The Religious Spirit and Passivity by Ola Cruz

20 Nov

Passive personalities have a unscriptural understanding of what it means to be a peacemaker. They deny their own anger, and pretend everything is O.K. When we are passive, and believe that to be a Christian means to be a doormat, the religious demon moves in. Why does the religious demon gain a foothold? Pam Sheppard is not only the expert on the topic, but she has written a book called ” Faces of the Religious Demon” that covers all in detail.

According to Pam, the religious demon causes passive spirits to become spiritually crippled in regards to taking a stand against principalities and powers. I can certainly attest to and understand what Pam is referring to. I have been physically crippled all of my life. Because of the wheelchair, the enemy has tried to use fake Christians to spiritually cripple me.  Yet for my own protection and for the power to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in a hostile world, , I am as bold as a lion. If you can’t take a stand against other Christians who  are obviously  pushing you around, and taking advantage of you, something is wrong. How on earth will you be able to confront demons?

10/25/11 Thirty years a Minister and the author of 6 books

When Christian leaders are allowed to vent their unholy appetites in the organized church, because their passive followers are too weak to confront them…Those who are passive personalities, because of a distorted and unscriptural understanding of the Gospel, are fodder for the religious demon. How so?

Tell me why Christian leaders who are tyrants and bullies, leave a trail of passive personalities quivering in their boots?  And also tell me why Christian leaders like Pam Sheppard who are sincere, and God sent, are attacked by passive personalities simply because of their  boldness and love for the truth?

On page 207 of the groundbreaking textbook ” Faces of the Religious Demon” Pam Sheppard writes in reference to personality types that religious demons gain power from:

soft cover
Faces of the Religious Demon By Pam Sheppard

Pam Sheppard writes:

In each personality type there will be Christians who have not rightly divided the word of God relative to being  a peacemaker, where forgiveness and meekness are taken for weakness. Acclimated to the general role of peacemaker, captives may live a life of pretense, where they habitually hide and deny justifiable hostility and anger so as to turn the other cheek ” religiosity “.

In this regard, the religious spirit will cause passive saints to become spiritually crippled in their counterfeit moral purity, predisposing to a shrinking process that stifles their ability to strike back–not so much at people who have wronged them, but for taking a stand against principalities and powers. They end up feeling like one of my clients who dreamed she was the  back seat driver in her own car, and the person whom the Jezebel spirit has manipulated to keep the client in captivity was metaphorically ” behind the wheel ” of her very soul.

A passive personality invites religious demons. Passivity and counterfeit love (term coined by Pam) are pretense, if you are  angry– you’re angry.  Pretending not to be angry is a counterfeit emotion. If we are such passive personalities, that we can’t deal with onslaughts and abuse upon our own person, what then? Can God use a passive personality? Or will your passive personality better serve the purposes of the religious demon?

While Pam Sheppard was pastoring a church in Troy NY that she and her daughter founded, I was an active member. My kind of passivity was that I never tried the spirits.  I had received a false conversion when I was 11 years old. Consequently,  I preached, prophesied, , and spoke  in tongues by the power of a religious demon. Everyone believed that I was anointed by God.However, in 2002, the Lord spoke to me in a dream.  He showed me that I had 3 demons, one of which was a spirit of divination aka “a religious demon.” As my pastor, Pam was bold enough and loved me enough to go “toe to toe” with those 3 demons, and the Holy Ghost used her boldness to set me free to truly be born again. Based upon our testimony together, Pam wrote “Faces of the Religious Demon.”

Pam Sheppard has been born again for 35 years.  Once an atheist, new age channeler and astrologer, the Lord intervened and defied the fallen angels that had her bound. Spiritual entities do not mess with Pam today  because of her boldness and her faith in Jesus Christ.. She’s an expert on the topic of deliverance. If you need deliverance from passivity, and allowing yourself to be abused, call her. If you need deliverance from allowing the organized church, and abrasive Christian leaders  to dog you out, call her. If you need deliverance of any kind, even if you just need to talk, call Pam. The phone lines are open, and her team of supervised deliverance mentors are waiting to serve you. Pam has been on the battlefield for a long time.  This fact alone should spur you to make that call Now! (518)477-5759

You also need her groundbreaking book, “Faces of the Religious Demon.” 

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