Diary of a Seducing Spirit: Part 2 Creepy Church Abuse

20 Oct
By Minister Marlene


Seducing Spirits?  You’ve been subject to them, and you know what I’m talking about. Believe me, creepy church abuse from pastors and members, is the result of seducing spirits. Seducing spirits, in the form of religious demons have taken up office in the organized church.

 In my last article, I was up into the wee hours of the morning, reading the quintessential textbook on demonic activity, seducing spirits and religious demons. What textbook is that? The textbook I’m talking about was written by Pam Sheppard, entitled ” Faces of the Religious Demon”. Folks, the camel dung has hit the fan in the organized church. Abuse, whether spiritual or physical is the order of the day. Seducing spirits have taken over! If you would just read Pam’s book, you’ll get an earful of revealing information backed by scripture.

 You’ll understand exactly why so and so pastor, is sexually abusing our children in church. If you read Pam’s textbook, and give it a studious read, you’ll know exactly why church members dog each other out in the name of Jesus. You’ll know exactly why rapists, adulterers, thieves, liars and the like, are quite cozy and content in church buildings. If a seducing spirit is at work in you, you may not be able to admit any of this. You’ll be that passive personality that supports ” Big Daddy Bishop” even though he was convicted of a felony.

" Faces of the Religious Demon" by expert deliverance counselor, Pam Sheppard. Pam Sheppard has 38 years a licensed therapist and 28 years of deliverance counseling experience.

 You desperately need Pam’s book, for it will help you get truly free.

 Order Pam’s ground breaking book today http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/faces-of-the-religious-demon-freedom-through-deliverance-counseling/10669276

 Don’t even feel ashamed, I was once just like you, but it’s time for us all to wake up, and look seducing spirits in the eye, calling them what they are. They are abusive, raping, molesting, condescending, religious demons. These demons, look out at you from the eyes of organized church members, Christian leaders, and Pastors.

Creepy, repulsive church abuse is widespread, and has become an epidemic in the organized church. oops! Let me rephrase that. Creepy abominable organized church abuse, has been going on since the days of Christ. Case in point, the crucifixion. We know ALL was God’s plan, but abusive, caustic, abominable, hurtful, lying, thieving Christian leaders were easy to find then, just as they are now. The religious, have a seducing spirit. The religious and their comical religiosity, have been taken over by religious demons. They feel quite at home in the organized church.

I’ll tell you what sickens me the most regarding seducing spirits and religious demons. Those priests, pastors, Christian leaders (male and female) who creep behind pulpits to have sex with four-year olds. They really sicken me! These horrific acts are both spiritually and physically abusive.

Spiritual abuse is part of the whole organized church package. You can expect it! Seducing spirits, and religious demons, will make you think you have to eat crow in order to serve the Lord. You know what I’m talking about! For example: when this or that pastor, or some creepy, abusive church member chews you out, or dogs and puts you down in front of others. You felt a sinking feeling in your stomach, but were afraid to speak.

Pam Sheppard, 30 years a minister for the Lord Jesus. If your under the bondage of church abuse, call her office now! (518)477-5759

Even Pam Sheppard attests to the fact, and wrote an article describing the heavy abuse she suffered under superiors, during her 30 year appointment as the pastor of her church. Creepy repulsive, spiritual and physical church abuse by those inhabited by seducing spirit/religious demons is a reality. It is a reality for every  organized church member no matter their station.

The organized church is full of silly foolish parents who leave children in the care of church workers. These naive parents haven’t got a clue. Every church worker should undergo background checks before working with children. Seducing spirits in the form of religious demons may enter workers regardless. But the fact that churches are so relaxed, that any Tom, Dick or Sally can care for precious children is a sign. A sign of what? A sign that somebody in leadership doesn’t give a hoot, and may just be an abuser themselves. To top if off, seducing spirits are experts at leaving open doors for trauma and abuse to occur.

The organized church is an abuse magnet. All one has to do is recite the unholy, abominable ” I accept Jesus” sinners prayer, or the unholy and extra abominable, ” I invite Jesus into my heart prayer” which ushers in a specific demon , who proceeds to immediately wreck hellish havoc in your life. All one has to do, in addition to reciting these unscriptural prayers, is throw money at the church. Then suddenly you’re a member of said organized church. Some people are just not saved. Some people are housing seducing spirit, religious demons. If they recited any of the above prayers, it’s almost a given.

No one checks new members out to see if they show fruits of righteousness. Therefore you get child molesters, rapists, thieves, controlling abusers mixing in with everyone else. Such have no intention of changing their ways, and some go on to be church leaders. Just look at pastors like Terry Hornbuckle of Texas, a disciple of TD Jakes,  who was drugging and raping several women in his church.

Having said all of the above, once we are truly saved, that which we suffered is a faint memory. The anguish, emotional pain and anger of a child or an adult whose been in bondage to creepy abominable church abuse, is no match for the healing balm of the Savior.

Do you think you’re in bondage to church abuse, inflicted by seducing spirit/religious demons in the organized church? Are you ready to get free, and stay free of demonic afflictions? Call Pam Sheppard Counseling Center now. Pam knows exactly what ails you, and will administer the scriptural remedy. Remember, Pam was a pastor for 25 years so she knows. Into deliverance since 1983, so she knows.  A licensed therapist for 38 years, so she knows. Call for immediate assistance…(518)477-5759

10/25/11 Thirty years a Minister and 38 years a licensed therapist. Call Pam Sheppard now at (518)477-5759


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