3 Myths About Spiritual Strongholds that Stop You from Experiencing Unspeakable Joy…by Minister Marlene

10 Nov
By Minister Marlene….Spiritual Strongholds cause continual emotional, spiritual and personality problems. If you have a spiritual stronghold you’ll never experience the unspeakable joy of your salvation. The organized church has created a boatload of myths regarding spiritual strongholds. If you believe any of the myths you’ll never be happy or free in Christ. Let’s take a look at three of these myths and expose and debunk them right now……..  MYTH #1: Spiritual Strongholds don’t exist because the devil was defeated at the cross…….. FACT: Yes, the devil was defeated at the cross, but as far as demons and fallen angels are concerned, the war is still going on, and it is indeed. That is why Apostle Paul instructs us to put on the full armor of God that we can stand and fight  the devil. The devil fights Christians and those coming into the faith. If your seeking true freedom in Christ, be convinced that the devil is real. Only then can you learn to stand against his tricks and wiles…….. MYTH#2: When Christians read and study the Bible and pray everyday. God will protect their minds. FACT: Spiritual strongholds are areas of darkness within us that we struggle with but can’t get free from. No amount of Bible reading or pray ever healed me from depression, I needed deliverance. Bible reading does not change bad habits, emotions and personality problems. In the case of a mild depression, anxiety, and stress, these symptoms can become spiritual strongholds that usher in demonic affliction. When mild depression turns ugly and you need medications you are being afflicted by spiritual strongholds…….. MYTH#3 I love everyone and have forgiven all who have wronged me, therefore I can’t be tormented by the devil or become captive to spiritual strongholds…….. FACT: Spiritual strongholds can run deep. If you have forgiven everyone and love everyone, yet still have no joy or freedom in Christ, something is wrong. If you have forgiven everyone and love everyone, but your life is a continual oppressive drama, full of calamity,something is wrong. Pam Sheppardhas written 6 books that reveal exactly how the devil operates to destroy God’s people. She has over 38 years of combined experience  as a pastor of a church, a licensed therapist and expert deliverance counselor. I just cleared three myths about spiritual strongholds, but Pam has the extensive knowledge, expertise and wisdom you’ll need, to be finally free in Christ. As Pam’s student, and as one who spent years being  tormented by the devil with depression and finally free— I really want you to get more info on all of this. The organized church is not teaching you what you need to know. But Pam Sheppard is teaching on the intricate wiles of the devil in great detail. You need to know and understand spiritual strongholds. You need to know and understand the times we are living in, and details about the delusions that God himself has sent into the church. The Lord knew you would begin to search. That’s why 38 years ago, Pam Sheppard  was  born and went through what she went through. Please stay tuned into  this blog. You’ll learn more as we go along about Pam and the final endtime teachings.  What does THE endtime Sheppard have to teach you about spiritual strongholds? I’ll tell you this: religious demons have entered the organized church. You’ll get the full details by ordering right HERE:                                                                                                                              

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