About Our Ministry

30 Oct

Welcome, Saints!

Just call me “Pam!”  My primary ministry is to prepare the remnant of God for the end of times. We believe that the people of God shall go through the tribulation.  Our mission is to prepare the saints to overcome. In that regard, our primary objective is to train ministers who have been refined through the fires of God.  Ministers are trained to serve those who have left the organized church in what we call “deliverance mentoring.”

Deliverance Mentoring:

A Unique  Online Alternative to PASTORING

 Deliverance mentoring is for those who have left the church.  If you have been spiritually abused and subsequently damaged, then deliverance mentoring is for YOU.  However, if you have not been damaged while attending the organized church, we are hear to serve as your online ministry.

Pam was a pastor in a well known denomination for 25 years and the Lord led her out in 2004.


Q. Who needs  mentoring from SEW Ministers?

Every Christian can use counseling sometime during his/her life. When we become “born again,” we become spiritual.  Spiritual people are open to four forces in the spirit world: God and the devil, angels and demons. Most Christians are not spiritually sensitive enough to know when their spirits are being touched by the poison of the spirits of evil.

Deliverance mentoring sessions are for those Who need no persuasion that demons exist and may be the root cause of their difficulties. Any professing Christian who thinks that they only hear from the Holy Spirit and who gives no credence or vigilance to guard against demonic influence  is already n trouble and will need either a few sessions or deliverance training to learn how to try the spirits  to see if they be of God.

Q. When should I seek mentoring?

Now! Don’t put off your need for help.Time does not heal all wounds. Waiting for life to get better can be harmful. Demons gain territory in your soul through your passivity.

Common reasons for consulting us  include persistent unhappiness, constant tension and anxiety, marital or family conflict, unsatisfying personal relationships, sexual difficulties, spiritual growth needs, fears, persistent worries, depression, and work related issues. A common reason to contact us is when you are tormented with compulsions, hearing voices, victimized by  spiritual abuse from Christians and church leaders and involved in unhealthy soul ties.

Q. Will deliverance mentoring help?

Yes! It will help you take steps that will enable you to:

  • identify what is going wrong
  • understand how and why the enemy sets traps for you
  • locate bondages and strongholds
  • reduce or eliminate the torment
  • recognizing the key issues that have impacted your life
  • preparing yourself for spiritual warfare

Q. What can I expect from my assigned minister?

Expect an understanding, strong, caring person who is also capable, well trained, and professional. Expect to be treated with respect and dignity. Expect me to work with you as well as for you. Most of all, expect truth. I will not lie to you.  Expect to be challenged. Expect to receive answers quickly.

Q. Can I reach my minister in evenings or weekends for emergencies?

When you call us or send a facebook message, you will be answered ASAP, between 11am and midnight, EST. we can usually call you back within a couple of hours, or even sooner. However, at other times we may   not immediately  be available unless previously arranged.

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