22 Oct



This is the first post in a series that relates to natural survival once we go through the tribulation.  What  will we do  in endtimes when there  is no place to buy and sell and martial law takes over because of what is going to take place?  I know that the Lord would have us not to live in fear. His plan is that we survive and overcome as we  thrive in the midst of all of the tribulation is what will separate us from those who didn’t prepare. Yes, God is for us, but again, He would like us to lift our arm and prepare so that maybe we can share what we have with those who didn’t prepare, thus showing the love of Christ to a lost and dying world.  

The first link I am going to give you is for food. We need to have a variety of foods: canned, frozen while we still have electricity, and foods with a long shelf life that all you need to do is add water.  How to deal with contaminated water is yet another post that will be forthcoming.  I’ve done lots of research on various varieties and brands of food, and the best food I have found so far is available through the link I’ve provided below.  This food is prepared to be all natural and they are willing to send 12 free meals. All you need to do is take the tour and sign up for your free meals!  If  you decide you like them, you can sign up for auto ship.

 I signed up for auto ship and I  entered the program to  receive 76 meals every month. All you need to prepare them is hot  water. If you click the link below and take the 10 minute tour, the company will send you 12 free meals as a sample.  It’s that simple. I’ve received MY sample and you need to know that the food is really good.                                                                                                                 

In an upcoming  post, I will present ideas for  cooking foods without electricity.

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