9 Nov

By Pam Sheppard

The religious demon will cause the captive to be in a constant state of irritation when others are “disobedient” or “noncompliant” to his suggestions, recommendations & instructions. Any kind of delay or necessity to wait may even lead to outbursts of temper that may also erupt into rage. Demons will also work to cause the captive to minimize such outbursts so as to cause him to be ill prepared for a future eruption that will lead to a disaster that demons have secretly planned for years.

In such cases, the  demon will align itself with a spirit of death. The spirit of death specializes in accidents, suicide and murder. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. The demons also work well when the captive is unaware of his own bossy behavior. Even if the captive  becomes hostile and angry when things don’t go his way, the witchcraft demon will cause him to still insist that he is merely a gentle and meek soul who is provoked into anger because the brethren are so ill-advised in their rebellion against him. The rage arising from the rebellion of significant others may be hidden to such an extent that the captive may not even recognize why he feels depressed and tired. Only accurate observation can gradually and progressively uncover the connection between the captive’s desire to control others and how this desire must be broken by the Holy Ghost.

If the captive begins to recognize the connection between his pride, his desire to control others, and his fatigue, depression and anxiety, he will be able to successfully prepare the ground of his soul for the expulsion of the witchcraft demon. In fact, quite often, when a captive is able to resist personal pride, frequently  demons  flee on their own, without the necessity of casting them out.

The witchcraft demon can hide in a person who naturally has a strong personality as well as a person who appears to have a low self-image. Every newborn comes into this world a sinner, yet tooting his own horn. Infants learn quickly how to have a temper tantrum by screaming to get its needs met. Babies have the power to control their adult parents with  screams of temper. Jesus said that the meek would inherit the earth. A meek person is one who puts the Lord’s will before his own and complies and submits to the word of God in spite of his own desires and feelings.

Yet, somehow,  demons can and  will use the seemingly weak to inherit or “own” the souls of others. Religious demons  use “the weak” to bring guilt trips, condemnation and accusations against those who have a strength of character that they themselves lack. This is the religious  demon at its best because the weak seem to be so helpless in their attempts to control people with “love and affection,” they can set a strong trap for the unsuspecting. This is the manner in which the witchcraft demon very often enters into parent/child relationships, a situation that is conducive to a demonic soul tie..” In this particular conversation regarding witchcraft predispositions of the human soul, suffice it to say that the domineering character flaw is the pursuit of power and control.

The blind side is that witchcraft does not necessarily manifest itself with open hostility towards others. In fact, it is often disguised in socially acceptable ways, like  giving unsolicited advice, seeking to manage other people’s affairs, or taking a helpful initiative in problem solving—the butinski personality type. So keep your eyes opened so that you can see beyond the blind side.

For more on  how various demons sneakily  work on  different personality types, you need “Faces of the Religious Demon.” soft cover e-book

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