodically they sent forth one of their own – a messenger – to help spread their teachings to all of humanity.

 In the 1800’s they had been searching for a century for the next messenger and finally settled upon Helena Blavatsky, born to a noble Russian family. I would not be suprised if the Blavatsky family were not also members of the Illuminati. I report this kind of history so that you the reader can come to realize just how long plans have been laid so that you can get a sense of where we are located in within the spiritual time clock of endtime events. In regards to Blavatsky, she claimed to have seen the master,ie. the fallen angel who would be her teacher in her dreams as a child. She met him in Hyde Park in London when she was 20. She managed to enter Tibet and was trained by those masters in Tibet from 1868 to 1870. From 1875 through her death in 1891 she spread that message around the world.

Theosophy is the name Blavatsky gave to that portion of knowledge that she brought from the masters to the world. It comes from the term “Theosophia” used by the Neoplatonists to mean literally “knowledge of the divine”. Perhaps all of Blatvatsky’s work can be summed up in one of her maxims: Compassion is the law of laws. She explained that brotherhood is not a mere ideal – it is a fact in nature on the spiritual plane. Through the writings of Benjamin Creme, Maitreya and Blavatsky are sending forth the same message.—a concern for humanity.

 The Jezebel spirit of Alice Bailey led her to be called “the Mother of the New Age Movement.” On June 30, 1895 at the age of fifteen, Bailey had a memorable experience which she reports: “I was sitting in the drawing room reading. The door opened and in walked a tall man dressed in European clothes…but with a tall turban on his head…. He told me there was some work that it was planned that I could do in the world but that it would entail my changing my disposition very considerably;”In 1915, Bailey was introducted to Theosophy and Helena Blavatsky. Through her studies of Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrines, Bailey came to believe that the “being” she met at age 15 was Master KH (Koot Hoomi). Prior to her studies ,Bailey had believed that the being she served was the Master Jesus,.

Regarding her channeling experiences with this fallen angel, Alice Bailey commented, “I remain in full control of my senses of perception…. I simply listen and take down the words that I hear and register the thoughts which are dropped one by one into my brain…. I have never changed anything that the Tibetan has ever given to me…. I do not always understand what is given. I do not always agree. But I record it all honestly and then discover it does make sense and evokes intuitive response.”

 Bailey spent the majority of her years working out what she referred to as “The Plan.” As a result of her works, many other groups were either birthed or influenced. In accord with her theosophical predecessor Blavatski, Bailey also proposed a message of “world peace,” the divinity of all mankind, the unity of all religions, and service to mankind. Once a Sunday School teacher and a missionary worker, Bailey is was renowned by occultists as a prolific author of mystical writings. She actually served as a forerunner to Benjamin Creme, a woman who paved the way to Maitreya. Consequently, Benjamin Creme’s perspectives about Maitreya, the world teacher and the other ascended masters were derived from and continue the Theosophical teachings of these two Jezebelian women.

The Jezebel spirit has been busy for the entire 20th century, preparing for the abomination of desolation when Maitreya will assume fully his role as Satan’s angel, when the beast is worshipped around the world as “the Christ.” This is how it will be done. Maitreya will not take some man made seat in a building made by man, not the Rock of the Dome or any church building. He has to imitate Jesus Christ of Nazareth and take up his worshipping seat inside temples not made with hands.

Creme reveals that when Maitreya declares himself openly to the entire world, when he is accepted by the media to present his credentials, he will mentally overshadow all of humanity simultaneously. Maitreya will come into telepathic rapport with each individual in the world, and each individual will hear him inward, silently, in their own language, as if he were speaking directly to them, which in fact, he will not be. What will actually happen is that those who have succumbed to passivity, have practiced yoga, tm, chanting, channeling, “speaking in their prayer language” and the like, shall be moved on by the religious demon that is assigned to them.

I have wondered why so many professing Christians are able to hear voices, and yet they do not suffer from schizophrenia or any other mental disorder, yet they are constantly tormented by demons. It is all a part of the master plan put in place by Maitreya and his demonic troops worldwide. Like a cheap but clever magician, Maitreya will appear to be both omnipresent and omniscient through the help of demons who serve him. As a result of this worldwide supernatural occurrence, people will worship Maitreya as “the Christ,” and the abomination of desolation shall be fulfilled, according to the scripture. The anti-Christ will be seated in his temple and all the world shall worship him, taking both his seal and his number.

 Not so for the elect. Maitreya’s telepathic voice shall not be heard by those of us who know the truth, and even if we DO hear, the voice of a stranger we WILL NOT FOLLOW!!!

To know more about Maitreya and the other ascended masters, you need the book “The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us,” available at



25 Sep

As we Christians have been sleepwalking in the spirit, tenaciously focused on the contents of our own personal lives, devils and demons have been secretly planting their seeds and working diligently toward the fulfillment of their sinister agenda, in the service of their master, Sanat Kamura, —Lucifer, the highest fallen angel that we all know as Satan or “the devil.” While the higher level angels have been setting the stage for “the final act,” rank and file foot soldiers in Satan’s army were busy distracting all of us from the real issues.

 If you are a churchgoer, it could be that you are either overwhelmed or confused, so allow me to sum up for you with my own reflection of the major points concerning the end times. There is a fake Jesus. of God. He is not Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten Son. The fake Jesus is a demon that There is more than one calls himself “The Christ.” demon who specializes in false religion. The high ranking fallen angels or devils  call themselves “ascended masters.” Each ascended master has a company of lower ranking demons, at least one demon assigned to every one of us. Spirit entities can  come into persons who have experienced being slain in the spirit or any other practice that induces an altered state of consciousness.

There is also a counterfeit of the biblical “speaking in other tongues.” This counterfeit tongue may very well be the manifestation of the power of the beast in the book of revelation, where it is written that the beast “calls down fire from heaven.” In fact, word of faith, pentecostal and charismatic preachers and teachers often call their conferences “fire from heaven.” These circumstances add understanding to what the real Jesus Christ stated: Some shall prophecy, cast out demons, etc. in His name and He is going to say “I never knew you.” Perhaps the reason that Jesus never knew these professing Christians is because they were worshipping, giving praise, sending up prayers, making proclamations, making declarations in the name of “another” Christ. A demon.

 This could also  be the reason why the real Jesus does not know those who perform various exploits in the name of “another Jesus.” An unknown number of the elect of God are sitting in church. Millions of them believe that they are saved, but they are not. He WILL reach them, but they may have to flee the organized church for the Holy Ghost to do so. It cannot be denied that in Revelation Chapter 18, the Lord cries out to the elect who remain in Mystery Babylon, “Come out of her, My people or you will receive of her plagues.” After 25 years, I myself was led out. In fact, I literally had to be THROWN out when my time came for I had become “comfortable.”

The church had to mess with my comfort zone for me to leave. Perhaps that will be the case for you. But if you are among the elect, you will either walk out yourself, or the Lord will allow the devil to use fake Christians to PUSH you out. But out you MUST come out to survive and escape the plagues that are coming upon those still “in the house”!!! My warning to “the lukewarm” is taken from the words of Paul to Timothy and the words of Jesus to the church at Laodicea. We are living in the last days, where some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.

  So what is the bottom line to Satan’s not so tender trap? How was the devil able to get into the church, and not only secure a seat in the back row, but actually make his way to the pulpit? Well, through a gradual infiltration that has taken several centuries, Satan finally has his seat in the pulpit. You see, the gateway for the religious demon is “by invitation.” Invitations can be either formal or informal. Whether in ignorance or by design, when a person has made an appeal to Satan’s services by either a formal pact or an informal agreement, that person has unwittingly submitted himself to the powers of darkness..

 When signs, wonders and strange religious practices that did not emanate from the Holy Ghost are accepted as divine, a spiritual invitation is made to the fake Jesus. Without hesitation, the fake Jesus pushes his way through the doors of your soul. When sermons are preached by wrenching scriptures out of their context for the purpose of making three points that have nothing to do with repentance, rebirth or the resurrection, an invitation is made to the religious demon. When salvation is taken out of the sovereign calling and election of God and put into the hands of man to “make a decision for Christ” then Satan moved from the backseat into the pulpit. When unsaved people came to church altars “chanting” after speaking in tongues, they invited demons to enter them and countless of these folk are now tormented, almost fully demonized.

As would be expected, the sheep followed the preaching of a distorted gospel, looking for blessings, success, and prosperity to come in the abundant life they are taught that Jesus promised them.They have been seduced into believing that “they have a right to the good life” and all that prosperity entails. Rarely do preachers even mention that serving Jesus Christ can also bring trial, tribulation, trouble and in some cases, even death. Consequently, Satan’s seat has been securred by the gradual elimination of the cross from the gospel preached in most pulpits.

Can Satan be unseated by the organized church?. How can he be? Though short lived, the bible tells us that Satan will have his day, when he officially takes his seat in the endtime synagogue, today called “THE CHURCH!” The organized church is fastly ringing true to her final name, Mystery Babylon. Furthermore, the time for repentance is already be OVER, since  judgement of the household of faith has already occurred. The remnant within the church shall prevail along with the rest of the 144,000 righteous remnant.

Whether an actual or a literal number, the truth is this. The way to the True Jesus is narrow and straight and the very few are those who enter in and find the real Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten Son of the Father. So who are the ENDTIME PLAYERS? Let us deal with the human ones first. God’s people. Every one of us who is saved today believed on Jesus Christ through the gospel that the first apostles preached. In this regard, the gates of hell can never make a claim on a born again child of God because any prayer of the Lord’s was answered by the Father.

 Therefore, the gates of hell have not and shall not prevail against the saved. The Lord did not pray for the organized church in John 17. He could have, but He didn’t. It was about to be formed. No, Jesus prayed for its first leaders, the 11 Apostles, with Paul being the spiritual replacement for Judas. A serious cause for the confusion over who Jesus was referring to as “the church” is that for centuries, the organized religious system has made no distinction between its own bureaucracy and the eternal body of true believers in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

In fact, in many churches, it is assumed and presumed that those who regularly attend on Sundays, pay their tithes and offerings, and partake of the means of grace are members in good standing, and therefore they are considered “saved.” This practice began with Catholicism and eventually carried over into the Protestant churches. Nevertheless, the assumption that every one on the church rolls is saved is certainly without scriptural justification.

 Some of you might turn to a verse in Ephesians where Paul writes that the Lord is coming back for a church without spot or wrinkle. Charismatics, particularly those who preach “dominion theology,” contend that as long as the organized church is a toothless ole hag in a soiled wedding dress, the Lord is not coming back for her. Dominion theology like those who embrace the Joel Army movement  boast of present day apostles who are expected to reform the organized church to cause her to be a presentible bride.

These folk are seriously deceived because there is not one thing that man can do to affect God’s timetable. Some of you “foolish virgins” need to put some oil in your lamps and come to terms with the reality that the Lord is NOT coming back for the organized church. He is coming back for his invisible, eternal kingdom made up of the elect. Once saved, we no longer have “spots or wrinkles or any such thing” because a bonafide Christian has been washed in the blood of the Lamb. Once Jesus Christ returns, we all shall finish out the cleansing by the resurrection ofour dead bodies or the putting on of immortality by those of us who are alive at His coming, when we who are alive shall meet in the air those who preceded us in death.

 This is the gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. There is only one event that I believe determines when the Lord shall come back. I believe He will come back when every name that was written in the Lamb’s book of Life before the foundation of the earth was laid, has heard the gospel and has been led to the cross by the Holy Ghost. Jesus prayed that He would have ALL of the elect. If there is one among the elect who has not yet been born, He will wait on that person hearing the gospel and being drawn to Him by the Holy Ghost. The ministry of the 144,000 will bring in every soul among the chosen of God who is alive just before the Lord’s coming.

Here are a few of the endtime players.

THE FALSE PROPHETS: Today’s men and women who call themselves pastors may feed the sheep with sermons, bible studies , even provide some occasional pastoral guidance. They may even do hospital visits. Even so, it is a rare thing to find a real biblical pastor today, who has on his or her heart not only the 99, but the one who may be in need or even in danger. I have been in the company of pastors who fellowship in ministerial alliances and committees, where they “chew the fat” by “dogging-out” those that they pastor.” Simply put, if a disgruntled pastor perceives that his members disapprove of him in any way, some take it real personal.

Therefore, it is not that unusual for an offended pastor to neglect to make a deathbed visit if he or she has an unresolved contention with the dying. In my mind, men and women of this nature are to be counted among the false prophets, along with those who lie, cheat and deceive the sheep they are called to protect. Have you considered who is tending the sheep in the churches while they are being spiritually abused by hirelings? How many of today’s pastors desire to rescue those who are perishing under the weight of sin? Most present day ministers know little to nothing of the dangers of occult subjection, of seducing spirits that teach and deceive.

 Religious demons continue to take advantage of the way that the word of God is preached and taught as their foundation for the enactment of spiritual abuse upon the sheep. The spirit of the Anti-Christ armors itself as it seeks out pastors and church leaders who are amenable to deception as well as sheep who are prone to vulnerability. The religious demon sets the stage to preach the word of God into a defiled heart who will also teach a defiled word from the pulpit into spirits that have already been damaged, building a demonic fortress within the organized church. It appears to be a done deal.

 THE ILLUMINATI: When things have gone wrong in your life, when you seem damned if you do and damned if you don’t, when you look around to blame SOMEBODY, we have all pointed our finger at the invisible man. We accuse ” THE MAN.” The MAN may even have a title like Uncle Sam, or the Boys in Washington,City Hall, or even that low life, “Mr. Charlie.” Well “the man” has yet another name. The Illuminati. An accurate description of the Illuminati is difficult because it is a secret, ancestral, occult society, comprised of the filthy rich and often the highly educated.

 If you descibed the Mafia and threw in the flavor of Aryan Germany Naxis, and added the 32 degree freemasons into the equation, you would have a decent description of the Illuminati. The Illuminati’s historic roots can be traced back to the Knights Templar, to the Greek and Gnostic initiatory cults,to Egypt and even to Atlantis. Rather than distracting myself from the main issues at hand, I reviewed the writings and testimonies of some former Illuminati’s like John Todd and others who keep their real identity anonymous.

Simply put, the influence of the Illuminati is staggering, crossing several systems: banking, the media,politics and the legal profession, education, labor,energy to name a few.. They also rival the Mafia in their criminal connections. As an endtime player, there influence in religion is a thing to keep a serious eye on. The importance of the Illuminati as an endtime “religious” player is a sinister Catholic connection as alluded to in the movie, Godfather III. The plan is to merge religion into the apostate one world church that will serve Lucifer. The informers warn that the Illuminati has infiltrated world governments,toward the end ofbringing in a new leader who will usher in a Luciferean reign of joy, prosperity and rewards for the faithful. The dangerous element to this group is that like Hitler and his evil regime, they see themselves as a superior race who in their minds is not evil. The Mafia know who they are and we know who they are.

However, the Illuminati consists of billionnaire aristocrats who will hire “whoever” for “whatever” to control the masses. Strangely, they are convinced that their secret efforts to dominate and control the masses is for the greater good of humanity. Actually, they see themselves as “the good guys” who weed out the weak and the unfit as they develop among themselves a superior human being. The Illuminati will put it’s support behind the BEAST.

 BENJAMIN CREME: This white haired sweet, unassuming little man has been the messenger of a high ranking fallen angel whom I believe fits the biblical description of the antiChrist better than any human being on earth. Since July 1977,Creme first contacted a demon he calls an ascended master. I got into the kingdom just under the wire, —4 months BEFORE the demon Maitreya made his first appearance to Benjamin Creme. For 3 decades, Creme, referred to as the John the Baptist of the anti-Christ, has been traveling the globe, telling audiences that the second coming of Christ will not be in the clouds, but that the Christ has been here for 30 years, hiding out in the Himalayas.

A British author, artist, and occult practitioner, Creme has progressively obtained worldwide credibility in high places around the world. Creme claims that the Masters are our elder brothers who have been stimulating and enlightening us since man’s creation. In the next issue, I will address in more detail how Creme has supported his claim that Maitreya and the other ascended masters are here and ready to solve our most critical problems. Simply put, Creme validates his claims by pointing to various miraculous events that have occurred around the world: ie. statues that weep real tears and blood.

 In England, holy messages have appeared when housewives cut the vegetables. The seeds are rearranged, spelling out the following message, “Allah is Great. Mohommad is his prophet.” Healing waters have also appeared worldwide, as atTiacote in Mexico, some of the most miraculous cures from cancer, AIDS, warts and boils have allegedly been manifested as miraculous healings. Then there is “the milk miracle” which occurred in the Hindu community, where the milk offered to the gods disappeared, as if the idols actually drank the milk. Creme claims that Maitreya and a group of ascended masters made the milk disappear.

 The danger for God’s people is that Benjamin Creme is considered the most credible source of information about endtime revelations. As for me, I look to the clouds and not to the Himalaya’s, the deserts or any other part of the world to find Jesus. So Beloved, look to the clouds!!!! 

To know more about endtimes, go to, and obtain your copy of “Come Out of Her, God’s People,” Faces of the Religious Demon,” The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us, and “The New Idolatry.”


25 Sep

To discern the signs of the times, I believe that we need to comprehend “what went on yesterday, about 100 years ago. So this blogpost is dedicated to sharing a historical perspective and to let you, the reader decide. I myself try all supernatural occurrences from the words of Jesus: A good tree doesn’t bring forth bad fruit and a bad tree doesn’t bring forth good fruit—and also–you shall know them by their fruit.

Remembering the fervor of the early 80’s, the word of faith movement clearly “took off” primarily because of tongues. Everyone was seeking the initial sign of the baptism in the Holy Ghost, as word of faith preachers, pastors and teachers all concurred that tongues was the initial evidence. At times, seeking after uttering a tongue seemed higher in priority than salvation, as the leaders taught that being saved was only a beginning step to being “filled.”

 Consequently, those who proclaimed to be “born again” did not settle for conversion alone because being filled with the Holy Spirit meant that “you spoke in tongues.” History was my least favorite subject in high school, probably because what was past didn’t seem important to me. When we are young, we live in the present moment. Many misunderstand that just because being born again involves “old things being passed away,” how will we be able to assess our spiritual growth if we don’t consider “how we used to be?”

To illustrate, as a black person in this country today, I no longer allow the slavery of my ancestors to control either my emotions or my behavior. Nevertheless, remembering my roots encourages my compassion for all human suffering and injustice around the world. The racial past of my people as former slaves contains clues relative to the spiritual, economic and societal ills that we continually face today as a people, and so it is crucial that we remember, “from whence we came.”

Along these same lines, I believe that the truth about tongues can be found in its historic roots, that go back a century or so ago. Prior to the early 20th century, history would suggest that the speaking in tongues actually DID cease for 19 centuries. While the Middle Ages constituted long years of spiritual darkness, the Protestant Reformation exemplified a revelatory outburst of light regarding the doctrines of sin, salvation, justification by faith and holiness. This period marked the interpretation of scripture by some of the finest minds in church history. Even though there were some instances of “the ecstatic” among a group called the Anabaptists, for the most part, the Reformation was silent about the speaking in tongues.

Moreover, within the founding days of America, neither the Pilgrims, the Puritan leaders, nor any other Christian group indulged in speaking in tongues. Times of great emotional conviction were recorded and believers were moved to show their convictions through their fervency of feelings and emotions. Yet, even though thousands were convicted of their sins in frontier revivals, the speaking in tongues found no expression.

 Earnest Christians and ministers in this period of history set themselves to rediscover truth. Literary Christian scholars produced excellent essays and formulated insightful scriptural interpretations, yet not one spiritual leader ofthe Reformation period in the USA even intimated that the doctrine of speaking in tongues had any role at all in the spiritual life of that day.

 In the third decade of the 19th century, a pastor in London by the name of Edward Irving made a public declaration of healing, prophecies and tongues, including them in his worship services. Upon visiting Irving’s church, contemporary essayists wrote in the London Times, “God was working miracles by hysterics.”

Though Irving was ousted from the Presbyterian Church, he started another,namely,the Catholic Apostolic Church. In various parables, Jesus gave us a simple tool of discernment. He tells us that good trees produce good fruit, bad trees produce bad fruit,and that we “know them by their fruit.” The Lord made it clear that a bad tree cannot produce good fruit. As I continued to study,I found that the precursors of the pentecostal movement which centered itself in the speaking in tongues was filled with “bad fruit.”

Let’s look at the lives and work of each outstanding leader, one at a time. It is interesting to note the sdignificant influence of women in the tongues movement and the establishment of the denomination of pentecostalism.

 Mother Ann Lee” the founder of the Shakers, 1736-1784: Mother Lee was the charismatic founder of the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, commonly known as the Shakers. After a difficult early life, she joined a group of Christians in Manchester, England, who had split from the Quaker movement. Their unorthodox views and impassioned convulsions in worship drew ridicule and persecution, along with the nickname “the Shakers.”

While imprisoned, Mother Ann received a revelation that she was the embodiment of the second coming of Christ, in feminine form. Lee claimed that she could also discourse in 72 tongues. Lee settled in Watervliet New York, a town about a 15 minute drive from where I now live.

Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormons,1805-1844: Smith was among the first to advocate for the speaking in tongues. He believed that tongues opens the door to visions and revelations. After all,this is the way that the book of Mormon had come to him. Taken from a chronological history of the Mormon church, I found this:

History of the Church 2:428, 27 March 1836: [at the end of the temple dedication] “President Brigham Young gave a short address in tongues, and David W. Patten interpreted, and gave a short exhortation in tongues himself, after which I [Joseph Smith] blessed the congregation in the name of the Lord, and the assembly dispersed a little past four o’clock, having manifested the most quiet demeanor during the whole exercise…. During the evening of the same day, Brother George A. Smith arose and began to prophesy, when a noise was heard like the sound of a rushing mighty wind, which filled the Temple, and all the congregation simultaneously arose, being moved upon by an invisible power; many began to speak in tongues and prophesy; others saw glorious visions; I beheld the Temple was filled with angels, which fact I declared to the congregation. The people of the neighborhood came running together (hearing an unusual sound within, and seeing a bright light like a pillar of fire resting upon the Temple), and were astonished at what was taking place. This continued until the meeting closed at eleven p. m.”

Bare in mind,readers, what John Smith and the Mormons believe about Jesus Christ of Nazareth: They preach that Jesus is the brother of Satan, an elder brother of all people on this planet. Mormons teach that Jesus was born on an unnamed planet near the star kolob through God the Father having sex with one of his many wives. In short, that the Lord was born on Earth through God manifesting a body and having sex with Mary. They claim that Jesus was married to three women at the same time, and had children. Consider the outrage of teaching that Jesus saved himself by obeying the principals of Mormonism and that the Lord is an example for all good Mormons to follow. John Smith also claimed that Jesus received godhood after he rose from the dead and that He is now one of many gods over his own planet with his many wives making spirit babies and populating that planet.

 So consider this. The founder of this doctrine is one of the first Americans toproclaim that he “spoke in tongues.” Assuming that what John Smith wrote in the Mormon history book about the supernatural manifestation that occurred in his gatherings, ask yourself this. Based upon John Smith’s blasphemous doctrine, ask yourself, “was the Holy Spirit and the angels of God the author of that experience on March 27, 1836????????

 Marie Woodworth Etter, faith healing and evangelist: (1844-1924) is one of the best known Holiness preachers of the pre-Pentecostal era. From around 1885 onwards she began to use the charismatic gifts in her meetings, and was known for healings, trances and visions. Licensed to preach in 1884, Etter was the mega preacher of her day in tent revivals. Her critics called her “the Voodoo Priestess.” She was known for speaking in tongues, along with strange and sundry manifestations that were attributed to the movement of the Holy Ghost. She was was also known for preaching texts out of context, preached regularly for the Mormons, and seemed to be the person who started the phenomena known today as “slain in the spirit.”

Most of the manifestations common in present day meetings like the Toronto Blessing were experienced in the Woodworth-Etter meetings, so much so that some critics of the current movement trace The Tronto blessing back to Etter. Etter was certainly faithful to her calling and it appears that she was honest and sincere. But as I point out in “Faces of the Religious Demon”, I believe that “we are now living in an era when the Lord will turn over those with a religious demon to a reprobate mind. At that moment,the captive’s thoughts will be permanently darkened to the degree that he becomes incapable of receiving the truth. (pg 47) Considering her dedication, I hope that Etter escaped our era.

Charles Parham, founder of pentecostalism, 1873-1929 An extremely controversial figure, I recommend to those who are interested to search with his name and read about him for yourself. There are rumors of homosexuality, racism, ( membership in the Klu Klux Klan) and freemasonry. He was actually arrested for lewdness in a public place, attempting to sollicit sex from men. There are also several allegations and reports concerning his strange doctrinal interpretations. In regards to tongues, in the fall of 1900, after leading his students through a series of Bible studies on repentance, justification by faith, sanctification, and healing, Parham instructed them on Spirit baptism. By the end of December, they were prepared to encounter the day of Pentecost in a new way. After the revival commenced on New Year’s Day, Parham announced that the students had spoken many languages. He himself claimed he had received the capability of preaching in German and Swedish. On January 1, 1901, Agnes Ozman spoke in a tongue that sounded like “Chinese,” though never actually verified. She is renowned as being the first pentecostal person to ever speak in tongues.

 The problem with her tongue speaking is that it is claimed that she spoke non stop for 3 days in Chinese, actually unable to speak in English until she was “released” to do so. Others among Parham’s students were alleged to have spoken in a variety of languages including Japanese, Hungarian, Syrian, Hindi, and Spanish. Parham noted that “cloven tongues of fire” appeared over the heads ofthe speakers. Sometimes interpretations followed such as “God is love,” “Jesus is mighty to save,” and “Jesus is ready to hear.” Parham anticipated that he could send out missionaries all over the world who would supernaturally speak in the native tongue of the land, without having studied it. It never happened and Parham was extremely disappointed that his missionary plans were thwarted.

Although Parham was accused of being a racist, he preferred to consider himself a separationist, as exemplified by the fact that he allowed a black man to participate in his bible study classes, sitting in a restricted and separated part of the study hall. That man was William Seymour. William Seymour, a waiter and the Azusa Street leader (1870-1922) went to Los Angeles and taught the Holy Spirit baptism in a warehouse on Azusa Street. On April 4, 1906 a revival began and thousand’s of people came to 312 Azusa to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. This revival lasted from 1906-1913, and during this time, thousands of Pentecostal missionaries went forth establishing missions throughout the world.

Seymour’s work at Azusa is regarded among most Pentecostal historians as a genuine move of God in restoring the church to true power and authority. However, it has also been reported that the Azusa Street meetings were filled with spiritualist mediums, hypnotists, and others who had a deep interest in the occult. There are reports of fits,babblings, moral compromise with people falling on top of each other, jerks, twitchings,shakings, ie. mass hysteria. In fact, the spiritual pandemonium of the meetings became more than Seymour could handle, and so he sent for his teacher, Parham to come and help out. When Parham arrived, he was outraged and appalled.

As a result, Parham and Seymour had a rift that was never reconciled. Parham publicly denounced both the revival and Seymour in October 1906 for the emotionalism displayed in the worship at the Azusa Street revival, and for the intermingling of blacks and whites in the services. Seymour had sought Parham to help him control these “ecstatic” excesses. But visiting the mission for the first time and observing what Parham believed to be “manifestations of the flesh,” Parham stood up and declared: “God is sick at His stomach!”

 Even so, it is reported that emotionalism played a strong part in Parham’s own worship services. This unfortunate incident and his judgmental nature alienated Parham not only from Seymour, but others as well. It is alleged without substantiation that Seymour “stole Parham’s pentecostal movement” by blackmail as Seymour was privy to Parham’s secret sex life. Shortly, the pentecostal movement had now begun to move well beyond both men. Indeed, Pentecostalism emerged in India in 1906 among holiness believers without ties to Azusa Street.

 Evan Roberts and The Wales Revival of 1904-1905; Part of the appeal of this widescale revival lay in Evan Roberts himself, a charismatic and sincere preacher. Although he came from the Welsh Methodist tradition, he wasn’t a theologian, and he never finished his training to be a minister. His message was for all the people of Wales, regardless of denomination, and it was immensly appealing. Meetings would be a mixture of prayer, self examination and singing, and they could last for hours.

The most outstanding aspect of the revival was its impact upon everyday societal life. Crime dropped, saloons closed, in short, the entire community was affected. It is believed that at least 100,000 people became Christians during the 1904-1905 revival, but despite this, the revival did not put a stop to the gradual decline of Christianity in Wales, only holding it back slightly. It has been argued by some Christian historians that the 1904-1905 revival lacked depth in terms of nurturing the newly converted Christians in biblical teaching. Evan Roberts admitted that wildfire erupted “from the very outset.” He reported that the physical, mental, and spiritual wreckage resulting from the baptism in the Holy Ghost was appalling in its effect upon the revival’s leaders and workers, to say nothing of the new converts. It is reported that “thousands,” and, “nearly all,” were “wrecked.”

Evan Roberts himself suffered a severe mental breakdown at the end of the revival, from which he never recovered. As a result, his public ministry was finished. He recuperated at the home of Jessie Penn Lewis and he assisted her in writing “War on the Saints.” When the book was denounced by critics in that day, it is reported that Roberts denied co-authoring the book. Jessie Penn Lewis, author of “War on the Saints.” ((1861-1927) was an English evangelical speaker and author of a number of Christian evangelical works. Her father was a Calvinist Methodist minister. Along with Evan Roberts, Penn Lewis was significantly involved in the 1904-1905 Welsh Revival. As previously noted, the revival was abruptly shortened with the mental and physical collapse of Evan Roberts.

 Penn-Lewis traveled internationally to take her spiritual warfare message to audiences in Russia, Scandinavia, Canada, the U.S., and India. She has remained a controversial figure among Christians for almost 100 years, primarily because she declared the failure of the Welsh Revival to be the work of Satan. Emphasis is centered in “War on the Saints” of the danger that comes to believers at the point of baptism in the Holy Ghost, yet little reference is made to tongues.

In a subtitled called “The Counterfeit Presence is Sensual,” Penn-Lewis writes: (War on the Saints, pg. 130-131) “The counterfeit presence of God is given by deceiving spirits, working upon the physical frame, or within the bodily frame, upon the senses. We have seen the beginning of this, and how the first ground is gained. It is deepened by these sense-manifestations being repeated, so gently, that the man goes on yielding to them, thinking this is truly ‘communion with God’—-for believers too often look upon ‘communion with God’ as a thing of sense and not of spirit—and here he commences praying to evil spirits under the belief that he is praying to God. The self control is not yet lost, but as the believer responds to, or gives himself up to these ‘conscious’ manifestations, he does not know that his WILLPOWER IS BEING SLOWLY UNDERMINED. At last through these subtle, delicious experiences, the faith is established that God Himself is CONSCIOUSLY IN POSSESSION OF THE BODY, quickening it with felt thrills of life,or filling it with warmth and heat, or even ‘agonies’ which seem like fellowship with the sufferings of Christ, and travail for souls, or the experience of death with Christ in the consciousness of nails being driven into the bodily frame, etc. From this point, the lying spirits (demons) can work as they will, and there is no limit as to what they may do to a believer deceived to this extent. (Jessie Penn-Lewis)

Now readers, don’t get angry with me. I did not write those words. I don’t know about you, but almost a century ago, this woman wrote words that describe ME! From the agonies and travail for souls, the feelings of warmth and heat, .the consciousness of nails being driven into my bodily frame, I experienced all of this—some of it before I even heard about tongues, before I was even introduced to charismatic teachings or mega preachers.

There is nothing new under the sun where the religious demon is concerned. He just reworks the same ole stuff. Just recently, I happened to be browsing “War on the Saints” for the upteenth time and I found a short paragraph accompanied by a specific footnote toward the end of the book regarding tongues in small print which is quoted below, in red. As much as I read and value this book, I only noticed this small paragraph and footnote last week: “A question arises here as to whether believers may now speak in unknown tongues, as the disciples did at the time of the Holy Spirit’s infilling at Pentecost.

There are those that say ‘Yes” but the truths set forth in preceding chapters, show that until the spiritual section of the Church of Christ are more acquainted with the counterfeiting methods of the spirits of evil, and the laws which give them power of working, any testimony to such experience AS TRUE, cannot be safely relied upon. (pg. 298) And here is the footnote in fine print: The subject of speaking in tongues is not further dealt with, as the counterfeits in connection with it are only a fraction of the countless countefeits being forced upon the children of God AT THE PRESENT TIME, numbers of which are not referred to in these pages. A believer not deceived by counterfeit speaking in tongues can be deceived and possessed by accepting other counterfeits. An understanding of the BROAD PRINCIPLES showing the basic differences between the way ofGod’s working, and the deceptive imitations by Satan, will enable spiritual believers to discern for themselves all the counterfeits they meet with today.

Clearly, Jessie Penn-Lewis was more concerned about “her day and time” then she was about ours. Having ministered in the greatest revival that has occurred in recorded church history since the days of the early church, much of her wisdom comes from experience. Likewise, my own reservations about tongues is primarily connected to counseling professing Christians for deliverance, the vast majority of whom speak in tongues, yet they are also tormented and some have been seriously demonized.

Evidently, Penn-Lewis was not a prophet and therefore, the Lord did not show her “our times” or perhaps she would have spent more time on the speaking in tongues–a practice that has evolved in our times into a major controversy.  In this regard, I hope that those readers who speak in tongues will not allow their feelings and emotions to override their good sense.  My concern is not for the bonafide manifestation. In 30 years, I have not personally witnessed one.  My concern is for the counterfeit. As such, I agree with my contemporary, Dr. Rebecca Brown’s warning concerning counterfeits manifested through the speaking in other tongues. Her comments were made relative to charismatic Catholics but I believe that Dr. Brown’s words apply to word of faith followers and those within pentecostal denominations as well:

Christians have made the terrible mistake of assuming that ALL tongues are from God. How wrong they are!…It is well known that many occultic rituals are done in tongues….The fact that Catholics speak in tongues is not proof that they are filled with the Holy Spirit. Too many of these precious Catholic souls assume that because they are speaking in tongues, they are saved. How can the Holy Spirit be operative and manifesting  of idolatry?”( Prepare for War, pgs 182-3)

In a nutshell, Dr. Brown’s rhetorical question is the bottom line of this blog, and in a nutshell, she has written what I believe to be the overriding issue. Therefore, I must concur that I do not believe that tongues and its interpretation can be a gift from God within an idolatrous system. The degeneration of this system in the last two decades or more has now gone wild with the prosperity gospel. The amount of money pilphered from unsuspecting, faithful people in tithes and offerings is beyond my imagination to sum up. Furthermore, the current segment of the charismatic/pentecostal system’s preaching of faith has seriously injured and caused premature death to countless of people who have refused needed medical attention that could have spared their lives.

 Tragedies of today are actually influenced by the ministries of Parham and another 19th century minister whose name is John Alexander Dowey. Called the Father of Healing Revivalism, Dowey was arrested and charged with manslaughter in the death of his own daughter, who died from a severe burn due to Dowey’s refusal to seek medical attention on her behalf. The beat goes on as I have recently watched video clippings of people whose deceased relatives believed in error that they were healed at a Benny Hinn crusade.

Only God Himself knows how many of his children on their death beds suffered needlessly,—depressed because some word of faith preacher taught them thay anyone who becomes sick has either failed God or that their faith in God was too weak to be healed by Him. No, I no longer trust a system that has been replete with error for 100 years. I have searched the scriptures and now I have reviewed the history of tongues. I have some strong impressions as to why I have been suspicious of manifestations that I have either experienced or witnessed. Research has confirmed for me that what we see operative today in tongues is counterfeit.   If there is a true gift of tongues in operation, we should be privy to how to discern the true gift from the fake one. Moreover, if tongues has actually ceased by the hand of God, we should not attempt to restore it. For those who desire to continue to track my search for truth, I suggest that you keep reading. Note: Today is March 16, 2009. This article was written in 2007.

 Today is September 25, 2011. After four years, I continue to NOT speak in tongues because today I am convinced that it is a counterfeit doctrine of the spirit of the Anti-Christ. To learn more on this and other subjects, I suggest that you obtain “The Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us at  Also, The New Idolatry was released on 1/30/2011.  It can be reviewed and obtained at


25 Sep

When posting on facebook on this hot topic, the responses were clearly impulsive, sudden reactions that took aback and even outraged  those who speak in tongues. It was as if the commentators did not even give themselves time to think and meditate on my post before responding. I was shocked. Readers actually sat down in the early morning hours —took time away from their busy schedules to post quite a few rather lengthy rebuttals about this subject.

 Tongues is certainly a volatile issue, to put it mildly. It seems that I may have “touched on something” here.  So I ask you, “why are the demons so upset, simply because I am obeying the spirit by “trying everything spiritual, including “tongues”?”  I have personally confronted the religious demon on several occasions. I have even cast out various demons with much success. I have written a 356 page book about the religious demon, so my work and agenda is not new to the enemy. In fact, it has been proven to me that demons can recall every sentence on each page of all 4 of my books–a feat that is impossible even for me, the author of them. I have to search the table of contents to find what I am looking for.

 Perhaps I did not get attacked for writing Faces of the Religious Demon, because tongues, though mentioned, is not the primary emphasis of the book. As I reviewed several commentaries, it appears that when I indicated that I had reservations about tongues for two decades, perhaps I did not make myself clear. You need to know that I did not originally question the tongues that others spoke, but only my own “tongue.” Nor did I mean that I originally believed that tongues was from the devil.

In truth, I have loved to speak in tongues. It certainly does sooth my flesh. In that regard, speaking in tongues is self edifying and self gratifying. I am a conversationalist—a preacher and a teacher of the word of God as well— so I tend to be articulate.. Even so, in tongues, I can utter non-stop for hours. You need to be aware that chanting, transcendental meditation and yoga have the same pleasant and even ecstatic affects upon the flesh.

Laboratory research has proven that tongues and other forms of mental passivity give the frontal lobe of the brain a real rest. This is because the mind is literally unfruitful when tongues is uttered, even more unfruitful then the state of sleep. Our minds work pretty well during sleep, as evidenced by the quality of our dream life. However, when I speak in tongues, all thinking actually stops until I cease from speaking. Even if I were to try to babble out something, my mind would be thinking of the next babbling sound to utter.

However, not so with tongues. All thought comes to an end as the utterances roll off of the tongue like water. Not at all concerned until recently about the legitimacy of the overall tongues movement in our time, my original concern was totally personal. Simply put, I questioned whether or not I myself had received tongues in the correct spiritual manner.

To explain further, I wondered why tongues did not “come upon me” as I witnessed the speaking in tongues of others and along the same lines, I wondered why I seemed to have so much control over my own utterances. I spoke tongues regularly, but in my own personal life, I never attributed my spiritual growth to it. Actually, I personally found affects upon my flesh. Rather, correction and chastizement of fires of refinement as opposed no spiritual benefit to it other than its soothing I have grown in Christ by submitting myself to the the Holy Ghost, groomed and strengthened in the to uttering by the fires of a prayer language.

A particular incident is noteworthy. The year was 1985. I was travelling on anarrow, country road in upstate New York on a very cold, bright and sunny winter morning. Since it was bitter cold, I had the heat blasting— but on top of that, the sun was shining directly on me through the car windows, in all of its brightness. I was very warm but not sweating. Then there was the sound of the tires on the road that made a repetitive sound every few seconds–kerplunk,kerplunk, kerplunk.

As a former student and practitioner of relaxation therapy, aka hynosis, the imagination and visualization of heat accompanied by a the monotonous tone of the hypnotist’s voice are frequently used as mesmerizing tools to “put a person under.” In short, I became hynotized by the heat and drive. While in an hynotic trance, I heard which continued to repeat, “follow that car, could also feel a push forward, as though an take action. the tire sounds as I continued to in the spirit a very audible voice follow that car, follow that car.” An  invisible being was compelling me to cross the solid line and kill myself while I was in an altered state of consciousness—simply put–a trance.

A car pulled out from behind me in order to pass me in the oncoming traffic lane to my left. As it passed me, a voice urged me to “follow that car”, I was about to obey that voice when my hands gripped so tight on the steering wheel that I couldn’t move them if I wanted to. My hands actually froze—locked tightly so that all I could do was drive straight ahead. My eyes were opened the entire time and I saw it all, yet I was hypnotized.

 Suddenly, as I awoke out of the trance, a huge truck whizzed right by me in the opposite lane. I realized then, that if I had followed the car, I would not have been alive today to write about this. I would have crashed head on into that truck. There were about 5 cars behind the truck as well. Others would have certainly died that day. When I got home, I spoke to a close “significant other” who rather casually remarked, “as I was sitting at my desk today, I saw a vision of you. You were riding in a car and the sun was shining very brightly on you. I didn’t know what was going on so I just “prayed in tongues.”

 For 20 years, this incident was my main proof that tongues was a “prayer language.” I found a supportive scripture taken “out of context” in Romans 8:26 as my so called “confirmation”, namely, that we know not what to pray for as we ought and that the Holy Ghost prays the perfect will of God for us. Yet I ignored the rest of that scripture, namely, that the Holy Ghost does this with groanings, and not with tongues. The scripture clearly states that the groanings “ARE NOT UTTERED.” Speaking in tongues is AN UTTERANCE, so I believe we are in error when we stretch Romans 8:26 in order to confirm that tongues is a “prayer language.”.

 So that you know, the enemy is famous in the use of what Christians call “confirmation,”—a subject of a future newsletter issue. Within my own congregation, I witnessed how tongues spontaneously came upon others and how “ecstatic” the experience was for them. In my case, it was neither spontaneous nor ecstatic, and I wondered if “it should be.” On the contrary, when I spoke in tongues, it was rather “conversational,and “though it felt good, I rarely became ecstatic or emotional. I also noted that among the tonguetalkers within the congregation that I pastored, I could find no fruits of the spirit. In fact, some church members were seriously demonized, others suffered from mental illness. In short, every Christian drug addict among us were prolific in the speaking in tongues.

 I perceived a problem with that.

Since I began to take a serious look at tongues in 2007, I decided to temporarily stop speaking in tongues until I was assured. Strangely enough, since I  restrained myself from speaking in it, there are moments when I literally have to strengthen my will power against blurting out tongues at isolated times each day. On occasion, I can feel it in me, and I have a slightly complusive and impulsive desire to literally “cut loose” with it.

This “phenomena” has not occurred since I first spoke in tongues in 1983, as I always uttered by the desire of my own will. Actually I am normally rather neutral about it. Now that I have both questioned it and temporarily refused to utter, I have a strong urge to speak in tongues. This is NOT a comfortable feeling. I can hear you tongue talkers now, screaming at me through the airways, “you are grieving and quenching the Holy Ghost, Pam. Give in to your compulsion and “let it roll!!!” Well,  I vowed that until I know without a shadow of a doubt that the tongues that I speak is of God, I will not speak in tongues. Four years have passed.  The compulsion pressures me less and less but it is still there.  I do not yield to it.

  Another problem that caused me to “raise my eyebrow” is that the majority of people in my church and those I met from other churches who spoke in tongues bore no spiritual fruit of holiness. I relate to the words of James where he questioned, “how can bitter and sweet waters come out of the same cistern?” For example, in my own congregation as well as those known to me as members of word of faith and pentecostal churches, I simply could not understand how people who were obviously hypocritical, legalistic and even mean spirited could be so prolific in a language inspired by “the Holy Ghost.” Isn’t the Holy Ghost grieved and quenched by sin?

Good question. Then too, if a person does not walk in love, Paul explains that tongues are useless. (1Corin 13)Singling out no person other than myself, as a single Christian woman, fornication remained a stronghold for me as a babe in Christ. Like the Corinthians, I also ignorantly carried over practices from “the dumb idols” of occulticism for quite a few years, so when Paul warned the Corinthians to flee fornication, he spoke to me also. Yet, even at the weakest and most compromised stage of my own spiritual walk, I consistently remained fluent in tongues.

Here’s another example. I could not understand how I could speak in tongues on one hand, and occasionally come out of my mouth with the 4 letter words, on the other hand. For thirty years saved, it has been quite an effort to restrain myself from cursing, primarily because culturally, some of the “4 letters” were a part of my everyday colloquial speech. “The restraint” has not always been successful. Yet, it was possible for me to curse one minute and speak in tongues the next. Perhaps you tongue talkers can’t relate cause every word that has come out of your mouth since YOU spoke in tongues has been righteous, holy and above reproach. Well, I have no one to please but God. Therefore, I don’t fear being judged by you. If I lie to you, then the love of God is not in me.

As I matured in Christ over 3 decades, I have had no problems with holding back cuss words around strangers, smug and pious Christians or professional or ministerial colleagues, but I can recall that when I socialize with my people–non-judgmental friends—- there are times when we intimately “kick it” back and forth— not in anger, but as a comfortable practice within our colloquial language style. Just last evening, a neighbor unknown to me from my own race and culture began to share some concerns about the neighborhood. She knows absolutely nothing about me as this was our first conversation. Her brief,friendly chatter was filled with 4 letter words, in a matter of fact kind of way. As I listened, I myself did not curse, nor did I make her uncomfortable by not communicating in her normal style. Simply put, I have matured both naturally and spiritually to a point where I can speak without cursing. Yet in the early days of my spiritual walk , I cursed more than “occasionally” AND I also spoke in tongues. Today I wonder, “how can those who normally curse in their native tongue, speak with a holy language, any time they choose?”

Another good question. So, until recently, I never suspected that tongues could be “of the devil.” Even so, I would not be the first to share such a supposition. Tongue talkers have been accused of “having a demon” by countless professing Christians and nonChristians. So what is going on “today?” In terms of “what is going on in my life today, this week, I cast out 8 Hindu deities from one former yoga practitioner who is a Christian: Shiva, Hakini, Savashiva, Isha, Vahni, Vishnu, Rakini and Brahma in the name and by the authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Practically each of these demons came out ranting at me using its captive to speak in tongues—a very similar sound to the tongues that I have heard uttered among those who profess to be speaking “a prayer language.”

 Suppose there is a true tongue spoken and interpreted today and I am simply one of millions who  received tongues in the wrong way.  I have had a lot in common with the Corinthians for I too worshipped at the altar of pagan gods, aka demons. Since the Corinthians were saved, Paul did not suggest that demons be cast out of them but only that they “interpret.” If no interpretation, then no speaking. This is simple. I don’t expect that I have to cast demons from myself, even if the tongue I speak is not from God. Paul suggests that the person who speaks in tongues should also seek to interpret. I sought to interpret for 25 years and I still cannot interpret. Therefore,  I heed Paul’s counsel and I simply will not speak in tongues without an interpreter.

 One way or another, I DO strive for perfection. To obtain it, I MUST TRY THE SPIRITS. To try the spirits is to question and examine every supernatural experience, regardless of whose feelings I may offend. I truly hope that the manifestation of tongues today is not a counterfeit. If so, I will relax, open my mouth once again and “let it rip.” But, from what I learned from my observations of history, “the fruit hasn’t fallen far from the tree!!!”


25 Sep

 I believe that running neck and neck with being slain in the spirit, speaking in other tongues is at the top of the list of doctrinal controversy. Shortly after I got saved in 1977, I knew about the baptisms of water and fire, but I had not yet heard that tongues was believed to be the “initial evidence” of the baptism of the Holy Ghost, as taught by Pentecostal, Charismatic and Word of Faith Believers.

 A few days after I was saved, I received supernaturally the name of a pentecostal church that was on Ferry Street  in my town. I searched the yellow pages, and to my amazement, there it was. At that time, I had never even heard the words “pentecostal,” “tongues” or even being “baptized” in the Holy Ghost. So accompanied by my friend Vivian, we headed for Ferry Street to St. Johns Church of God in Christ.

 When we entered the church, the service was already in progress. The thing that I found so astounding was the music. It seemed like the sounds of the musical instruments were actually coming through the walls. It was there that I first got introduced to what I believed then was “the presence of the Holy Ghost.” It was absolutely awesome!

 No words were ever spoken to either one of us. Yet right in the middle of the service, a group of the members gathered together, walked to the back of the church and encircled us. To my amazement, Vivian fell to the ground and began to roll around on the floor. She began to froth at the mouth, jerk, twist, appearing as though she was having a seizure. Apparently pleased with this manifestation, those who encircled us also went into a kind of ecstatic experience which ordinarily would have frightened me, but I was feeling so much peace from the power than seemed to be both inside and upon me, that I was in no way disquieted.

Yet, the ecstasy left me when the gathered group and the rest of those assembled all turned to me, with the unspoken expectation that “it was my turn” to fall out and roll on the floor. I didn’t want to be disrespectful but once Vivian “came to her senses,” we quickly eased our way out the door,while the worship service continued without missing a beat. Not one word was ever spoken between us and them. For thirty years, I have marked that day as my”baptism in the Holy Ghost”, yet without tongues as the initial evidence.

 Even though I myself have spoken in various tongues fluently since 1983, I have had serious reservations about this practice for almost two decades. As I continue to perservere to “try the spirits” in my own very supernatural spiritual life, I have placed several dreams, signs,miracles and wonders to the test. Simply put, I seek God continually to expose the truth, no matter the results or the consequences.

 It turns out that some of my most treasured spiritual experiences, when examined or “tried,” have proven to be sent by a religious demon. Am I hurt or disappointed? Not at all. For as a result of “trying the spirits,” I not only have been liberated by truth, but I have been flooded with an abundance of knowledge and wisdom since 2004, particularly in the year 2007. If 2012 will be more revelatory than 2007, I pray for continued peace and strength to continue to adjust to the stark reality of unadulterated truth.

 I believe that the reason why I have not been troubled by recent spiritual exposures of error and deception is because truly, I have had nothing to lose. Each day that yet another deception is exposed, I am reminded of the words of the Lord about building your foundation upon the solid rock. My salvation experience that occurred on March 29th, 1977 at 4pm on a Monday afternoon is MY SOLID ROCK. When I came into the kingdom, I had nothing else built into my “religious” foundation. No church background at all. No doctrine. No memorized scriptures. No prayers. Nothing. I was at ground zero. A hardened atheist. No religion to lose. At ground zero, the Holy Ghost was able to reveal in the twinkling of an eye what would last and become in me “a solid rock.. It was so simple yet so unforgettable.

I knew that I knew that I knew that Jesus Christ paid for my sins in His death and that He also defeated death by being raised from the dead. That was it!!!! Therefore, my rebirth experience has been my anchor, my solid Rock. Surely I experience a feeling that is difficult to describe. It is not disappointment exactly. The closest word to describe what truth brings is a sense of awesome humility. I suspect what I feel is “the fear of the Lord.” Truly, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. For with every revelation I receive about error and deception, my foundation  continues to remain unmoved. Therefore, outside of any personal revelations received from the Spirit of God or from the religious demon masquarading as God, all that I have lost are the traditions and doctrines of men.

 NOT MUCH TO LOSE!!!! Once I sent an article  wherein I expressed my reservations on tongues, I received emails from well meaning “tongue talkers,” who tried to convince me with scripture that “a prayer language is for every Christian.” There is no denying that Christians on both sides of the tongues debate have been clearly devisive as the speaking in tongues has become an extremely emotional issue. I myself prefer to take a rational, objective approach which also includes an examination of tongues throughout church history.

With the fluency that I myself had in tongues, I could obviously let this issue rest by simply accepting both the doctrine and the practice with my own experience as confirmation of its reality and acceptability. I could matter of factly declare, “Oh, well, since I speak in tongues, it MUST be from God and not a counterfeit.” No, I do not try the spirits by my own personal experience. For example, as a woman in ministry, I was called by several dreams and visions. Yet I never argued with anyone whether or not women should be preaching or not preaching. In all honesty, I really didn’t know. I was prepared to step down anytime in obedience to God, if my stepping forward to preach was presumptuous. I read the same scriptures from the letters of Paul that antagonists used to deny women as ministers, yet I was not convinced by their interpretations that “a woman ought not to teach.” I have simply followed the leading of the Holy Ghost, expecting that the Lord would reveal the truth, “bye and bye.”

Today, 30 years later, I believe that I know the truth about the “woman question.” The answer to the debate is rather simple. With few exceptions, women were not called to ministry during the age of the organized church in the first 1965 years of its history. God had His reasons for restraining women in Christian ministry. Only in the last 10-15 years have women come forward in significant numbers. Apparently it must be “the time.” Personally speaking,  I was drafted as a forerunner, just a little “out of season.”

I approach the debate of tongues in a similar way. As with the “woman in ministry question,” I did some research on the speaking in tongues throughout t church age. As with all controversial doctrines and practices, people who claim to “know the word”, defend tongues with a few key scriptures, with no consideration of cultural or historic variables. Without a socio-cultural perspective, mass confusion is the consequence. In fact, those who speak in tongues use specific verses taken out of context from predominately two books to support their position: I Corinthians 12 and 14 and some key scriptures in Acts. In “Food for Thought,”

 I will take the very same scriptures and present a position that may surprise you, but will hopefully shed some light on whether or not tongues is to be used “as a prayer language.”   I received tongues at a meeting held in Albany New York through the ministry ofthe late Kenneth Hagin. Hagin is really the founder of the word of faith movement as it is operating today. I have no idea whether or not Hagin was a false prophet or a deceived one. I simply look around as I view Charismania, and I know Hagin by his fruits—charismatic witchcraft!.

Anyway, I never truly embraced the way that I received tongues because it had no resemblance to the way the early church received this gift as revealed in the book of Acts. Yet, I grew to speak prolifically, at my own will, what charismatics call  “a prayer language.” The reason why I have not been convinced about tongues is that in 25 years, I was not been able to find a bonafide interpreter, nor have I been able to interpret myself.

 So I ask, “Where are the interpreters?” The Holy Ghost does not expect me to throw away my commonsense. If I have prayed off and on for decades to receive the gift of interpretation of tongues as Paul suggests that we all do, 25 years have passed and I still have no one, including myself to interpret my “prayer language”, good sense ought to suggest to me that the tongue that I have received is not from God.

So if it is not from God, then who did it come from? Well, its obvious. It didn’t come from me. I suspect that it came from one of the Ascended Masters, perhaps Sananda or Ashtar. What would be the reason for the demons to desire to imitate tongues?

Well, if we don’t know what we are saying when we speak in an “unknown” tongue, we could very possibly be used by demonic beings to “decree and declare” that their will, purposes and agenda be done on earth, rather than that of the will of the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the One, True and Only Creator–the one that Lucifer rebelled against in the first place.  On 1/8/2007, when I first spoke out on tongues, I certainly drew a bunch of folk out into the open with this one!!! lol. For some, it seems that tongues is really a “sacred cow,” practically an “untouchable.” 

 I don’t presume to have ALL the answers about anything. So if you have a need to “set me straight”, I can take it.!!!  There are some key statements that I believe are important to make from the outset. The first statement is this. From the words and warnings of Jesus Christ, I believe that the greatest danger of our time is deception.

The elect have been deceived. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am among the elect of God, yet I myself have been deceived many times. But thanks be to God, those who will be obedient, those who will resist Satan by humbling themselves before God will be undeceived in due season. For me, “this is due season.”

The next statement that I believe is important is this: To rightly divide the word, one must be careful of making assumptions.

For example, as we study the word, is it “right”—does it make sense—for us to assume that JUST BECAUSE God did something in the past, that He is obligated to do the same thing in the future? In other words,should we use biblical history to “box in” God into ALWAYS doing what He once did, the way He once did it? Conversely speaking, just because we do not find in the bible where God did this or that, must we assume that if a sign or a manifestation is not an exact duplication of something that we can find in the word of God, that it cannot be a manifestation of God today?

 Taking this a step further, how does one “rightly divide” the bible? For example, when I read Job, I am careful NOT to read thelengthy discourses of Job’s friends. Why? Because at the end of the book I find God’s words to one of Job’s friends: “My wrath is aroused against you and your two friends for you have not spoken of Me what is right, as My servant Job has.” When I first studied the advice of Job’s friends, I myself didn’t see anything wrong with it. But once I got to Job 42:7, I usually skip over what Job’s friends have to say, to prevent myself from ingesting wrong spiritual precepts.

Along these lines, a general statement of warning is in order, relative to taking scriptures out of context without connecting the selected verse to the the “who,what, where, how and why” of the entire book. With these general statements made and without throwing out of context scriptures back and forth in a useless debate, I think we can all agree that God is a God of order, and within his order, there is always a divine purpose.

 When we look at tongues and the culture and history ofthe people in the early church, we find that in one local community, there were people who had different native tongues or languages: Parthians, Medes, Elamites, Mesopotamians,Judeans,Cappadocians, Pontus and Asia, Phyrgia,Pamphylia, Egyptians, those from Lybia, Cyrene, Romans, Jews, Cretans, and Arabs. I count here 17 different languages. People gathered on the day of Pentecost heard the disciples speak in their own native tongues “the wonderful works of God.” (Acts 2: 11)

What are the wonderful works of God? That God so loved the world that He sent His Son as a propitiation or “peace offering” to appease His wrath toward sin and that His Son became sin at the cross, died and was raised from the dead.” In other words, through the speaking in other tongues by unlearned Galileans, sinners could hear the gospel preached in their own language and be converted. How was this done? Either everyone heard their own language in their inner ear while one person was speaking, or each of the disciples was speaking at least one of 17 different languages.

Therefore, the major purpose of tongues was “to preach the gospel” to those who did not understand the native dialect of the Galileans. Was tongues a supernatural evidence that God was with them and in them? Most definitely. Yet the purpose of tongues was NOT self edification and that is the correction that Paul brought to the Corinthians in Ch.12, 13 and 14. In a nutshell, Pauls message to the Corinthians was based upon their misuse of tongues. Their major misuse of tongues is that they were using it “as a prayer language,” trying to “edify themselves”, by speaking mysteries to God when Paul nicely corrected them.

Simply put, in present day vernacular, Paul was saying, “I appreciate your zeal. But you must remember, brethren that once “you were carried away by dumb idols.” In other words, once you were worshipping demons. (I Cor.12:2) In the doctrinal footnotes associated with this scripture found in the King James Study Bible published by Thomas Nelson, it is noted that prior to their conversion to Christianity, the Corinthians had a pagan practice of speaking in tongues for the purpose of making contact with the gods. “Pagan worship at Corinth involved a chanting exercise of “tongues,”—- a practice of ecstatic utterances, common in the cults and in the worship of various Greek gods and goddesses.

Isn’t it ironic that present day tongue talkers use this very scripture to justify their explanation about “a prayer language”, without rightly dividing the context. First of all, Paul’s letters to the Corinthians are different from his letters to the Romans and the Ephesians because the Corinthian letters consist of Paul’s response to a letter that they had sent to him. Furthermore, Paul points out that those in the household of Chloe had also informed him of various divisive issues. So when you read both the first and the second books to the believers in Corinth, you have to read it, keeping in mind, “who is saying what towhom?” Are these the words of those from Chloe’s household?, or is Paul repeating the words sent to him in a letter from the Corinthians that we have no access to? or are these Paul’s own words?” It makes all of the difference in “rightly dividing the word.”

Here is an example that has held women in bondage for centuries. Clearly, the “women keep silent in the church, learn at home from your husbands, etc. etc. etc. were NOT PAUL’S WORDS. Paul was repeating back to them excerpts or quotations from the letter that he had received from them. How do I know? LOOK AT 1 Corinthians 14: 36. In response to all of that, Paul writes, “WHAT! Did the word ofGod come originally from YOU only?” This verse is very insulting to the men as if Paul is saying, “boys, get a grip!!!” What’s wrong with you? Are you ignorant for writing such a thing to me????!!!. Look at the verse in the original King James.

Yet for centuries, the church has been misreading practically ALL of I Corinthians Chapter 14. In that same chapter, those who hold with the prayer language doctrine of tongues for “personal” edification have misapplied and misunderstood Paul’s intent. Everyone focuses on the love theme of Chapter 13, but the main subject is really tongues, ie. though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels. Tongues is the main subject. Paul was being very kind to the Corinthians because “they were fervent and zealous, yet they were babes in Christ. So Paul is gentle with them, writing, if you will be zealous about spiritual gifts, seek not a self gratifying prayer language but seek a gift like interpretation of tongues so that through love, you can benefit the entire church.

 In the study notes, I found yet another important statement to refute the prayer language for “self edification”: “This is best understood as a general reference of divine power evidenced in the exercise of the gift. Its purpose was to demonstrate divine power to the unbeliever. However, if an unbeliever should visit a congregation where gifts are being exercised without regard for order or understanding, the results will be just the opposite. The key purpose of the gift is destroyed by the unbridled exercise of it. Considering Paul’s entire point of view about tongues, when he wrote: “I speak in tongues more than you all,” I don’t believe he was talking about a prayer language.

Paul was a travelling evangelist so the speaking in tongues other than his own native language was most purposeful. Yet consider the evangelists of today. Where can we go in the United States and find large populations of people that do not speak English? The predominant “other tongue” of this country is Spanish. I have had Spanish speaking people in my worship services. I speak in tongues and I have never studied Spanish. Yet, did I preach to them in their language? No, I did not. Did I interpret what I spoke in English to them in Spanish? No. I had a bi-lingual member to translate for me. All over the world, charismatic evangelists are preaching in English with translators, yet they “speak in tongues.” SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE. COULD IT BE THAT TONGUES HAS CEASED AS PAUL SAID IT WOULD? In the next blog, you will find that tongues ceased for 1900 years or 19 centuries.



25 Sep

One of my ministries is that of an endtime watchman. I was reminded of the Lord’s warning to yet another watchman whose name is Ezekiel. I personally heed the Lord’s command to Ezekiel as though His words were spoken directly to me. Simply put, if I don’t warn you, the people, then your blood is on my hands. (Ezekiel Ch. 3) Consequently ,I am committed to releasing truth not only IN love, but BY love.

Point #1: Simply stated, I personally suspect that the organized church has already been judged relatively recently, perhaps decades, maybe even a century ago.

If not, then judgment is very close at hand. It seems that Satan began to progressively establish a seat within church divisions, sects, and organizations since around the third century.Therefore, I believe that the book of Revelation was written to and for every church age. However, death has been a real blessing for the saints who have already left this earth prior to “the end.” Truly, those who are alive when the Lord Jesus Christ returns for the dead and the living will face a challenge that no other church age has been required to face. I believe that we are in that hour NOW—as we live in the best of times and the worst of times. I may see the grave, maybe NOT—-but my daughter and my grandson may yet be alive when He comes. So where do we stand now?

Point #2. Well, I believe that we are in the midst of a transition.

Back in the summer of 1981, as I sat in a chair dozing,–(not asleep yet not fully awake either,) I heard the audible voice of the Lord. I didn’t have to try the spirits on this one. Didn’t have a chance to. He said “Pam,” and my spirit caused my mouth to answer immediately— “Yes, Lord.”

 Then He said “I am about to do a new thing with My Church.” I stirred, stretched a bit and answered, ” Uh, huh.” Then, in the sweetest voice I have ever heard in my life, He asked very politely, without a hint of command or demand—- “Can I use you??” I was spiritually ignorant back then and so I answered without even thinking, “Sure Lord. Let’s start with the Roses of Hope.” It took years for me to realize that “His church” was not just the local church that I was a member of.

In my local church, The Roses of Hope was a money raising group who organized house parties where they had card games and sold liquor to raise money for the church. I had only been a churchgoer for two years in 1981 when the Lord called me.. Likewise, I was still as carnal as the rest of the members, but commonsense told me that there was something not quite right about THIS kind of money raising. lol. Once I mentioned the Roses of Hope, my conversation with the Lord stopped immediately and there was a deep silence. Disappointed, I thought to myself “what did I say that turned Him off?” I was such a babe. I have heard His voice a few times since but never again quite LIKE THAT!!!

Looking back, I realize that this encounter with the Lord was one of the several ways that I received my calling 26 years ago prior to entering the ministry on Oct. 25, 1981. At that time, I did not know what a sermon was much less a calling to ministry, so it took at least 10 signs for me to finally comprehend that I was being called. Even so, I have never is the new thing that can honestly tell you signs and indications forgotten the Lord’s mentioning of “the new thing.” What the Lord is going to do with “His Church?” In 26 years, I that I do not yet know for sure, but there have been some that I will share in upcoming issues.

In August 2007,—just two months ago. I had yet another “conversation.” There was no audible voice this time, as the communication was from ” the sender of the message to my spirit and then to my mind.” At the time, I was attempting to set up a conference schedule to conduct deliverance training seminars for a local church leader and I ran into a “closed door.” Almost immediately, the Lord revealed to me that He was the one who closed the door. Wondering why, I sought the Father in prayer. It didn’t take long for me to be answered. In less than a week, a kind of telepathic communication took place to let me know that I was “on the wrong track”. I didn’t even have a chance to emotionally respond to the unexpected rejection I had recently experienced.

Once I understood that it was God Himself who had “hardened her heart”, I completely changed my ministerial direction and I forgot about the particular “friend” in ministry that stood in my way. I realized that God used her to “close the door.”. I realize now that my ministry is not to equip or edify the traditional church on church property. My answer came through a kind of parable. I was asked, “would you put up curtains at the windows of a condemned building?” I answered with my mind. “No.”

 Then a kind of a speech was made that went something like this. “A homeless person will make a home in a condemned building. To escape the elements of the weather on the outside, he will satisfy himself and “make do” with no heat, no running water, no lights, and he will share his dwelling with the occupants: the rats and the roaches.” Then I was hit in the face with this statement. “If you try to edify the organized church with seminars and conferences, you will be putting up curtains at the windows of a condemned building.”

 Wow! I was stunned. Metaphorically speaking, it was clear to me that the condemned building was a symbol of the organized church. If this “mental conversation” was from the Holy Ghost)===== then the metaphor is suggesting that the organized church is a condemned building. Pleast note that I am still trying the spirits, so I am not saying “thus says the Lord” in this instance. If you have heard different, please let me know so that we can try the spirits together!!!

Condemnation suggests “judgment.” The word says that “judgment will begin at the household of faith.” Therefore, natural logic by simple commonsense suggests to me that “the organized church has either already been judged or will be judged very soon.” In keeping with this parable of sorts, sheep who attend church regularly are those who are afraid of the outside elements of a dangerous and sinful world, –and rightly so–Therefore, it makes sense to run inside church walls for protection. Yet, in keeping with the symbols, when we run inside, we find that there is no light. God is light. In Him there is no darkness at all. No light-No God!!!!! So what do we do? We “make do!!!” 

 The church has become skilled at “making do!” Since Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the Light and His people are referred to “as lights”, the next logical thought is that He is not the Head of the organized church and very few of His people are attending church. So what of the massive, mega congregations? Same thing. No light. No God. As astutely recognized in the words  of one of my suscribers, it’s just a crowd of gatherers worshipping someone that they refer to as Jesus. To quote her exact words, “wherever the crowd gathers, there is sin crouching at the door.”

In addition, there is no running water in the condemned building— no rivers of living water—therefore, no Holy Ghost. Without the Holy Ghost, then the 7 stars are removed. The 7 stars are the angels of God.(Rev.1:20) Angels are assigned to the churches to guard and protect each flock. Without the Holy Ghost and the angels of God, it is understandable why the sheep are being spiritually damaged by the shepherds—- The RATS are the wolves in sheep’s clothing—- hirelings–the so called shepherds of the flock—- countless pastors who fellowship with uncleaness, ie. the roaches.

So it stands to reason, that if this “condemned building” parable be from the Lord, then the leaders of the church as it now stands have fared poorly in the Lord’s eyes. If this be so, then what about the sheep? Sheep need shepherds?!!! Where are the shepherds of the Lord? A condemned building can stand, maybe for years but ultimately, the beams and the walls will crumble and fall. If it doesn’t fall, then the city will come along with a bulldozer and “take it down.” How will the organized church come down?

Read Revelation Ch. 17 and Rev. 18 about “the harlot” called Mystery Babylon. After the fall of the towers of the World Trade Center, I thought that Rev. Ch. 18 was fulfilled for several reasons. However, one fact caused me to know that the dust fallout in NYC and the fall of “world trade” was not the complete fulfillment of this chapter. Why? Because the World Trade Center is being rebuilt. The scripture clearly states that when Babylon falls, there will be no rebuilding of her. So I wrongly assumed that Mystery Bablylon was NYC. I was born and raised in NYC. Therefore, in error, I warned everyone I knew to “come out of her.”

After a few years passed, I realized that NYC is NOT Babylon. Is it the USA? Maybe.  Any one who knows the Lord realizes that He would not command us to “come out of her, my people” (Rev. 18:4), “lest you share in her sins, lest you receive of her plagues,” unless there was an actual place where we could flee to. Where are God’s people? Well, for the most part, God’s people are known to be in the organized church.

If Mystery Babylon were an actual city or nation, where on earth could all of God’s people go in an exodus of unimaginable global proportions? Recognizing the signs of the time, a few Christians have already fled to Canada, believing that in doing so, they are going to escape the fall of America. I say this to you. How can America be Babylon when God’s people are everywhere. So where are His people in every nation on the planet supposed to go? To the Moon or to Mars? 

 I don’t know about you but I don’t own a space ship. Even though several mega-tv evangelists own personal jet planes, they don’t own space ships!!! Regardless of what anybody says, America is the best country in the entire world. Meaning no disrespect to non-American readers, seekers of freedom from around the world flee their native lands all the time to find a safe harbor on American shores. There is no actual “place” that God’s people can go to on this earth.

Ironically, the USA is a country founded upon the flight of spiritually oppressed people from the Old World. However, since Christopher Columbus, oppressed Americans have no earthly place that we ourselves can flee to. Think about it. Can all of God’s people in the USA fit into Canada? Let’s be real, here. Anyway, if America is to fall, how safe is Canada? Canada is just around the corner from us. We’d be better off in Australia or the South Pole!!!!

 BUT Fear not!!! Mystery Babylon could certainly not be a physical place. In 3 of my books, I referred to “the Fake Jesus” and other Ascended Masters aka “fallen angels”, with the two leading ones calling themselves Maitreya and Jesus Sananda Immanuel.  I am not alone in my belief that Mystery Babylon is a mataphor symbolizing idolatrous religion. The “judged” church is not Mystery Babylon in its totality, but merely a part of it, Actually, there are several signs that the organized churches of today will eventually unite with all of the other false religions that relegate our Lord to a mere teacher or a prophet who they claim is a created being, “not divine”.

Yet I believe that most of the true church will rise out of a righteous remnant that still remains within the organized church and others whom the Lord has touched and called who have never been church members. I realize that the outpouring of the spirit of God upon ALL flesh is coming upon “the remnant church” but clearly, the Holy Ghost will not manifest Himself in a corrupt place. The Lord will not put new wine into old wineskins. However, where the rivers will flow, I do not yet know.

 Does the “new thing” require buildings to do the work of the Lord.? No, but if so, I suspect that buildings will be used on a very limited scale. The early church of the book of Acts “was not organized,” as followers of the resurrected Lord assembled in each other’s homes. Likewise, I don’t believe that the “new thing” will be organized with boards, bishops and buildings either!!!! The only covering required is the Head Himself, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Praise His Holy Name!!!

Nor do I believe that anyone will be able to stand in the way of “the new thing.” I have perceived some signs that quietly and secretly the Holy Ghost has been taking His time over the last few decades, preparing righteous and holy shepherds–Joshuas and Calebs— who have been refined in the fires of trial, trouble and tribulation— leaders across the globe. There are not many of them, but like Gideon’s army, there will be enough to do the job. So what should we do in the meantime? Well, we should “watch, pray and wait. ”

Some of God’s people have already heeded the call and we have “come out of Her.” Others of you may have to stay within the condemned building for a time or at least on its periphery, until you too “hear the call.” It is not my job to “call you out.” This is not my intention. Some people are addicted to church and if they were to “come out” without the proper care and support systems in place, additional spiritual damage might be incurred. As withdrawal from alcohol without medical supervision is life threatening, so too, an exodus from the organized church at the present moment may be too shocking to the spiritual system of longterm “churchaholics.” Actually, it is wise NOT to come out until you hear the Holy Ghost for yourself. The problem is that most sheep within church walls for a considerable length of time are so deaf and so blind that they simply cannot hear and they cannot see.

 Moreover, the enemy has built up a formidable stronghold by seducing them to heed and believe false doctrines or to become emotionally attached to pastors, buildings, church traditions, choir members, etc.. The god of this world has blinded them, almost beyond repair. (II Cor 4:3,4) Only God Himself can release the prey of the mighty and set free the lawfully captive. (Isaiah 49:24-26) In each case of spiritual blindness, prayer should beseech the Father based upon His mercy, grace and pardon. My job is simple. I preach righteousness and truth, both by mouth and on the printed page. That’s all I have to do. The Lord does His work of deliverance, and from time to time, allows me to share in His power.

I commit to sending you the truth through Sheppard’s Publishing Center and let the Spirit of Truth –aka- the Holy Ghost open your spiritual ears to hear, to understand and to obey Him when He calls you out of Mystery Babylon. By His grace anad mercy, I believe that He will restore your spiritual hearing and your spiritual sight, if the condition of your heart is sincere, meek and upright. You yourself have an unction from God to see and if you hunger and thirst after righteousness, I strongly believe that when the time is right, you will hear His call.

 To simplify matters, here is a general overview of the organized church of today. There are two main sects of Christians: Catholics and Protestants. Within Protestantism, there are three main branches: the denominations, the nondenominations, and the word of faith/charismatic movement. The church of James from Atlanta’s youth falls under the category of a denomination, the Baptist Church. The second church that James and Michelle both describe is what is categorized as a word of faith, non-denominational charismatic church.

There are many denominations. There are a few denominations that are charismatic, ie. the pentecostal churches. There is one denomination that calls itself “full gospel baptist.” It should be pointed out that every nondenominational church is not necessarily charismatic or word of faith. However, practically ALL word of faith churches are charismatic and therefore they have much in common with some denominational pentecostal churches.

So where should you attend church while you “watch and wait” for the Lord’s “new thing?” Good question. Everyone is not like me. As a watchman, I was actually called to stand alone. So this is just my opinion for those who have a different calling. My advice may be of some value to you, as it is based upon decades of experience with the denominational and the non-denominational, charismatic word of faith movement.

Point #3 In truth, I personally believe that the best option—the wisest choice–is to stay out of the organized church entirely, especially if you are a babe in Christ or one who is lost, but seeking Him.

However, if you a churchgoer and you are still attached or even addicted to “church”, then know this. By far, if you are attending a charismatic church, be it pentecostal, charismatic, or word of faith, you are not in a safe place.  All churches have become a dwelling place of demons!

I am an advocate of home churches, of three, but  no more than 5 people.  Each home church should have a coordinator.  I will provide the coordinator with all of the tools necessary to feed the sheep each week. For more information, visit and click the link for Sheppard’s Society of Home Churches.



25 Sep

Our  primary focus at Sheppard’s Counseling Center (SCC)  is to bring recovery and deliverance to sheep who have been damaged within an organized church system and to prevent others from being damaged. Toward this end, our primary goal is to equip you to guard yourself from spiritual abuse inflicted upon you as a direct or an indirect consequence of your regular church attendance. This is a very serious matter. In this blog, my conversation begins with a presentation of my personal perspective on the organized church, so that you can understand where I am coming from.

 I must prepare you –head on– that I am a revolutionary—-a rebel WITH a cause. My cause is truth, even if it hurts me for a brief moment. Through years of trials endured and overcome, I have found that the pain of truth is spiritually valuable. I have learned that if I face the truth, the pain of it is greatly reduced and a real lasting joy and peace is pain’s reward. To be a prophet in these times is akin to the ministry of John the Baptist. John was a loner, a voice, crying in the wilderness. He preached against sin and he was a watchman. The only prophetic word that came from John’s mouth was this. “Prepare ye the way of the Lord.”

John knew that the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth was alive in his lifetime and so he preached repentance and righteousness. Jesus declared that John the Baptist was the greatest of ALL prophets. I believe that the ministry of the prophet in our times is no different than the ministry of John the Baptist. The only difference is that today’s prophets MUST preach of the Lord’s SECOND COMING. Like John the Baptist, today’s prophets are called to be voices crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord. I have never called myself a prophet: an evangelist, a pastor and a teacher, yes,—- but not a prophet. The Lord is molding me to become an endtime prophet and so, I am still “in the making.”

Nonetheless, if the signs I have received are from God, then He Himself has called me a prophet, more than once. My prophetic ministry is true to form in the spirit of John the Baptist. My primary message is one of repentance and righteousness. I also function primarily as a watchman– one who prepares the way for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As a watchman, I sound the alarm when I suspect that “the wolf is in the patch.”This series of issues is my way of ” blowing the trumpet and sounding the alarm.” Unfortunately, I have found that Christians who disagree tend to avoid confrontation by flight. As they make their “exit” they send forth hypocritical “bless you” kinds of statements. For example, I have received emails like “God bless you, Sister, but would you kindly remove me from your mailing list? May the peace of God and His wisdom bless you now and forever!!! Take care! Yours in Christ!”

 I say to such folk who send me such emails, ” Stop being a hypocrit and stand up for what you believe or simply “spam Pam.”  In the summer of 2007, I had a dream where I was clearly shown that since 1974, I have been “in school.” My first “studies” began 3 years before I got saved. In that first class, I learned about the wiles of the devil through my three year involvement in the occult world as a psychic medium, a hypnotist and an astrologer. In my second class, I learned about “church.” That course has taken more than two decades to complete. The dream revealed in 2007,  that my studies were “incomplete.” Apparently, I am presently in the middle of the third course, having only just begun the 4th course. withome more course yet to complete—in total, 5 schools of study.

 The source of this dream knows me well. It is my nature to try to “figure out” where the Lord is headed. I was told up front in the dream “Pam, don’t even try to imagine. You have no reference in your past or even in your imagination as to subject matter of courses 4 and 5. the third course on spiritual warfare and deliverance has not yet been completed and I have just begun the 4th course. About a month after this dream, I found myself knee deep in a study of the two angels who masquarade as “Jesus”, so much so that it was too much info for a blog. I began begin a fourth book called “The Fake Jesus.” Therefore, the 4th course is a study  that has centered on the methods, teachings and practices of the fallen angels known as “ascended masters.”

The first step in the 4th course is to compare the teachings of fallen angels to what is being taught from the pulpits of megadom and to develop an encyclopedia of religious organizations that follow the fake Jesus.. . One thing is certain. I never would have imagined it. Even though the 3rd and the 4th courses are linked to the first two courses, I could not have imagined its contents in my wildest dreams. So I want each reader to know that “I am still in the school of the Holy Ghost” with the 5th course not yet seen.

 Furthermore, since I am still a student, perhaps you have a more accurate revelation and you can open my eyes to see your point of view..Therefore, If you disagree with any statement within this blog, I am eager to hear what the Holy Ghost has revealed to you on these matters. With that said, you will find that my statements are rather shocking . Just know that they are included for your good—–to warn you that the wolf may be in your patch and to prepare you for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth..

Trying the spirits involves learning how to pray, learning how to watch and learning how to wait.


25 Sep

Although this  also blog falls under the category of protecting the sheep, it is specific to the problems generated by the sheep upon themselves. In fact, sheep can often be their own worst enemy in their struggle toward truth and freedom. Therefore, this issue is going to center upon the at-risk nature of the sheep rather than upon the wolves who prey on them.

In 1988, Geraldo Rivera televised a program that centered on Christian Cults, with the subtitle “Zombies for Christ.” Interviews were held with people who underwent deprogramming from the influence of charismatic, fundamentalist leaders and churches. The title seems apropos for this issue. In protecting the sheep, I suggest to you that we also need to examine the conditions of personality and circumstance that cause sheep to become “zombies for Christ.”  In this hour, sheep are watching Christian television and reading Christian books, who themselves need to be deprogrammed from gross error that is causing them to be vulnerable to demonic oppression of a very serious nature. In fact, when I have tried to counsel those who have come to me to seek deliverance from the torment of demons, the mixture and error in their spiritual foundation is so deep, that deliverance is severely hindered by the amount of error that these captives have anchored their faith upon as they view Christian television or read the books of various mega preachers.

More than 20 years have passed since the Rivera documentary.I suspect that the problem has intensified to the nth degree. In the last issue, I am  not being facetious when I point out that I myself wonder if I must go through additional cleansing and purification. I had a dream a few years ago  that clearly indicated that the occult leanings have lost all influence and strength in and upon me. At first, I rejoiced at this assurance. Then I remembered that the demons that are assigned to me read every word that I write. They hear my prayers and they know that I desire complete truth in my inward parts. So the message of this dream could very well have been inspired by a religious spirit to derail me and cause me a false assurance.

So I  continue to “watch, wait and pray.” In this regard, I had a true test  in my email interactions with a reader that I will call “Maria.” Maria’s first email contact was relatively positive.  On the surface, it seemed that her intent was to merely apprise me that she and I have much in common in our backgrounds, and that she too believes that the prosperity gospel is coming down. I didn’t notice at first but it seems she wanted me to publish her work on my website. I am a bit obtuse when people are not direct. However, I was truly amazed as well and somewhat concerned that Maria also wrote that she STILL feeds from the spiritual tables of Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and Creflo Dollar, calling them “brothers that need prayer.”

Not wanting to belittle Maria’s prayer life, I really tried to be as “low key,” as “laid back” as I myself can be, not expecting her extremely argumentative, defensive response. In her last email , Maria finally stated what whe wanted to write in her first email, ie. that I am an “unloving accuser of the brethren.” Yet, in keeping with the passivity of “a Christian Zombie,” her hidden attitude was concealed until she could stand me no longer, and then all hell broke loose!!!!

Finally, like a hissing snake she “cussed me out” Christian style. I was very brief and simple in my few responses so as not to stir up my own flesh, for actually, I was really not offended by her. So I tried to jest, keeping things light, remarking with “You would find a way to defend Judas Iscariot.” She did not catch the humor, nor did she glean the meaning behind the humor.A common trait of those oppressed by a religious demon is that they tend to have no humor. Simply put, as Christian zombies they are so “spiritual” that they are of no earthly good. Captives of this kind also rebel against any chastizement or correction with tongue in cheek counterattacks of “you’re being “unloving” and therefore, you are not a real Christian.

Yet zombies on the offensive usually pay no attention to the fact that the scriptures also declare that God Himself chastizes and corrects those He loves. When He does chastize and correct, He often does so through elders and other saints. I personally believe that the epitomy of love is to tell someone liberating truth without belittling or shaming them. Truth that convicts rather than condemns. Of course, we are out to win the brethren and not to enflame them by provoking them to wrath. Certainly it is true that God so loved the world, yet He did not save Judas from perdition. As for me, I am in accord with Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who, when appropriate, didn’t mind calling “a snake, a snake!” It is not wise to feed from the spiritual table of vipers. Maria’s emails continued to be abrupt, condescending and argumentative. Then there came a point when she realized that the tone of her emails was not “Christ-like”, so she emailed me again, with a rather defensive apology.

The ” Christian zombie” thing for me to do was to passively accept her apology and stop the email war. True, but “I am not a Christian zombie!  It was clear to me that Maria’s apology was based on her fear of facing her own persona—ie. that her “Christ like” image of herself was in jeopardy. To feed into her own self delusion would not be helpful. I have found that Christians who are constantly apologizing for being “who they are” “doing what they want to do” and saying “what they meant to say,” generally are in bondage to obeying the word by the letter of the law rather than by the spirit. Since they are very “image conscious”, they worry that they may be perceived as unloving or unmannerly and therein “not Christ-like”.

I view excessive demonstations of this kind of anxiety as being a victim to the 3 false “p.s” THAT WHEN EXCESSIVE, CAUSES THEM TO BE a 4th “p” known as “PHONY”: They are: PIETY, PRETENSE, AND PRIDE. Walking in the “false p”s of self righteousness is yet another trademark of Christian zombies. I myself have encountered many professing Christians who speak “the love walk” with a forked tongue, whose hearts are deceived concerning what divine love actually is. The world can see through the hollowness of such people and sinners are not attracted to the Lord by a phony, self righteous witness. In my estimation, Maria is a classic example of a “Zombie for Christ.” One reason is because Zombies always try to minimize deliverance and spiritual warfare ministries. In one of her emails, she accused me of being possessed by a demon that I have never heard of, identified as “the spirit of wrong focus.”Maria explained that the “demon of wrong focus” causes watchmen like myself to be an “accuser of the brethren.” She also stated that all she has to do is focus on the cross, pray for the “misguided” false prophets and trust God to deal with the devil for her. People who say “amen” to Maria are in danger of perishing for a lack of knowledge primarily because they underestimate the wiles of the enemy.

Another sign of a Christian zombie is their passive-aggressive hidden desire “to be heard.” I can relate. I can remember that while I was in the denomination, for years I longed “to be heard” to no avail. I was often overlooked. Actually,a particular bishop purposefully and wilfully blocked my ministry, and rightly so. Even though he was operating out of his flesh in his strong dislike of me, I look pass this man’s human nature and I perceive today “that it was the Lord’s doing.” For if I had not been blocked, then the seduction of a receptive audience would have been a major stumblingblock for me, deadly to my particular calling as a prophetic watchman.  If I  had remained in the denomination,I was in bondage to too many levels of authority. The Lord warned me that I would never be more than a candle hidden under a defiled bed if I submitted myself to yet another denominational bishop or regional director.

Continually frustrated, disappointed and aggravated by denominational favoritism, I realize TODAY that I was truly blessed NOT to be have been embraced by the church hierarchy. The irony is that while I believed that my charismatic gifts to minister and my level of spiritual growth and understanding far surpassed that of the other denominational ministers, I myself was deceived. On the contrary, without the restraint of God, my charismatic leanings could have put countless sheep in an unprotected spiritual danger much more than ministries without power could have done. My spiritual error was just “different” from my denominational colleagues— but error, none the less!!

One of the greatest blessings that the Lord has ever given me for over two decades was “not to be heard.” As the Apostle James warned, “Be not many masters because yours is the greatere condemnation. When you read Maria’s original commentary below, I suspect that you will be able to read between the lines and see that by the confessions of her own heart, she is not yet ready to be heard. In retrospect, I deliberately refused to counterattack Maria’s attempt to draw me into an email “scripture contest” just because I no longer pray for preachers to repent. This was a major part of my ministry for 25 years.  I believe that the season for those kinds of prayers is OVER!

Also, contending “scripture for scripture” is not wise, nor is it scriptural. Any false prophet can contend with scripture, lifting up and upholding their own idolatrous practices with a scripture taken out of its context. It didn’t take long for me to recognize the “works of Maria’s flesh:” jealousy, ambition and envy.” Negative emotions of this kind oozed through every line of several emails that flooded my mail box–sometimes as many as 6 emails sent within minutes of each other. Then with her final email, her hidden agenda became self evident. T “Maria” wrote and I quote: “Pam, you are living in a dream world and I fear you have a rude awakening coming if you think you are coming even close to representing Christ to the lost and the ‘sheep’ in your pen. There’s no love there at all in your ministry, just the work of the accuser. Wake up before it’s too late!!

Wow!!! It took a plethora of emails for Maria to finally allow the spirit of the Anti-Christ to use her in a fullness. Since I realize that I do not contend with flesh and blood, I hold no ill will toward Maria. Therefore, if the Lord does cause her to sincerely repent, I will certainly receive her. Yet, why did Jezebel chose Maria as its messenger? Well, because Maria is a very talented woman, an excellent writer who appears to be filled with zeal for Christ. Yet, she is ambitious, walking in the flesh of jealousy and a spirit of competition. With each visit to my website and facebook group, contacts are steadily increasing.

I have seen signs that suggest to me that my impact  is upsetting the invisible realm. Captives are being delivered by the transparency of the kind of love that I DO bring. Believe me. Marlene and I are private people and we do not relish exposing ourselves as we do. Consequently, each failure, each deception, each mistake that we openly share, is our gift of love to those of you who are being set free. I personally do with full knowledge that the smug and self righteous will judge me. Yet, where pleasing man is concerned, I am truly “crucified.” My death in Christ is manifested in my newfound ability to accept both the bitter with the sweet and therefore, I am not moved by either those who support me or by detractors and accusers.

Even so, I have heard from readers, particularly women, who are being touched by my transparency and openness. In a nutshell, every descriptive comment I have received has used one main word. The keyword seems to be “AWESOME!” Satan is really a chompin at the bits! Yet, with all due respect, I must also commensurate with Maria’s frustration. Those who have a call also have a strong desire to have a platform. Waiting on the Lord’s timing can seem endless. However, as we wait, the Lord requires a very deep allegiance to the truth. He invariably will set up circumstances that will cause us to bow down to correction which cuts and humbles, as readily as we accept that which is agreeable.

The Lord has cut me down so often in 30 years, that I myself am not used to being well received. So quite the opposite, I have been humbled by those of you who have so graciously embraced each issue with such eagerness, affection and appreciation. Some of you have written and even spoken to me personally, expressing how much my publications have meant to you and for that, I rejoice.

Nevertheless, it is very important for us all to realize that other than for witchcraft, works of the flesh are not “cast out.” Even those demons that specialize in witchcraft have different names. So for the most part, works of the flesh are “put off” or “pulled down” but not “cast out.” The truth is that an ambitious, jealous person needs his or her flesh crucified through the brokenness of repentance and the fires of refinement. This is the work of “deliverance counseling.” As a therapist, one of my strategies is to cause both the saved and the unsaved to examine and understand the nature of their particular ” flesh style”. Why? Well, because demons take advantage of the flesh to mobilize their own agenda.

Consequently, knowing ourselves better than the demons know us is a primary step to “trying the spirits.” We must try our own spirits to understand the nature of our own particular needs of the flesh. The truth received will crush that need or in other words, “crucify our flesh.!” One of the greatest revelations that I have discovered out of years of the 5 “T”S of testing, temptation, trial, tribulation and trouble is that “we are never as advanced as we believe ourselves to be.”

Merely having spiritual experiences does not make us “spiritual.” What makes us “spiritual” is abiding in Christ. To abide means to live, move and have our being in Him, consistently and steadfastly. In other words, to abide is ” STANDING STRONG, PRESSING FORWARD AND NOT LOOKING BACK UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN YOKED TO JESUS AS A VINE IS TO A BRANCH!!!” I admit that in the first two decades, I had more spiritual experiences than I can now count or even remember. However, one gets “spiritual” when one can face the truth without flinching.

Moreover, what I have learned is that when truth explodes upon the mind, it is not an agreeable experience, nor is it easy to disbelieve absolutely, what we have consistently believed so thoroughly. Once I committed myself to truth, I find that I no longer depend on signs or supernatural experiences. The knowledge and wisdom received in the last 3 years, and even more so, the last 3 months have been astounding. If you have been a zombie for Christ in your church,when your eyes have finally been opened, look out!!! Being deceived can be taken as a personal insult. To perceive that we have been duped: bamboozled, run a muck, gone astray, hoodwinked, made a fool of. Don’t even go there in your thoughts about all of that hard earned money we put into the hands of religious demons. Lord, Help!!!!

Surprisingly,religious zombies are often created out of their own zeal to please God with their flesh. As a Pharisee, Saul of Tarsus was a good example prior to his Damascus Road experience, persecuting and killing Christians, even consenting to the stoning to death of Stephen. The essential pattern is that Christian zombies want to die so that Christ can live in them, therefore fulfilling Paul’s words of “I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, not I, but Christ who lives in me.” They concentrate very heavily on the “not I.” Even when referring to themselves in writing, some of them use “i” in the small case to signify to all who commune with them that Christ has rulership in their lives and in everything they say and do, it is “Christ doing the speaking and the doing” and not them.On the contrary, the Holy Ghost is a Helper. He does not take over the human vessel like a puppet master. He helps us do the work by using all of our human faculties, including our personalities.

In short, the nature of zombies for Christ is that the spiritual concept of dying in and for Him has been mininterpreted and grossly misunderstood. Some have gotten confused through wrong preaching or by reading a book on the subject that they were not spiritually mature enough to understand. For example, some have read Watchman Nee’s several books on the flesh, but they really did not understand that Nee was not an advocate of killing the human personality.

Simply put, the zombies seek to be dead while they are alive, with deadness manifesting as passivity, including the tacit accepting of suffering and a relishing in weakness. In other words, for Christ to live in them, they must be frail and insignificant—taking their own crucifixion to the extreme of passivity and a restraint of personality by submitting their entire life space to the conviction that “everything happens to them by the order of God.” Mis-interpreting the scripture concerning Paul’s “thorn in the side” and his statements to the Galatians and the Corinthians about being crucified with Christ, Christian zombies relish in human weakness, not realizing that Paul was not suggesting that “he chose to be weak.” On the contrary, Paul never denied the need for human strength. No, he simply learned that at those unplanned times when weakness DID come upon him, the Lord’s grace was there to rescue him.

Consequently as a zombie for Christ begins to relish in weakness as a condition of being filled with the Holy Ghost, evil spirits revel in seducing and deceiving them. In fact, it is actually demons who have orchestrated the circumstances in the first place, so as to create snares by which to entrap them,taking advantage of a faithful believer’s desire to please and serve God. This is why false prophets have been successful at duping the sheep. With a lack of knowledge, the sheep have prepared themselves for the slaughter of wolves, to be victimized by a misguided understanding of what it really takes to please God.

Here is a very simple example from my own experience. It is humorous but in all seriousness,it was the doorway that opened me to further deception down the road. In my publications, I use myself as an example because I believe it is better to laugh at myself than to lift up someone else’s mistakes. I realize that there are those few who will misunderstand and wrongfully judge me but to be perfectly honest, for truth’s sake and the liberation my testimony has already brought to some, I really don’t care. So here goes.

To be quite honest, the last thing that anyone would ever call me in the flesh is “passive.” In the flesh, even men have perceived me as a “woman not to mess with.” In fact, when I was in the world more than 30 years ago, dangerous street men, abusers, ex-offenders who carried pistols, and even batterers of women and children thought twice before “steppin to me.” Yet, early in my Christian walk, I became “a zombie for Christ,” for the sake of “finding my Christian spouse.”

I was a true zealot from the word go. As a bonafide zombie, I was willing to “suffer for Christ” in ways that the cosmopolitan, “I am woman,” unsaved heathen would not have even dreamed of tolerating. When I was streetwise and without Christ, I was no fool. As such, I was perceptive enough to recognize the obvious signs when a man was not romantically interested in me and it was the nature of my flesh to react in kind. In other words, I was only interested in a man who manifested a strong attraction toward me. If he proved to be indifferent, than my attitude was “you are not ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS and I kept it movin.”

Well, as soon as I got saved, I got “passive,” and weak, particularly if I thought that “this could be THEEEEEE man sent by God as my future husband.” So before my eventual husbands sent from hell one at a time arrived in my world view, there was a formidable predecessor. Living well across the state, though pleasant and respectful, Rick showed absolutely no interest from the day we briefly met. He did not visit in three years,his telephone calls were very rare. Once a month I received a letter with two lines in it, more a note than an actual letter. Each letter was signed “love ya.”

Now the ole creation Pam would have dropped Rick like a hot potato. Yet I held on for dear life for three looooong years, sitting by a phone that never rung, (no cell phones or call waiting in 1985.) I resisted even leaving the house in anticipation of Rick’s rare phone call. You see, even though Rick clearly never gave me even a second thought, “I walked by faith and not by sight.” Yeh. Was I in love with Rick? Absolutely not. I was not even attracted to him. I’d only seen the man briefly just one time. He was the guest speaker at a church that I visited one eventful Sunday afternoon. But since I had received several dreams and prophetic words spoken over me by other Christian zombies that sent the message “Rick is your future husband,” I held on to this false word and suffered through a dry, lackluster relationship, believing that I was suffering “for the Lord’s sake.”

At the end of three long years, I had one more dream about Rick which was very clear, even prophetic: In the dream I heard “Pam, Rick is not interested in you. He is dating a white school teacher.” I retorted, “I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus.” A week later Rick showed up in my town with his fiancee, a white school teacher. Now, I suspect that all of you “church goin” women understand what I mean when I tell you that “I have suffered loooooooooooooooong!!!!!”

Humor aside, having fully surrendered to God, I sat by that telephone for so long, that I ended up hyperventilating, convinced that I was having a heart attack. I rushed to the emergency room, only to find out that I had created my own anxiety attack. In truth, it is only natural that we agree to be obedient to the cross and be willing to suffer for the sake of our Lord and Savior. In this regard, we make the mistake of accepting passivity and weakness in a faulty anticipation that we will be strengthened by the power of God. Then when things don’t turn out to our benefit, we want to blame somebody.

So who do I blame for my anxiety attack: God? The devil? Rick? Me? Well, I don’t blame ANYBODY!!! I simply take responsibility for myself and my own mistakes and I rise up and I “keep it movin”. Although the Christian Zombie’s path may seem commendable, if we are not careful, the enemy will use our faithfulness to the cross according to our misunderstanding of what Paul actually means concerning being crucified with Christ. The danger is that our misunderstanding will cause us to wrongfully accept all suffering and therein become a zombie— battered about by the world, our loved ones, the flesh and the devil.

We must do all that we can to stand, and having done all to stand, WE STAND! As we stand, we must give no place to the devil by our passivity. We MUST aggressively resist him at every turn. For example, choosing weakness and choosing suffering both fulfill the requirements for the operation of demons since by so doing, our free will is placed on the enemy’s side. God wants us to cooperate with Him but He does NOT desire to control us like puppets or like zombies. Nor does He desire to destroy our personalities. Neither does He demand our minds. We need to understand that anger is an important human emotion, God given in fact. Yet, as the word of God warns, we can BE ANGRY but we must not allow our anger to cause us to sin. Jesus Christ of Nazareth knows that our thoughts are not His thoughts and our ways are not His ways, yet He does not command us to change ourselves. I repeat that in John 15, lasting change comes from “abiding in Him.” Once we are no longer conformed or habituated to this world system, we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. (Romans 12:1,2)

Over time, we begin to think as He thinks, and progressively and eventually our thoughts die without any real effort of our own.Renewal comes from delighting in Him. (Psalm 37:4) As we continue to delight in Him, without our even noticing, He gives us the desires of our hearts. In other words, the more we get to know Him, the more of Christ gets planted in our hearts, a result of the cooperation of our own free wills. As we are “crucified daily,” the Lord’s desires become planted in our hearts very imperceptively and low and behold, His desires are now our desire. In fact, we don’t even know or recognize the moment that the transformation occurred when we were able to declare, “it is not I who live but Christ who lives in me.”

It just “happens.” As the wind blows where it wills, one day we simply notice that we have begun to think and to act differently—more like Christ. Yet like the buds appear on a tree in spring time, we never able to see our transformation coming, nor can we describe it with any accuracy. Satan is just the opposite. To make his work easier, demons demand that his zombies become passive in their will. Counterfeiting God,demons deceive zombies to deny the use of either part or all of their human abilities. Clearly, the religious demon is the unseen creator of the Christian zombie. If undetected, the Jezebel spirit will proceed to destroy a Christian’s personality. Religious demons  will take pleasure in reducing him (usually her) to a zombie state, subdue his or her soul and body.

Finally, the zombie is left unprotected, ravaged by the spiritual abuse of wolves in sheeps’ clothing, spiritually oppressed and imprisoned by demonic soul ties to the oppressors. This religious demon puts the un-suspecting Christian under the oppression of a force that appears to represent God’s will and compels the Christian zombie to act like a machine, devoid of reason, thought or decision. To cap things off with a quote from “Faces of the Religious Demon”, there is hope through taking personal responsibility and never allowing ourselves to accept the role of “victim.”: It is my belief that captives will become free of the mental and emotional damage incurred by the spiritual abuse afflicted upon them by others when they can accept full responsibility for allowing themselves to be spiritually victimized.

A captive who has faced himself can only see or feel in the flesh because he has been blinded from true self perception in the spirit. Therefore, he may find it difficult to recognize how much of his own sensitivities, his hidden hostilities, as well as his own exacting demands for attention may have interfered with his relationships and actually drew him to controlling people. Without facing his true self, when he actually does find a genuinely assertive leader, the captive may unconsciously set up situations to try to compel the new leader to attempt to control his life.” (Faces, pg. 228) Works of the flesh such as jealousy and ambition (Galatians 5) are debilitating character defects that cause frustrated ministers and “wannabees” to have “a strong lust to be heard.”

As previously indicated, since jealousy and ambition are not demons as some deliverance ministers believe, it is useless to try to cast them out. The reason why the casting out of demons is not always successful,is primarily because the ground that gave the demons their occupation cannot be cast out. This is why counseling is crucial to deal with flesh issues. For example, jealousy and ambition are components of the ground of human flesh that will give the Jezebel spirit its doorway. Unless the ground of the human soul is dealt with, no full relief from demons can be obtained in the majority of cases where the flesh has not been crucified through repentance and brokenness. Often we are duped to believe that demons have been cast out because of the power of the human will.

However, human will power DOES HAVE the capacity to surpress behavior and cause a captive to appear to be delivered. However, since the ground has not effectively been dealt with, the same manifestation can return and repeat itself in a different disguise ie. like a former alcoholic becoming an addicted gambler. . I define the flesh as character traits of human nature without Christ, defects that cannot be CAST OUT. (Galatians 5:) Human nature can never please God. I could be wrong, but I do not believe that demons will respond by calling them “the spirit of jealousy” or “the spirit of ambition.”

No, the demon who has those traits is the religious demon, aka, the charismtic witchcraft spirit or the spirit of the anti-Christ. Demons of this kind are attracted to people who manifest narcissism in the form of self love, conceit, jealousy and ambition. Jessie Penn Lewis in “War on the Saints” provides a salient warning to those who would minimize or underestimate the need to be vigiliant and prepared for both deliverance and spiritual warfare. Her words remind me of the scripture,”be not many masters because yours is the greater condemnation:

 “If we liken the war by prayer, systematically carried out against the forces of darkness, to a war in the natural sphere, those who would lead must be willing to to be trained, and to take the same learner’s attitude as a recruit in the natural sphere. Such believers need to obtain knowledge of the organized hosts of darkness, and how to exercise their spiritual vision so that ‘by reason of use’, it becomes acute in discerning the operations of the enemy in the spiritual sphere. The believer must learn to observe, and learn by observation their methods in the war against the people of God.” (War on the Saints, pg. 265-266)

As I continue to practice deliverance counseling, I have observed that once clients have been armed with self knowledge, with an awareness of who they are in Christ and they accept the fact that they themselves have played a major role in their own captivity, virtually all demons will leave on their own accord without even a need to perform a deliverance. However, there are two demons that will put up a formidable fight: the witchcraft spirit  and the spirit of the antichrist. Because of these two demons, the deliverance counseling model was designed. Therefore, Christian Zombies will have to humble themselves to the fact that their spiritual experience may be filled with deception. For to really be crucified with Christ does not mean that the life of your personality has to be annihilated. To bare our cross is to learn how to endure hardship as good soldiers. To bare our cross is to surrender our desire for acceptance as we become increasingly separated from the seductions of the world.

Notwithstanding, the real and present danger is that the organized church has become “the church world,” filled with seductions that appeal to the flesh NOT being crucified. In truth, much of what we need to be crucified from emanates from our connection to the organized church. In this regard, I am reminded of a dream I had about a former ministerial colleague whom I upheld as my best friend for 20 years. In the dream, he revealed the true nature of his heart and declared, “I did not come to your aid, nor did I support you even with a phone call, because I couldn’t risk incurring the bishop’s wrath upon myself for being in fellowship with you. I wanted the bishop to appoint me to the church that I now pastor. Even though I knew what was being done to you was unfair, I had to look out for myself.”

This is the nature of much of the organized church: filled with competition, striving, self-interest and jealousy, one minister striving to outshine another. Unless pride is broken in ALL of us, the religious demon will remain in control and our service for Christ will be at risk for and subject to contamination. Nevertheless, as Christian zombies gain victories over the deception of the enemy by recognizing, resisting, and triumphing over them in our varied workings, our strength of spirit to conquer demons will grow stronger and stronger. In fact, we will be transformed from wimps to warriors.

Actually, we will discover that even though we have been crucified with Christ, WE STILL LIVE, not by our own power but by the power of the Holy Ghost. This is truly being Christlike— Zombies, NO MORE!!!

If you need mentoring or guidance because you realize that you have become a Christian zombie, there is help for you.

Passivity and Deliverance

25 Sep

To answer the question, “why God permit’s Satan’s attacks,” I look to the book of the century, “War on the Saints.”

Sister Penn-Lewis writes:

“Only through the fire of sifting will the people of God be urged forward to the battle and victory which will drive the forces of Satan from their place in the heavenlies……Wrong conceptions of divine things can only be destroyed by experience. Many of the children ofGod are deceived whilst they think they are protected by God. They comply with the conditions for God to work, apart from intelligent understanding ofwhy He does so,and they do not realize that it is just as possible IGNORANTLY TO COMPLY WITH THE CONDITIONS FOR EVIL SPIRITS TO WORK, through ignorance of the laws governing both divine and satanic workings. (pg. 299)

While I was a minister within the organized church for 25 years, I thought that I knew a lot about deliverance. As I look back, I realize now that I only knew a very “little bit.” Actually, my “little bit” seemed like a lot in comparision to my peers and ministerial colleagues who barely even mentioned that the devil actually exists. I had even cast out a few demons, but never inside of conventional church walls.

Churchfolk in bondage in the community sought me out by either telephone or they knocked at my door. I was primarily sought after “on the down low” by both denominational and word of faith churchgoers, not because I was an ordained minister but in truth, it was known that I had experience in the occult. I describe my first deliverance session with a word of faith Christian woman who was addicted to alcohol in “To Curse The Root:” “I had never conducted a deliverance before but I believed God’s word so I began by rebuking the spirit and commanding it with a loud voice to come out of her in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. My daughter, fourteen years old at the time, began to join me in the command.

From the moment I began, Laura started to cough and vomit up a greenish fluid, which I thought was bile. We got her a pail, as she continued to heave and retch.Then, like the wisping sound ofwind, an unearthly,guttural,rasping sound issued forth from deep in Laura’s throat.”(pg. 110.”) Laura was delivered that day and she has remained drug free since 1983. In fact, she is now an evangelist and a certified addiction counselor. This was a great victory for my daughter and I since we moved out in faith without any knowledge. However, with only a smattering of spiritual warfare experience, I believe that one of the reasons why I had to be driven out of the organized church was so that I would not be hindered from “going deeper.”

Unfortunately, the organized church continues to be unwilling to face the truth and churchfolk are content to remain ignorant. I prefer to pay the price of nonacceptance as I press forward to gain the knowledge necessary for discernment. Discernment is not only spiritual but it also involves natural reasoning, wisdom and commonsense. The more battles I experience, the more knowledge I acquire. With each captive, I learn more each day how to resist the wiles, schemes, accusations, tricks, weights and obstacles of the devil. Giving up the support and acceptance of people is a price worth paying.

The subtlety of the deception is that many professing Christians and churchgoers may have already been turned over to a deluding spirit. Sometimes I have to shake the dust from my feet as I sadly move on to someone who is desperate enough to listen. Perhaps the spirit of delusion is the reason why only 10 percent of those who receive this newsletter actually read it. Unfortunately, my email list is predominately filled with content churchgoers. I need a list of people “who are not so comfortable.”

Furthermore,  500 people a day or more visit the website but only 10 percent actually stay, read, listen, watch and “go deeper.”

So I am here for “The Ten Percent.

” Pam COMMENTARIES: TOM FROM VIRGINIA From my experience with survivors of extreme abuse, I have described walk-ins much as you describe it. In my experience, higher level beings— principalities, which I am now calling Cosmic Beings (just to distinguish them from demons) may also be involved in such situations. In any case, your description of trauma and passivity is very consistent with what I have discovered. A walk in can be either demonic or Cosmic but in either case they can only do so by the human spirit vacating its rightful place in the body. Fortunately, as you discovered, it is not necessarily permanent as the Grace of God can redeem such people, but it often requires an intense work of healing. I also agree that the good angels of God can legitimately manifest in the flesh as indicated in Genesis 18 during the time of Abraham and Lot, when granted this permission by God Himself.

(Tom R. Hawkins, Ph.D. Comment from Pam : There are those who suggest that the higher fallen angels, referred to by Tom as “cosmic beings” are not demons and therefore,there is a belief that we don’t have the power to cast them out. At one time, I entertained this thought. I no longer agree with this differentiation. Why? Because all angels are a higher creation than we are and Jesus never suggested that we do not have the authority to cast out cosmic beings as well. Whether or not the cosmic beings consider themselves in the same class as other demons, the higher level beings can be cast out just like the lower ones. In fact, I have recently cast out Jesus Sananda Immanuel, Ashtar and Maitreya as well as some of the Hindu gods. ALL MUST BOW TO THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH. Amen!!!!

KEVIN FROM MARYLAND Greetings My Sister! I’m not slamming the true Church of Christ, the seducers need to be prayed for. Many of us have come out of abusive churches, and if one does not study God’s word, pray and fast, one can easily be consumed by the wiles ofthe devil. Our goal is to share Jesus Christ, and love one another,andlove God. We must go after the lost. Shuck’s —I feel like I am a refugee from the church’s I attended. Many people are still being held in captivity! The enemy joined the church a long time ago! But,Praise God that the gates of hell will never prevail, preach Christ…and liveChrist…true gain is a soul for Christ! God bless you, and keep being a “Watchman!” Don’be swayed, it is Jehovah that you serve. Keep saying what God tells you to say, and keep praying, and fasting. We are at war…many of us have been to various churches are are disgusted with what is called ‘worship’, but it is only a haven for seducing spirits, and doctrines of demons. My sister, what if Jesus Christ was the sum of all things, and we preached Christ and him crucified, and if we let love be without dissimulation? What would happen?

The warfare would become all the more intense. The prosperity preachers would never take that damnable doctrine to Asia and other dark regions where ‘true ‘ native Christian missionaries are beaten,battered, and bruised daily and count it all joy to suffer with Christ,for righteousness sake. Those Christians are happy to get a bowl of rice as a meal, and it is often the only meal they eat per day. I could go on, but keep praying for the native Christian missionaries that have come out of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and such like devilish doctrines…the native missionaries are more effective in the countries in which they live because the western church is polluted with the gospel of selfish gain, and deceit…the ways and doctrine of Balaam…much love to you my Sister…in the matchless name of our Savior, King, and High Priest, Jesus Christ, the Lord…keep fighting and interceding! SOME FOOD FOR THOUGHT ——————————————————————————-

Unable to rejoice in his apparent victory that detached man from the presence of God, Satan learned early on right there in the garden of Eden that One was coming Who would bruise his head. Therefore much of Satan’s activity in the old testament resulted from his attempt to detach the people from God and to attach them to himself. To try and stop his head from being bruised, Satan continued to try to block the first coming of Jesus Christ. Christmas Day was a real blow to him. The Redeemer had come. As indicated in the editorial, detachment from God is strongly connected to his next strategy— to attempt to sneakily attach God’s people to himself. The detachment-attachment strategy worked when Satan led the Israelites “a whoring” after other gods and idols—gods that were high level fallen angels in Satan’s own army. In spite of all of his effort, Satan’s head was ultimately bruised at the cross when the sins of the “lower creature” were forgiven and forgotten in the sacrifice of the Son. The Father chose to “lord it over Satan “by sending His Son in the body of a mere man. So God Himself restored His own creation by redeeming the chosen ones by the sacrifice of His own precious blood. Today, Satan is re-working the same strategy upon churchfolk and professing Christians: DETACHMENT FROM GOD AND ATTACHMENT TO HIMSELF in countless ways on numerous levels. Take yoga as an example. Some of the clients that I have worked with over the years practiced yoga BEFORE they became a Christian. They are now being tormented. The torment that they are not enduring is unimaginable. The obscenities, cursings, blasphemies and ravings that come forth out of the mouths and throats of those whom Hindu demons control is “unearthly”,especially when they also speak in tongues. It is progressive, but we are experiencing some success. Yoga is rooted in Eastern mysticism, incompatible with Christianity. Yet, there are Christians who believe that it is possible to extract physical benefits from yoga, in spite of its demonic roots. In fact, there is now an acceptable practice, spreading like wild fire primarily in the denominational churches called “Christian Yoga.” Operating in some of the United Methodist Churches and the Parkwood Baptist Church, it is believed that “getting quiet to hear God” by “tuning out the world’s frequency to tune into God’s frequency” is obtainable through Christianized yoga. Church leaders ignorantly believe that applying scripture to yoga provides an opportunity for its participants to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. What the deceived do not know is that conversion to Jesus Christ of Nazereth through the practice of yoga is akin to expecting “Satan to cast out Satan.” It just won’t happen. Why? Because through passivity, yoga stretches open up the seven psychic centers in the body known in the occult world as chakras.

Chakras are actually demonic doorways for Hindu deities who themselves are principalities and powers. Each of these demons rules a particular sphere of life, which I am presently researching. Once these doorways are opened through passivity, the deities stand guard over each portal: Over the crown is Shiva; the third eye is Hakini; the throat is Savashiva, the heart is Isha, the navel is Vahni, the sexual organs are Vishnu and Rakeeni and the anus is Brahma.

The main problem is that the passivity of the yoga practitioner has weakened his will. This kind of passitivity empowers any one or all 8 demons or deities. While each deity stands guard over the doorways that it rules, countless other lower demons pass in and out of each ofthe 7 portals. To unseat a demonic deity is not impossible but it is very challenging, to say the least. What I am presently learning is that once the captive is strong enough in his or her will, each demon must be cast out one at a time by the name of the deity. Then the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth must be applied to the doorposts of the 7 psychic centers in order to permanently close these doorways, opened by the apparently harmless practice of yoga. Almost one hundred years ago, woman of God Jessie Penn Lewis in collaboration with Evangelist Evan Roberts of the revival in Wales wrote a life saving and life changing book entitled “War on the Saints.” This book has no competition or comparison. Simply put, the pain of “waking me up” to how the religious demon had deceived me palled to the astounding joy that the revelations of truth continue to bring me, almost on a daily basis.”War on the Saints” literally set me free, equipped me to serve and inspired the contents of “Faces of the Religious Demon: Freedom Through Deliverance Counseling.”

So no one has defined passivity better than Jessie Penn Lewis: The primary cause of deception and possession in surrendered believers may be condensed into one word, PASSIVITY; that is, a cessation ofthe active exercise of the WILL in control over the spirit, soul and body or either, as may be the case. It is, practically, a counterfeit of “surrender to God.” The believer who surrenders his members or faculties to God, AND CEASES TO USE THEM HIMSELF, thereby falls into “passivity” which enable evil spirits to deceive, and possess any part of his being which has become passive.” This deception over passive surrender may be exampled thus: A believer surrenders his “arm” to God. He permits it to hang passive, waiting for ‘God to use it.’ He is asked, ‘why do you not use your arm?’ He replies, ‘I have surrendered it to God. I must not use it now. God must use it.’But will God lift the arm for the man? Nay,the man himself must lift it, and use it, seeking to understand intelligently God’s mind in doing so.(War on the Saints, pg. 71.)

Sister Lewis amplifies this general definition of passivity as a state of being out of control because of a loss of free will, a condition of inactivity or idleness. In order to know what is going on in the spiritual realm, I believe that every serious Christian should have access to “War on the Saints.” I recommend that you purchase either a soft or hard cover and keep it real close by. Make sure that it is unabridged as the abridged version has been seriously “butchered by Christians who disagreed with her.” On those few occasions that I myself have had reservations about one of Jessie’s teachings, I f have been disproved more than once.

The friend to spiritual perversion is a state of passivity brought upon the unsuspecting by other altered states of consciousness. Why choose such a subject? Well, because as a Christian therapist, I have been exposed to too many professing Christians who have been seriously and severely demonized and tormented due to engaging in Indian and Buddhist practices.

We may be the lower creation in the devil’s eyes but Satan knows that it is God’s will that the kingdom of darkness be ruled and dominated by those who belong to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Since Satan’s days are short, in view of the closing days of the age of the organized church, demonic onslaughts shall increase. To be defeated by an inferior creation is the greatest humiliation that Satan’s kingdom must endure. Yet God Himself has raised us, an inferior creation– to a status once occupied by Satan when he was the great archangel of God. We are lifted up by our Triumphant Lord, to the place of judgment where “we shall judge angels.” It is a very humblling experience to “cast out a demon” and have it obey you, simply because you belong to the kingdom of the Christ.


25 Sep


An excerpt from “Faces of the Religious Demon. To obtain the softcover or the ebook, go to

Located in a pdf file on the Internet is an article that I first referenced in Chapter 5 that defines the spirit of Jezebel as the mental health disorder known as narcissism, authored by a Catholic nun, Sister Nadine. It seems irreconcilable in this instance that the religious demon would work against itself by revealing truth through someone who is herself deceived by the Jezebel spirit within the Catholic church’s adoration and deification of Mary, the mother of Jesus. So proceeding with caution in referencing this article, I have found very often that a religious demon will release a particular truth through a prophet or messenger because Satan is seeking to draw his prey into a deeper trap.

Yet in this case, so as not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, I find that Sister Nadine’s comparison of the Jezebelian personality to the secular diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder is both accurate and informative. “The ‘Jezebel spirit’ is named after King Ahab’s wife in ancient Israel, Jezebel—the first woman in the bible, with much written about her, that clearly displayed the symptoms of a ‘ malignant Narcissist.’ This spirit is born out of witchcraft and rebellion and is one of the most common spirits in operation today. It is a powerful enemy of the ‘body of Christ’—the church, just as it’s namesake was. It operates freely on even sincere believers whose hearts are for God individually and has also attained positions of power within the churches.

In the secular world, these people are often thought to suffer from ‘narcissistic personality disorder’, ‘Paranoia’ and are often labeled as ‘Psychopaths’ or just ‘plain evil.’ Yet, the most accurate and complete description of the characteristics of these people is to be found with and against ‘evil’—not psychiatry, which has just recently started trying to come to terms with the term ‘evil’. Religion is where ‘evil’ has most often been described and discussed, and its books mention it often as the end-result of un-repented sins. 1 Sister Nadine describes the mission and purpose of this personality disorder as fivefold: to masquerade as a protector In order to gain access to it’s captive, the spirit of Jezebel will enter through negative emotional doorways that have already been opened by other demons, including fear, rejection, jealousy and anger.

As a protector, the spirit of Jezebel promises its captive ultimate elevation through recognition and domination of the lives of those around him or her—befriended targets that will eventually be spiritually back stabbed. Though not adverse to sexual seduction, spiritual seduction is Jezebel’s religious goal. Religious demons will seek those with Jezebelian traits among those who are ambitious to make a name for themselves in Christ—particularly leadership— that the captive is spiritually mature, trustworthy, loyal and reliable—persons who by virtue of their works are prematurely granted privileges and opportunities to minister and to hold positions of authority. In most cases, persons with the Jezebelian personality can be found at the right hand of those in spiritual authority. To kill the prophets.

As was the case in the life of Ahab’s wife, demons will seek those who by nature have a jealous, envious spirit, hostile to all spiritual authority. Like a shark or a snake, these captives can be most cleverly vicious and dangerous, particularly to those who are called to the fivefold ministry. For example, these captives will circle the lives of others within a congregation, looking for teachable, fleeceable, controllable disciples of his or her own. For these captives like to birth spiritual babes unto itself, disciples that will eat false doctrine from their own tables. Toward this end, some of these captives will seek out others who are in rebellion, yet who are weak, wounded, or those who are in conflict with their pastoral leadership. 3. To emasculate all men. Although biblical, Jezebel is a woman, and not a demon. However, demons themselves make take on either a masculine or a feminine name and “persona,” but demons themselves are neither male nor female because they are not human–of a different creation.

Therefore, the Jezebel nature can be found in both sexes. These captives tend to be strength snatchers, extremely jealous when others receive recognition and acceptance. Whether male or female, these captives may appear to be mild mannered and somewhat passive, serving at the feet of some prominent male figure, whom the spirit of the anti-Christ will use these captives to destroy. 4. To curse others. A master of criticism, murmuring and complaining, captives will believe that their stand is righteous. With callous disregard for the well-being and independence of others, these captives have been convinced by eductive demons that others who disagree with the captive deserve to be cursed.

The Jezebel personality type will send demons of fear and discouragement against any perceived enemies. It will put a spiritual contract out against anyone who goes to war with it, not taking defeat ‘lying down—very often using prayer to attempt to bring about curses. 5. To appear to desire to destroy evil. Through projection, these captives are generally bent on destroying evil in others, completely blind to the evil within their own souls. When life threatens their blameless self image of perfection, various demons use these captives to be actively engaged in hating and destroying those who resist them, usually in the name of righteousness. Generally people of deep convictions, these captives may have a zeal for God and a desire to serve Him, and they will be convinced that they are serving the one true God. Even so, their true hidden agenda is selfworship.

Yet another facet of the hidden motives behind the Jezebelian form of religiosity is to seek self exaltation as well as to blind the eyes of the last generation to prepare for the return of the Lord in His Second coming. Rick Joyner adds additional light to the motives of this demon, particularly as it relates to Sister Nadine’s viewpoint concerning “killing the prophets”: “Jezebel demands recognition for herself while serving as the enemy of the true prophetic ministry. Jezebel was the greatest enemy of one of the Old Covenant’s most powerful prophets, Elijah, whose ministry especially represents preparing of the way for the Lord. The Jezebel spirit is one of the most potent forms of the religious spirit which seeks to keep the church and the world from being prepared for the return of the Lord. This spirit especially attacks the prophetic ministry because that ministry has an important place in preparing the way of the Lord.

That is why John the Baptist was persecuted by a personification of Jezebel in the wife of Herod. The prophetic ministry is the primary vehicle through which the Lord gives timely, strategic direction to His people. Jezebel knows that removing the true prophets will make the people vulnerable to her false prophets, which always leads to idolatry and spiritual adultery.” 2 (Epic Battles of the Last Days, pg.137) Prophets are certainly important in the last days, but I believe that the prophetic ministry of the second coming is the same as it was for the first coming in the ministry of John the Baptist. John did not go about with “a prophetic word” for individuals but rather preached repentance and the return of the Lord. There are many who move in what is called today “the prophetic ministry” who themselves have the traits of a Jezebelian personality—people who are deceiving countless people who are weak in spiritual knowledge.

Prophetic, Jezebelian types actually pave the way for demonic bondage to those they prophesy to. The Narcissistic Personality and Spiritual Strangeness When bordering on mental illness, a phrase that I have coined called “spiritual strangeness” can manifest in deep depression, the hearing of voices, visual appearances that are invisible to others and manifestations of narcissistic personality disorders of different varieties. ( See The Making of a Prophet, pp. 165-178) Where Jezebelian personality is concerned, at the core of the mental illness is a pride system that reinforces false or counterfeit religious beliefs and practices.

Psychic phenomena like telekinesis and astral travel emanate from the witchcraft side of the face of Jezebel. As such, when supernatural manifestations are present, the religious demon is generally in control . The Jezebelian personality is also at the root of self absorption, where legalism, perfectionism and self righteousness will progressively debilitate the soul. Though people with predispositions to narcissistic personality disorder or the biblical counterpart of the Jezebelian trait are usually under the influence of demons, I have found that there is no demon that will respond to the name “Jezebel” for there is no such demon. Ironically, there is a demon called “Mother Mary,” and “Mary Magdelene” but there is no demon that will respond to “Jezebel.”

The main demons involved with Jezebelian types are generally connected to witchcraft, religion, or both–known in the bible as “the spirit of the antiChrist. Yet there are several other lesser demons : to name but a few, there is a lying spirit, a jealous spirit, a mean spirit, all connected to pride and vanity—those traits of the flesh that keep hinder people with the Jezebelian influence from repenting.  Religiosity profiles of professsing   Christians are located here

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