Tongues Opens a Demonic Doorway To Your Spirit

7 Nov

How I Protect My Spirit by Pam Sheppard

Last fall, I was riding along slightly mesmerized by  the beautiful colors of the fall season, when a power came on me to compel me to speak in tongues.  As the first word tried to blurt its way out of me, I rebuked the demon sitting in full view of others waiting in their lane for the light to change.  Out loud, I rebuked “this thing”  not once but at least 3 or 4 times before I felt the compulsion to utter finally  leave me.

I know what some of you are thinking.  “Wasn’t that the Holy Ghost IN you, Pam, that wanted to use you to magnify God in the  awesome beauty of His creation?”

To answer your question without going through a long teaching on tongues, I will respond this way.  The Holy Ghost is a Gentleman.  He is God so He knows everything.  As such, He knows that I no longer believe in the manifestation of speaking in tongues, at least not in this hour of gross deception. He would not endanger my life on a busy highway. As such, He would not approach me with tongues because He knows that I will not receive Him that way.  The fact that I had to rebuke “this entity”  more than once is an indication that the tongue that tried to manifest “was not God.!”

So what I did this afternoon was “protect my spirit” at an hour that was completely unexpected.  In the quotation taken from  the book of Luke, the Lord’s parable  above, “the house” is symbolic of man in  spirit, soul and body.  Protecting the body is extremely important to natural living, as our eternal nature of spirit and soul cannot function  on earth without our bodies.  The more my body ages, the more committed I am to protecting it.  However, my concentration in these mentoring letters is both the soul and the spirit..

Protecting what is totally invisible can be quite challenging.  The first thing you need to become aware of is “the thief.”  The thief is a Satanic agent that has been assigned to both you and to me from the moment of our birth.  He is always there.  No need to fear him because if he could have “taken me out,” he would have done so already.  His objective was to keep me on the broad way so that the light of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ would not shine on me.  However, once the Holy Spirit selected  “my hour,” Satan’s agent has failed.  Even so, he never gives up.  However, I have resisted him to such an extent, that most of the time, he is “in flee” mode.

The goal of these posts is to “prepare you for the thief.”  The thief desires to sift you like wheat by any means necessary.

Since the agent assigned to you has been watching you, he knows you, to a certain extent.  When my agent “knew” me, he had lots of success.  One of the strategies that he used against me was to threaten me or people close to me.  My natural reaction to a threat is to fight, and meet the challenger face to face, toe to toe.  However, once  I am in the midst of a pre-fabricated battle, the agent  sneakily attacks me from behind, namely,  he comes against what I have left vulnerable and un-protected.  Once my eyes became open to how the enemy was using me against myself, I no longer react to threats before “I watch and I pray.”  Most of the time, the threat had no substance and it withers almost as soon as it came.

You ask “well, why would the agent assigned to you. approach you with tongues?”  Because I have closed off all of the enemy’s doorways, and tongues is the only way he can reach my spirit.   His biggest doorway that has been slammed shut is my dreams.  I have trained my spirit to reject, even while I am sleeping, any subliminal message that is sent to discourage  me or weaken me in spirit, soul and body.  It is hard to describe but I have set up spiritual blockades.  Even if the enemy agent is able to break through, my spirit automatically reacts aggressively.

For example, the enemy came at me last October  in a dream,  trying to tell me that “I am next in the death by sickness department, since it appears to be  a season for people I have known for years to be sick and dying.  Also, it is a vulnerable month in my life,—the month when most I know have died.  In a recent dream, Satan’s agent came to me in the form of an old friend from college who kept trying to bombard my spirit with the fear of death. You need to know that your agent can come to you in any form.

My reaction while asleep?  I boldly proclaimed, “my doctor told me that even though I have lived a long time, I have yet a long time to live because I am so healthy.” My doctor actually said this and I repeated his words to this “friend.”  Then the agent openly reveal himself very nastily and retorted, “but you are obese.”  My response?  “Yeh, but I’m workin on that! Being overweight will NOT KILL ME!!!

I have learned that once you overcome the fear of dying, then your agent has been silenced.  My strong tower is “a thousand may fall at my side and 10,000 at my  right hand, but it shall NOT COME NIGH ME!!!! ” This is the nature of my spirit when I see myself operating in dreams.  I am fit and fearless.

My hopeful anticipation of the return of the Lord keeps me fit and fearless.  Why?  Because if the Lord returns within a life span of 100 years from the day that I was born, then I have trained myself to believe that I will be alive when He comes again because “I can make it to 100.”

If Jesus Christ of Nazareth  tarries and I have “gone on,” then I believe that I will still be alive though my body be waiting for me in its grave.  Every Christian generation has held on to this anchor of their soul in order to defeat the fear of death.  I just happen to believe that I am living in the generation where every sign that “this is the Lord’s hour”  is “there.”  So if I can live, I intend to live and the agent assigned to me cannot condition me for dying before I am ready to go.  Now that is that with that!  lol

For more on why all tongues spoken today is the work of  religious demons, click any of these links for Faces of the Religious Demon., for the Fake Jesus and for the latest book, the New Idolatry

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