Delivered from Torment by Minister Lourdes

20 Oct

My name is Lourdes Martinez-Moreno, and I thought I was saved in 1981, boy was I ever deceived. My true born again experience wasn’t until 2007.

Before I begin my story I would like to state that even as a little girl I knew that Almighty God had his hands on me. Now what I permitted in my life is another story.

I had counseling and deliverance by a dear brother in the Lord five years ago. On or about the same time I came across Pam Sheppard’s “old” website “bewarechristians” (it has since been shut down which Pam can tell you all why it was shut down). I can clearly see how God simultaneously orchestrated this journey to bring about my true deliverance.

About my Deliverance:

Juan and his wife had invited me for coffee so that we could get to know each other in a more intimate manner. Mind you, I was very hesitant at the time. I remember a multitude of thoughts racing through my mind i.e. “something is wrong with these people, why do they want to get to know me?” Regardless of these thoughts I made my way to the meeting place (a local coffee shop). I will confess that another reason why I was very reluctant in meeting Juan was because I didn’t trust any men. Men represented “pain” to me. They were the enemy. You might be wondering why men were my enemies. Well, growing up in an environment where sexual abuse was the norm made me very bitter and a hater of men.

I believe God put this man and his wife in my life because of the love of God that was so deep and real in these two individuals, and their pure desire to see people set free from bondage.

The night of my deliverance I met Juan and his wife at their residence (in the garage). Hours before my arrival I had started to tremble (nervously) and I couldn’t keep focused.

The Night of My Deliverance:

The night of my deliverance Juan and his wife started the evening with prayer. I sat across from them. I remember wanting to faint, I became weak. Juan never took his eyes off of me. Not once. He began asking me questions (these questions were identical to a questionnaire that had been provided to me previous to our meeting). What I shared on paper was every open door in which satan had access in my life.

As Juan began to run down the list I began to choke (as if my throat wanted to shut down). I imagined myself in a pool (drowning, grasping for air) but at the same time knowing deep down inside that I wasn’t alone. God was present. In all honesty I do not remember the actual deliverance and I cannot put something together if I have no recollection of such. I was given a waste basket and I used it as I began to vomit every bit of darkness that had been lurking inside of me.

What I perceived to be an hour in that garage actually became hours.

At the end of my deliverance, I found myself on the floor sobbing like a newborn. I had finally come to an understanding of why Jesus Christ of Nazareth died on the cross with “me” on his mind. My heart was filled with “Love”. The old heart of stone which I had used as a weapon for hatred became a heart of flesh.

I was FREE FROM ALL TORMENTING GUILT AND CONDEMNATION. I no longer had to live in darkness. I no longer had to hide my past. A past filled with so much bitterness. A past of childhood sexual abuse, drugs and alcohol, lust, curiosity also played a part in my past (I was curious for the occult world); also living my childhood life with a learning disability and constantly having to hide it for fear of being made fun of was a huge rock I had been carrying for far too long.

That special night for me will forever be engraved in my heart. I became a new creature in Christ Jesus. I was FREE and I knew it.

My Born Again Experience:

After my deliverance, the old Lourdes died and the new Lourdes arose. For the first time in my life I could look at another human being in their eyes without feeling inferior. Only GOD could do a work like this. Do not be fooled by false people who claim that they have healing powers.

I will mention that since my deliverance I have had many upsets and quite frankly I have taken a few stumbles (which I will get to these stumbles in another article)….

NOTHING IS PERFECT but this much I can say:

I do not live in the past any longer. I am standing on the true foundation. I have shared a dream I had many years ago with some folks. And I will share here as well. In this dream, I was standing on a foundation which was in need of much repairs, cracks appeared all over this foundation. I didn’t understand until after my deliverance that my old spiritual foundation was no good and that GOD made sure I was standing on solid ground. Alleluia.

Now I’m a trained deliverance counselor under Sheppard’s Counseling Center. I want you to know that God is not a respecter of persons, He will do for you what he did for me.

If you need deliverance, Pam Sheppard has over 38 years experience as a pastor and deliverance counselor, her expetise in deliverance ministry is second to none. If you suffer from demonic affliction, call Sheppard’s Counseling Center today. Even if you just need to talk, the phone lines are open right now. Her team of supervised deliverance counselors, are waiting to serve you. Your deliverance, and full freedom in Christ is Pam’s number one concern. The fact that she has 38 years of experience under her belt, should beckon you to the phone to make the call. Call Now! (518)477-5759.

10/25/11 Thirty years a Minister and 38 years experience in deliverance ministry. Call Pam Sheppard now at (518)477-5759

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