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12 Oct

Hello! My name is Pam Sheppard

I’m HERE, if you need me!

My background includes more than one field in which I worked simultaneously—A licensed professional social worker, an ordained minister and former pastor, a human services program planner and manager and a published author of 6 Christian non-fiction books.

I specialize in bondages of charismatic witchcraft and religiosity. I have a particular interest in religiosity because its influence is pervasive. My third book entitled  “Faces of the Religious Demon:,”presents case studies  that demonstrate how  religiosity can lead 

A variety of SCC'S case studies in this book are very valuable.

to self destruction, suicide ideation, obsessive compulsive disorder, various forms of what is known as schizophrenia, ie. delusions, hearing voices, and the like.

I also have background working with the addictions, sexuality, and spiritual abuse connected to cults and various religious groups.

Every case  requires a degree of study and research, more or less. At Sheppard’s Counseling Center, we  commit ourselves to take on  almost every case, as long as the client is coherent and cooperative. Since the Holy Spirit is our guide and  rear guard,we find that a cooperative person can be set free, and so we will take on challenges as we walk by faith.  We prefer working with adults of any age,   “one on one”  by telephone, in online private groups, and Skype.  We are   also skilled in group counseling.

  I  personally specialize in training and mentoring other Christian ministers who have left the organized church  in a model I have developed called Spiritual Empowerment Workshop or  the SEW Program. Our primary specialities include but are not limited to:


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Spiritual Covering Exposed: Part 3… Top 3 Reasons Why Pam Sheppard is my Teacher

12 Oct

Minister Marlene

Spiritual covering is really a false doctrine. In my last post I explained why. We certainly don’t need a spiritual Daddy, or spiritual Mama to give us a permission slip to share the message of Christ. Jesus never, ever gave this directive. I think I’ve already blown the dilapidated roof off this false teaching. So why is Pam Sheppard my teacher, I’ll be explaining why, as I go along. In fact, I’ll give the top three reasons why and then some.

There are teachers in the body of Christ. If you are a lone ranger pastor or disciple refusing correction, and harboring an unteachable spirit—something is wrong. Something has to be wrong, for why would God say he would speak directly to you?  Where in the Bible do you see this? Where in the Bible did God say that a time would come when he would teach individual ministers directly? Even so, Jesus had 12 disciples, sent them out two by two to minister. Has the gospel changed since then? No follower of Christ is an island unto himself. Even though it is time to exit the organized church, how is it possible that God has left us without teachers?

Allright! You agree with Pam Sheppard, and understand Rev 18:4. You know that the organized church is the harlot we must come out from. You fundamentally agree with her teachings, but insist God will teach YOU personally, and you need not be taught by Pam or anyone else?

I’d like to share some thoughts from something I read, that was written by Pam Sheppard. If we are going to be used by God, in these last days, or any day, we must have a teachable spirit.  Pride comes before a fall, and the prideful think they know everything. But guess what, the devil thinks he know’s everything too. A lot of would be teachers believe they are the  only ones God will use in this hour. They and no one else. The devil is adept are setting up traps and tricks. To think that you, or I are the only ones who will sit at the Lord’s final table, is a lie from the pits of hell.

Some lone ranger pastors have indeed become elitists, clannish and even brutish. Some are condescending looking down their noses at others. I almost went that route myself. As Pam states, God intends to use people from the old system, once he delivers them from it. A remnant is a piece of the original. Yet, as the remnant we need retraining. If you’ve read any of Pam’s messages, you know this. You know it and I know it, we know that Pam’s teachings are mostly new to us, and yet we’ve already learned from them.

Having said that, I’d now like to share my top ten reasons why Pamela Sheppard is my teacher:

1. The first message I heard by Pam Sheppard is the counterfeit births audio message. A light bulb turned on in my head. I already knew that many I had connected with, as I wrote minstry articles online, were unrepentant. Most were caught up in false doctrine. I did not know that so many in church were unsaved. I knew nothing about the fake Jesus. Pam’s counterfeit births teachings are full of proofs and addresses exatly why the organized church was a place of demonic controls. I now  understandd why fallen angels and demon possessions were erupting from the very altars. This first revelation, set me free from figuring and wondering, what had gone wrong with church. This is the first reason why Pam Sheppard is now my teacher.

2. Pam’s articles explained many things. In fact, an article at helped me understand obsessive compulsion. I was trying to counsel a person who was a hoarder. I knew after reading Pam’s article, that I was far from being able to help this person. I did not know enough about deliverance. I had cast a spirit of depression out of myself, but had no idea how to help someone else. This is the second reason why Pam Sheppard is now my teacher. Pam is a deliverance specialist.

3. I read Pam’s website for over a year. Time passed, and I got a message from the Lord that I was to come out from among them. I was to come out from the organized church. God told me to get out of the church system. The first few times I read about Pam on her website, I had not yet received this message. That day, I was up until the wee hours of the morn reading the 29 mentoring newsletters on

I read and I read  and my spirit bore witness that everthing Pam was teaching was 100% true. God had also told me that not only was I to come out from the church, but I was to go to a place He would show me. What was that place? That place was SEW, the Spiritual Empowerment Workshop (a private group on Facebook). I also began on the job training in deliverance ministry. I’m not ashamed to need re-training. Rrather I’m happy that God did not leave me in my ignorance. I need to learn many things,and unlearn many of the false teachings I was  exposed to. This is the third reason why Pam Sheppard is now my teacher. Pam has been refined in the fires while on the battlefield.

I accept Pam Sheppard as my teacher. Even so, I know , that I know, that I know that God has placed Pam here, for such a time as this. She is here to train ministers. As I shared, my spirit bears witness that God has taught, and called Pam out for this purpose. What sense does it make for me to stand alone, and continue being ineffective in ministry? There is no such thing as a lone ranger pastor. How could it be possible that God has left us with no teachers in the body? Is God a deserter of his people?

Part 1

Part 2

I hope you enjoyed this article. I think it’s important to read as many of Pam’s articles as you can. Not just catching a few truths, here and there. This way,  you will get the fullness of the messages God has revealed to Pam. We  willing to drink in the false teachings, so as disciples, ministers and teachers who must retrain, in these last days…Let us show the same diligence for truth.

Read much more about Pam and and draw on her 37 years of  experience—right here on Pam Sheppard Publishing.

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12 Oct

To answer that question, ARE THERE ANY PROPHETS TODAY–  one of the signs that we are living in the last days is the emergence of various internet watchmen. The prophets of old were watchmen. They warned God’s people about “what’s goin on” in the religious world. Some–not all–of these websites are inspired by present day prophets.

Their tools are different. All prophets SPEAK because they are compelled by God to do so. Today, the watchman’s voice is heard predominately through the written word, while others may speak out in a video. Some emphasize informing the people about specific false prophets and ministries. That is an exhaustive task that requires a 24/7 devotion, because there are so many false prophets and ministries to expose. Since these prophetic web ministrues  only target high profile people and their false practices,  they are hindered by not covering other ministries that are equally  noteworthy but only known locally.

Much falls between the cracks.

I preach repentance and the return of the Lord. I cast out demons and I receive visions and dreams.

I used to be a watchman on the web exposing false prophets with a website that I have since closed down called “Beware Christian”. I had to literally DROP IT, because it devoured  too much of my time and I found it counterproductive FOR ME as an author, a counselor and a trainer of ministers.  Nevertheless, I thank God for prophetic, watchman type ministeries of Midnight Cry, Straight is the Way, Deception in the Church,Equip, Paw Creek and others. I now refer seekers to them and I do “another thing.”

To really answer the question in the title, we need to look at the new testament. The prophet that stands out in the gospel days of the Lord’s own ministry  is John the Baptist. The Lord said that John the Baptist is the greatest of ALL prophets, so we need to look at John’s ministry rather closely. John’s prophetic ministry was essentially that he prepared the people of his day for the FIRST coming of the Lord by preaching repentance. John the Baptist did not have the gift of perdicting the future as did the Apostle John. It should be noted that when Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet, the Apostle John was not yet so anointed as a prophet.

However, together, I believe that  BOTH Johns are a composite template of a present day prophet. A present day prophet is one who:

  • Like the Baptist, prepares the last generations for the SECOND coming of the Lord
  • by preaching repentance.  The job is now complicated by the fact that thanks to the organized church and it easy believism, I accept Jesus into my heart, sinner’s prayer practices, so many believe that they are saved but the one who they “accepted” is the fake Jesus, Jesus Sananda Immanuel.
  • Like the Apostle, present day prophets will be given supernatural predictions that are specific to the endtime survival of the elect of God.For example, when we cannot buy and sell, endtime prophets will be able to multiply “the loaves and the fishes” and bring the water from the rocks aas did Moses—AS THE HOLY GHOST LEADS!
  • During the reign of the Anti-Christ, end time prophets will move in the supernatural gifts of the Spirit because miracles, healings, and supernatural power will be needed in order for God’s people to survive, a power simiilar to that of Moses as he brought God’s people out of the bondage of Egypt. Casting out of demons will be one of the prophet’s manysupernatural gifitings not according to the prophet’s will, but at the will and command of the Holy Ghost.

Spiritual discernment will be essential to distingush between a false and a true prophet for both shall have supernatural powers. To be prepared and to learn how to try the spirits to see if they be of God, training is available. To get in the arc of safety, visit



12 Oct

I was a preacher for almost 3 decades. I preached an average of one sermon a week for 20 years, with 8 of those years preaching 3 sermons a week.  On one occasion in the pulpit, I felt a strange power come upon me where it seemed I was “not myself.” I was in a rather strong altered state of consciousness. I thought is was an extra powerful anointing of the Holy Ghost. IT WAS NOT!!!


When I was sent to church for the first  in 1979, I had never heard a sermon and so when I was informed in 1981 that upon entering ministry, I would be required to preach a trial sermon on October 25, 1981, I had no idea what a sermon was. In the summer of ’81, I began to preach in my sleep, in preparation for the October day of trial. I also walked around all day for about 30 days, muttering “sermons.”

I thought that I was under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. It took about 25 years for me to find out that in those early and strange days, I was under the “anointing” of the religious demon assigned to me. I thank God then when   DID enter the pulpit to preach and pastor, it was only ONE time in at least 2 thousand sermons that that same power came upon me. I have since discovered that it is a demonic power, in no way, the Holy Ghost.

Oh yes! Demons enjoy preaching. I came out of a denomination where men who were adulterers, fornicators, perverts, closet homosexuals could preach so hard, that they could affect even me, in spite of what I knew about the intimate, sometimes secret details of their lives.At least 10 times a year, 50 ministers gathered at various regional church functions and a hanful would preach at these gatherings.

When they were preaching, I  harneseds down my soul from being overpowered, but there were times when I could not. Their power was too strong.  I often wondered about it over the years. How could these corrupt men overtake my soul with one of their sermons in spite of my resistance to it? Could this be God? Would God use such sinful creatures to preach HIS WORD???!!!

It took two decades or more to find out the answer to that question. The answer is NO!!!! The Holy Ghost does not anoint such preachers but the devil DOES!!!. It is called communal intoxication by the founder of sociology, Max Weber.

Communal intoxication is defined by Weber as the supernormal ability of magicians, wizards, witches and charismatic religious leaders.With the god concept at its center, they induce an altered state of consciousness in their followers as demonstrated by the congregation’s manifestation of convulsions, trembling, and intense effusions of excitement and ecstasy. (Come Out of Her God’s People, pg 190)

Weber points out that that communal intoxication has a contagious effect where it can spread throughout  an audience or congregation of people, infecting those assembled with sensations of enhanced emotionalism and vitality. This definition explains the so called holy dance, holy rollers, holy laughter, running around the church building, perhaps even tongues and slain in the spirit phenomena.

This power was manifested in my presence for 25 years  among denominational African American preachers. Keep in mind that Weber’s studies were predominately tribal communities on other continents, including Africa and Asia. Webers findings suggest that the altered state appeal has a significant connection to today’s charismatic leaders’ ability to cause large numbers of people to believe that they have been released from bondages and that they have “heard from God.”

As a result, what has been happening in church is that demons have been using corrupt ministers to preach. I would say that that is reason enough to “COME OUT OF HER, GOD’S PEOPLE.”

When you come out, join us at

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12 Oct

Prayer is an invocation to either God or the enemy. You can even sing a prayer. Recently I had to delete a song from my cell phone that I used to love and sing along with, until I realized that it was an anthem, even an invocation to fallen angels. The song is “I need an Angel” by the first American idol, Reuben Studdard.  “I NEED AN ANGEL. CALLING AN ANGEL. SEND ME AN ANGEL—-NOW! HEAR ME NOW!” No, I had to let that one go.  We are not to ask God to send us an angel. If He does so, that is according to His own will. If you command an angel to come to you, you are setting youself up for a devilish response.

Pam Sheppard, A PRAYER WARRIOR for 34 years

Then there are the prayers that emanate from those who seek the Father but the prayer  bypasses or ignores  the Son of God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  ALL such prayers are heard and answered by fallen dieties—angels that call themselves ascended masters. The fallen angel Maitreya hears the prayers  made by those who practice Hinduism and Islam, while Jesus Sananda hears the prayers of nominal Christians. The fallen angel who calls himself “Mother Mary” hears and responds to the prayers of Catholics. Satan himself focuses on the invocations he receives from witches and warlocks.

Speaking of witchcraft, Charismatic Christians are invoking witchcraft prayers when they use prayer to seek to control the lives of others. Soulish prayers of this kind energized psychic power by projecting one’s thoughts on to persons that these folk are praying for, by saying that such and so person SHALL do this or that. Such prayer makes demands upon God to “make something happen.” According to Jessie Penn Lewis in her book “Soul and Spirit”,

Every prayer should be directed Godward, and should never be a telling the Lord what to do for somebody else. We may pray that God will direct THEM what to do, but we ought not to say that they MUST do what WE think is God’s will they shoud do, or even that they SHALL NOT DO, even what we know is wrong.” (Soul and Spirit pg 35)

I agree with this statement completely.

For example, I receive frequent prayer requests from women, asking me to pray for their wayward husbands, that he will leave the other woman, return home, do this or that. I perceive that any prayer made to control another person’s will is a witchcraft prayer. I will ask God for His will to be done in the situation. I don’t assume that EVERY marriage was made in heaven. So I ask for vision, clarity, peace to come into the wife’s heart, and for conviction and sin to come from God upon the husband. If he is under the spell of sex magic from a witch, I ask for God to reveal it to me and if I hear from God on it, I will proceed to break that spell. However, in no way, will I ask God to MAKE the husband DO ANYTHING!!! I don’t practice witchcraft in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

If you believe that you are in bondage based uon someone’s “witchcraft prayer,” help is available at



Spiritual Covering Exposed: The Truth about Spiritual Covering Part 2

12 Oct

Minister Marlene

Spiritual covering? I’m back again with part 2 of Spiritual Covering Exposed: The Truth about Spiritual Covering.

All right then, I’m going to make a confession right here in this blog post. I was a spiritual covering junkie. Yes, at one time I was obsessed with finding a spiritual covering. Here’s why:  When I left the organized church, I felt lost for a while. I felt like a fish out of water.  I felt like I was treading unknown territory.

I had left the Word of Faith church, which I consider to be a cult. I have to call em’ as I see them. The WOF is one twisted bundle of rusty wired fallacies. I had been on the WOF hook for a few years.

I escaped, opted out because I had heard the Lord tell me  ” come out from among them”. Here’s the kicker: my pastor actually gave a sermon about how those who left his church to start ministries failed. Not only that, he warned me that I would need an intro letter before I could be accepted to another ” spiritual covering” church. I never bothered to get such a letter. The pastor had proven himself to witnesses that he was  a thug and a theif. A few left his church. I was among the few.

As time went on, I eventually understood that the Lord was calling me out of the organized church totally— bar none. This happened because of Pam Shepppard. She was told the same and explained, in detail why the system was corrupt.

The whole organized  church system is full of corosion, but I was not 100% sure about that yet. Okay, so there I was churchless, wondering if I had heard the Lord correctly. Somehow, the term spiritual covering popped up while I was websurfing. I was websurfing wondering if anyone else had heard what I had heard. At the same time I was mostly searching for someone to be under. i.e a spiritual covering. My web searches changed from day to day.

Spiritual covering was a buzz word I had heard in the past. Since I was out of the organized church I looked to find a spiritual covering. Not realizing, that God had called me out of all things churchwise. God had called me out of the organized church, which meant…ALL CHURCH ORGANIZATIONS.

But that didn’t mean I was to fall into the lone ranger minister trap. This much I knew. I kept asking God why I would be alone? I kept praying on that point and referring to scripture. I knew lone ranger disciples never existed. Jesus had the 12, and sent the 12 out two by two to minister. Who was I? Was I better than Jesus himself?

I found myself a ministry association and joined up. I had my— so called– spiritual covering. So I thought! I felt secure, fear of not having a spiritual covering left me. I left my old church with some ministry experience, especially women’s ministry and writing. So I picked up from there, and started writing ministry articles online. I was feeling good, I had my coveted spiritual covering.

But time moved on, as it always does, and I soon began to suspect that spiritual covering was unscriptural. I wasn’t 100% sure yet. I went on to get a certification in Christian life coaching. I figured two spiritual coverings might be better than one. But it was all an illusion. I had been  feeling like my hands were tied, and I couldn’t teach or share the Gospel, without the phony spiritual covering. The spiritual covering fallacy was really bondage personified.

The ministry association left me with very little support. Their main concern was whether or not my dues were up to date. I did find a second ministry association/so-called spiritual covering, but soon knew I had to submit to what the Lord had told me. I had to  denounce any membership with the harlot aka organized church. So I can certainly understand, if you feel or felt you needed a spiritual covering.

But I can’t continue in sympathy with you, because if you believe that having a spiritual covering is paramount to being able to even say the name Jesus— we must part ways. I can’t support a doctrine from left field just because I was fooled as well.

I spun my wheels round and round for a while publishing online to a Christian audience. The more articles I wrote,  the more I began connecting to Christian’s blogging, teaching and trying their best to minister online. I was on a merry go round, and started meeting people in un-repentant sin. I did meet some very nice folks, but mostly I got a real eye and earful of deception and lawlessness from professing believers.

Meanwhile, I was looking for a place. What do I mean by that? Well, the Lord had not only told me to come out from the church, he also said: ” to a place  I will show you “.

Now I can get into giving you the true meaning of spiritual covering. Why? because Pam Sheppard and Pam Sheppard counseling and publishing is ” the Place ” the Lord revealed as my destination. I have arrived!

The true meaning of spirtual covering, has nothing to do with  laying on of hands ceremonies. Submitting and coat tailing  elders, or foot kissing. The true meaning of spiritual covering begins with truth. When you find that one who you know teaches truth, your spirit bears witness that the person is of God. Part of  Pam Sheppard’s assignment includes  exposing the devil in his evil entirety, and casting out demons, and fallen angel’s— once and for all. Pam has 37 years of deliverance counseling experience. This fact alone, should have your ears at attention, and inspire you to want to know her.

Pam Sheppard also has a strong undeniable calling from the Lord, to train ministers for such a  time as this.

In the case of Pam Sheppard, check the spirit. Read as many articles, and books of hers as you can. If you do, I’m pretty sure you and I will end up on the same page, concerning her.

Part 3 of this article is going to blow off the dilapidated roof of the spiritual covering concept fallacy lie.


If your under torments , difficulties and what you think are demonic afflictions, and need deliverance…please go here. A team of deliverance mentors, supervised by Pam Sheppard, are waiting to serve you:

Spiritual Covering Exposed: The Truth about Spiritual Covering Part 1

12 Oct
Minister Marlene

Spiritual covering! Have you heard about it? Do you need it ?  What is spiritual covering? Are you one of those who were sent…or are you one of those who just went, minus a spiritual covering? Whose your spiritual daddy? Whose your spiritual Mama? What about an apostalic covering, do you have one of those? Please don’t answer, because there’s no such thing as a spiritual covering.

Spiritual Covering Fallacy

Charasmatic chuches, and churches in general, seemed to have latched on to yet another fallacy, yet another  unscriptual doctrine of demons. The laying on of hands is not something to be toyed with. Didn’t the apostle Paul say we are to touch no man suddenly? So why is the organized church, scampering about, in a hurry to lay hands on those they say they are about to launch into ministry? Why would a spiritual Papa or a spiritual Mama need to lauch you out to tell people about Jesus? Jesus said to spread the Gospel to the nations. Jesus never said we were to wait on a spiritual father or mother for permission.

Since when do we need a permission slip to share our testimony, or share the Gospel? The notion that ones needs a spiritual covering, sounds like demonic controls to me. Sounds like manipulations akin to witchcraft to me. What about you? So then the Gospel that calls us by our faith, to share the message of Christ has been twisted yet again.
All of a sudden, you have to wait for approval, for something Christ already said we should do. You better not go, unless you were sent. Sent by who? Sent by someone who wishes you to submit to them, rather than submit to God. The spiritual covering doctrine is responsible for a myriad of criminal behaviors in church. Wasn’t it a spiritual Daddy who was accused of some heineous acts? Do you know the story? Even if you don’t, our father is God.
 We don’t want to go the other extreme into lone rangerhood either. We don’t want to be off in a corner by ourselves, refusing authority and teachings which are God sent. Spiritual coverings are unscriptual, but so is being a lone ranger pastor who refuses correction. Were their any lone disciples in the New Testament? Did God ever say that a time would come when disciples would stand alone to be taught, solely by him?
Some people, are sure that the organized church is the ” Her” spoken of in Revelations 18:4. Some people agree with the Sheppard’s Publishing stance. Sheppard’s Publishing views the organized church as the harlot we must all exodus from. Unfortunately, those who agree, agree only to a point. They  fall into error, by believing that God will now speak directly to them. The lone ranger pastor has lost his way, and is headed for deep deception. I’ll tell you why in part two of this article.
What is a true spiritual covering?…
Part 2
If you you believe you need deliverance from false teachings and demonic controls, and are ready  to work with a deliverance mentor, please sign-up below. A team of trained deliverance mentors are waiting to serve you here: