Passivity and Deliverance

25 Sep

To answer the question, “why God permit’s Satan’s attacks,” I look to the book of the century, “War on the Saints.”

Sister Penn-Lewis writes:

“Only through the fire of sifting will the people of God be urged forward to the battle and victory which will drive the forces of Satan from their place in the heavenlies……Wrong conceptions of divine things can only be destroyed by experience. Many of the children ofGod are deceived whilst they think they are protected by God. They comply with the conditions for God to work, apart from intelligent understanding ofwhy He does so,and they do not realize that it is just as possible IGNORANTLY TO COMPLY WITH THE CONDITIONS FOR EVIL SPIRITS TO WORK, through ignorance of the laws governing both divine and satanic workings. (pg. 299)

While I was a minister within the organized church for 25 years, I thought that I knew a lot about deliverance. As I look back, I realize now that I only knew a very “little bit.” Actually, my “little bit” seemed like a lot in comparision to my peers and ministerial colleagues who barely even mentioned that the devil actually exists. I had even cast out a few demons, but never inside of conventional church walls.

Churchfolk in bondage in the community sought me out by either telephone or they knocked at my door. I was primarily sought after “on the down low” by both denominational and word of faith churchgoers, not because I was an ordained minister but in truth, it was known that I had experience in the occult. I describe my first deliverance session with a word of faith Christian woman who was addicted to alcohol in “To Curse The Root:” “I had never conducted a deliverance before but I believed God’s word so I began by rebuking the spirit and commanding it with a loud voice to come out of her in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. My daughter, fourteen years old at the time, began to join me in the command.

From the moment I began, Laura started to cough and vomit up a greenish fluid, which I thought was bile. We got her a pail, as she continued to heave and retch.Then, like the wisping sound ofwind, an unearthly,guttural,rasping sound issued forth from deep in Laura’s throat.”(pg. 110.”) Laura was delivered that day and she has remained drug free since 1983. In fact, she is now an evangelist and a certified addiction counselor. This was a great victory for my daughter and I since we moved out in faith without any knowledge. However, with only a smattering of spiritual warfare experience, I believe that one of the reasons why I had to be driven out of the organized church was so that I would not be hindered from “going deeper.”

Unfortunately, the organized church continues to be unwilling to face the truth and churchfolk are content to remain ignorant. I prefer to pay the price of nonacceptance as I press forward to gain the knowledge necessary for discernment. Discernment is not only spiritual but it also involves natural reasoning, wisdom and commonsense. The more battles I experience, the more knowledge I acquire. With each captive, I learn more each day how to resist the wiles, schemes, accusations, tricks, weights and obstacles of the devil. Giving up the support and acceptance of people is a price worth paying.

The subtlety of the deception is that many professing Christians and churchgoers may have already been turned over to a deluding spirit. Sometimes I have to shake the dust from my feet as I sadly move on to someone who is desperate enough to listen. Perhaps the spirit of delusion is the reason why only 10 percent of those who receive this newsletter actually read it. Unfortunately, my email list is predominately filled with content churchgoers. I need a list of people “who are not so comfortable.”

Furthermore,  500 people a day or more visit the website but only 10 percent actually stay, read, listen, watch and “go deeper.”

So I am here for “The Ten Percent.

” Pam COMMENTARIES: TOM FROM VIRGINIA From my experience with survivors of extreme abuse, I have described walk-ins much as you describe it. In my experience, higher level beings— principalities, which I am now calling Cosmic Beings (just to distinguish them from demons) may also be involved in such situations. In any case, your description of trauma and passivity is very consistent with what I have discovered. A walk in can be either demonic or Cosmic but in either case they can only do so by the human spirit vacating its rightful place in the body. Fortunately, as you discovered, it is not necessarily permanent as the Grace of God can redeem such people, but it often requires an intense work of healing. I also agree that the good angels of God can legitimately manifest in the flesh as indicated in Genesis 18 during the time of Abraham and Lot, when granted this permission by God Himself.

(Tom R. Hawkins, Ph.D. Comment from Pam : There are those who suggest that the higher fallen angels, referred to by Tom as “cosmic beings” are not demons and therefore,there is a belief that we don’t have the power to cast them out. At one time, I entertained this thought. I no longer agree with this differentiation. Why? Because all angels are a higher creation than we are and Jesus never suggested that we do not have the authority to cast out cosmic beings as well. Whether or not the cosmic beings consider themselves in the same class as other demons, the higher level beings can be cast out just like the lower ones. In fact, I have recently cast out Jesus Sananda Immanuel, Ashtar and Maitreya as well as some of the Hindu gods. ALL MUST BOW TO THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH. Amen!!!!

KEVIN FROM MARYLAND Greetings My Sister! I’m not slamming the true Church of Christ, the seducers need to be prayed for. Many of us have come out of abusive churches, and if one does not study God’s word, pray and fast, one can easily be consumed by the wiles ofthe devil. Our goal is to share Jesus Christ, and love one another,andlove God. We must go after the lost. Shuck’s —I feel like I am a refugee from the church’s I attended. Many people are still being held in captivity! The enemy joined the church a long time ago! But,Praise God that the gates of hell will never prevail, preach Christ…and liveChrist…true gain is a soul for Christ! God bless you, and keep being a “Watchman!” Don’be swayed, it is Jehovah that you serve. Keep saying what God tells you to say, and keep praying, and fasting. We are at war…many of us have been to various churches are are disgusted with what is called ‘worship’, but it is only a haven for seducing spirits, and doctrines of demons. My sister, what if Jesus Christ was the sum of all things, and we preached Christ and him crucified, and if we let love be without dissimulation? What would happen?

The warfare would become all the more intense. The prosperity preachers would never take that damnable doctrine to Asia and other dark regions where ‘true ‘ native Christian missionaries are beaten,battered, and bruised daily and count it all joy to suffer with Christ,for righteousness sake. Those Christians are happy to get a bowl of rice as a meal, and it is often the only meal they eat per day. I could go on, but keep praying for the native Christian missionaries that have come out of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and such like devilish doctrines…the native missionaries are more effective in the countries in which they live because the western church is polluted with the gospel of selfish gain, and deceit…the ways and doctrine of Balaam…much love to you my Sister…in the matchless name of our Savior, King, and High Priest, Jesus Christ, the Lord…keep fighting and interceding! SOME FOOD FOR THOUGHT ——————————————————————————-

Unable to rejoice in his apparent victory that detached man from the presence of God, Satan learned early on right there in the garden of Eden that One was coming Who would bruise his head. Therefore much of Satan’s activity in the old testament resulted from his attempt to detach the people from God and to attach them to himself. To try and stop his head from being bruised, Satan continued to try to block the first coming of Jesus Christ. Christmas Day was a real blow to him. The Redeemer had come. As indicated in the editorial, detachment from God is strongly connected to his next strategy— to attempt to sneakily attach God’s people to himself. The detachment-attachment strategy worked when Satan led the Israelites “a whoring” after other gods and idols—gods that were high level fallen angels in Satan’s own army. In spite of all of his effort, Satan’s head was ultimately bruised at the cross when the sins of the “lower creature” were forgiven and forgotten in the sacrifice of the Son. The Father chose to “lord it over Satan “by sending His Son in the body of a mere man. So God Himself restored His own creation by redeeming the chosen ones by the sacrifice of His own precious blood. Today, Satan is re-working the same strategy upon churchfolk and professing Christians: DETACHMENT FROM GOD AND ATTACHMENT TO HIMSELF in countless ways on numerous levels. Take yoga as an example. Some of the clients that I have worked with over the years practiced yoga BEFORE they became a Christian. They are now being tormented. The torment that they are not enduring is unimaginable. The obscenities, cursings, blasphemies and ravings that come forth out of the mouths and throats of those whom Hindu demons control is “unearthly”,especially when they also speak in tongues. It is progressive, but we are experiencing some success. Yoga is rooted in Eastern mysticism, incompatible with Christianity. Yet, there are Christians who believe that it is possible to extract physical benefits from yoga, in spite of its demonic roots. In fact, there is now an acceptable practice, spreading like wild fire primarily in the denominational churches called “Christian Yoga.” Operating in some of the United Methodist Churches and the Parkwood Baptist Church, it is believed that “getting quiet to hear God” by “tuning out the world’s frequency to tune into God’s frequency” is obtainable through Christianized yoga. Church leaders ignorantly believe that applying scripture to yoga provides an opportunity for its participants to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. What the deceived do not know is that conversion to Jesus Christ of Nazereth through the practice of yoga is akin to expecting “Satan to cast out Satan.” It just won’t happen. Why? Because through passivity, yoga stretches open up the seven psychic centers in the body known in the occult world as chakras.

Chakras are actually demonic doorways for Hindu deities who themselves are principalities and powers. Each of these demons rules a particular sphere of life, which I am presently researching. Once these doorways are opened through passivity, the deities stand guard over each portal: Over the crown is Shiva; the third eye is Hakini; the throat is Savashiva, the heart is Isha, the navel is Vahni, the sexual organs are Vishnu and Rakeeni and the anus is Brahma.

The main problem is that the passivity of the yoga practitioner has weakened his will. This kind of passitivity empowers any one or all 8 demons or deities. While each deity stands guard over the doorways that it rules, countless other lower demons pass in and out of each ofthe 7 portals. To unseat a demonic deity is not impossible but it is very challenging, to say the least. What I am presently learning is that once the captive is strong enough in his or her will, each demon must be cast out one at a time by the name of the deity. Then the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth must be applied to the doorposts of the 7 psychic centers in order to permanently close these doorways, opened by the apparently harmless practice of yoga. Almost one hundred years ago, woman of God Jessie Penn Lewis in collaboration with Evangelist Evan Roberts of the revival in Wales wrote a life saving and life changing book entitled “War on the Saints.” This book has no competition or comparison. Simply put, the pain of “waking me up” to how the religious demon had deceived me palled to the astounding joy that the revelations of truth continue to bring me, almost on a daily basis.”War on the Saints” literally set me free, equipped me to serve and inspired the contents of “Faces of the Religious Demon: Freedom Through Deliverance Counseling.”

So no one has defined passivity better than Jessie Penn Lewis: The primary cause of deception and possession in surrendered believers may be condensed into one word, PASSIVITY; that is, a cessation ofthe active exercise of the WILL in control over the spirit, soul and body or either, as may be the case. It is, practically, a counterfeit of “surrender to God.” The believer who surrenders his members or faculties to God, AND CEASES TO USE THEM HIMSELF, thereby falls into “passivity” which enable evil spirits to deceive, and possess any part of his being which has become passive.” This deception over passive surrender may be exampled thus: A believer surrenders his “arm” to God. He permits it to hang passive, waiting for ‘God to use it.’ He is asked, ‘why do you not use your arm?’ He replies, ‘I have surrendered it to God. I must not use it now. God must use it.’But will God lift the arm for the man? Nay,the man himself must lift it, and use it, seeking to understand intelligently God’s mind in doing so.(War on the Saints, pg. 71.)

Sister Lewis amplifies this general definition of passivity as a state of being out of control because of a loss of free will, a condition of inactivity or idleness. In order to know what is going on in the spiritual realm, I believe that every serious Christian should have access to “War on the Saints.” I recommend that you purchase either a soft or hard cover and keep it real close by. Make sure that it is unabridged as the abridged version has been seriously “butchered by Christians who disagreed with her.” On those few occasions that I myself have had reservations about one of Jessie’s teachings, I f have been disproved more than once.

The friend to spiritual perversion is a state of passivity brought upon the unsuspecting by other altered states of consciousness. Why choose such a subject? Well, because as a Christian therapist, I have been exposed to too many professing Christians who have been seriously and severely demonized and tormented due to engaging in Indian and Buddhist practices.

We may be the lower creation in the devil’s eyes but Satan knows that it is God’s will that the kingdom of darkness be ruled and dominated by those who belong to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Since Satan’s days are short, in view of the closing days of the age of the organized church, demonic onslaughts shall increase. To be defeated by an inferior creation is the greatest humiliation that Satan’s kingdom must endure. Yet God Himself has raised us, an inferior creation– to a status once occupied by Satan when he was the great archangel of God. We are lifted up by our Triumphant Lord, to the place of judgment where “we shall judge angels.” It is a very humblling experience to “cast out a demon” and have it obey you, simply because you belong to the kingdom of the Christ.

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