Deliverance Mentoring

11 Oct

Deliverance ministry was founded in the early seventies once the book “Pigs in the Parlor” was released by   Frank and Ida Hammond. Derek Prince and Peter Wagner were also key players in its development over the last 4 decades. I entered into deliverance in 1983. Here are but a few  of the revelations I have received over the years.

deliverance mentoring

   I have learned that the demons of today KNOW HOW TO MOCK a deliverance session with the manifestations of coughing, rasping, retching, vomiting—pea soup type stuff as seen in the movie, “the Exorcist.”  Much of this is fakery—not on the part of the person in bondage, but the antics of the earthbound demons.  Those who “manifest” in this manner are rarely set free.  In other words, the demons of today are more sophisticated than the ones faced by Jesus and His apostles. These entities have had centuries “to practice” their craft. So their goal is to make a mockery of “casting out of demons”  so as  to defy Jesus Christ by making  the deliverance worker look like an inept fool.

  Earth bound demons can be cast out  by faith in the Name of Jesus Christ of
Nazareth in  5 minutes.  If a deliverance session takes longer than THAT, then
an earth bound demon is NOT involved. It is either a cosmic power—a fallen
angel who is NOT a demon—OR NO DEMON AT ALL.

3. The minister or worker  seeking to help another under the captivity  of evil
spirits, must be prepared for the deceiving spirits misusing to the captive  the
very truth the captive himself desires, and needs for his deliverance.  The
enemy will also misrepresent and attempt to discredit  the minister seeking to
help the captive to freedom.  In other words, if you have a demon—both you and the minister need to be defensively prepared for the fact  that the your resistance to the truth that will be revealed through mentoring.  Your resistance will be inspired by the very
demon who has you in bondage.

 Deliverance mentoring  is a process wherein the captive and the minister join  forces to  systematically confront  the forces of darkness with TRUTH. In deliverance mentoring, mentees are equipped and  taught to  understand the intelligent use of the spiritual weapons   so as to obtain knowledge of the organized hosts of darkness. As such, the mentee is coached on how  to try the spirits by exercising  his or her own spiritual vision so that “by reason of use” it becomes acute in discerning the operations of the enemy in the spiritual sphere. I teach ministers in training how  to observe and learn by observation and practice—

If you are  a captive, it is crucial to your complete recovery to know the methods of the enemy against you,  in his  war against ALL  the people of God.

The Remnant Church of God now needs “leaders” trained in the knowledge
of the enemy’s  world-wide campaigns; ministers able to foresee his “wiles,” and
to guide the rank and file of God’s people into winning the aggressive war against him.

At Sheppard’s Counseling Center,

 we train ministers  to become spiritual leaders=== skilled in the knowledge of the armour, and the weapons of warfare provided in the Word of God, so as to detect any weak places in their use as an intelligent, systematic, aggressive COUNTER-CAMPAIGN AGAINST the enemy of your soul.

.The powers of darkness are keenly clever at working with natural problems by simulating natural conditions either in a client’s personality or disturbance of mental or bodily functions.  They watch
for some physical, emotional, attitudinl or mental dysfunction to serve as a cover or an explanation of their own workings .Casting demons out without dealing with the root cause of the dysfunction may relieve a client from torment, but the relief is only temporary or the enemy will simply strategize by transfering its activity  in another sphere of life.  So a person believes that they are healed
when in essence, the enemy has merely shifted his target.

In terms of strategy, demons are skilled at taking two opposing positions.  In other words, the enemy will purposefully control both sides of any situation, so that the unsuspecting will assume that since one approach is obviously demonic, the opposing option MUST BE GOD, when both approaches and opinions are demonic.  The goal is to control every side of every situation,in order to obscure, deceive and confuse. In this way, the enemy can advance a long term agenda.  Most often, the enemy’s attack is to distract from root causes so as to maintain power and control.

This is why at SCC, we find the root and pull it up! Ministers for mentoring are available.

Training ministers is a priority at SCC.

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