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Why are there so many demons in the church?

23 Jan

The book the  ‘New Idolatry,’ it is noted that there is  a barrage of demonic activity that is ON THE RISE in the Christian institutionalized church and the author, Pam Sheppard presents a detailed explanation from an historical perspective.  It is a must read for all discerning Christians. You can get the book by clicking the following links: for the softcover and for the e-book.

Here is my personal take on what is happening.

Is it really happening?


Demons are infesting the church because of many reasons.  One, NO ONE IS REALLY DOING REAL DELIVERANCE IN THESE CHURCHES.  I don’t care what you see going on in your services, at your altars, no matter what type of ‘spirit’ you feel being released in the building.  It is NOT the HOLY Spirit.  How do I know this?  Because afterwards the people AND THE LEADERSHIP will bear fruits meet for REPENTANCE.  They will turn away from their sin, be remorseful for their sin and never look back.

This is NOT happening at the altars of Baal.

Yes, I called them ALTARS OF BAAL!

Baal is the fertility god of crops, fruit and cattle.  FERTILITY god.  Having babies.  Getting married.  Increasing in money, goods, houses, cars, lands.  Getting pregnant. THAT’s what Baal offered its worshippers in the Bible.  

WHAT is being prophesied and sought after MOST in the churches today?


Baal was worshipped by sacrifices of the first born, as well in music and dance!  In the churches today, music ministry is BIG BUSINESS.  Anybody opening up a ministry today knows that if you want to attract big crowds, you have to have a powerful music ministry.

And now we have this liturgical dancing in the church.  Not to mention the ‘dancing in the spirit’ that is popular in the pentecostal churches for years.

No one stopped to think that all this emphasis on music and dancing and the DE-EMPHASIS and LACK OF FOCUS on the Word of God has been nothing more than a ploy by the spirit of Baal that has crept in the churches…mocking the Spirit of God.  And folks who don’t know the Word eat it up…Sunday after Sunday.

And wonder why they are MORE bound and oppressed by demons 20 years into their so-called salvations than they were when they first ‘got saved?’

So if the god of the institutionalized church is demonic, what do you think the fruit of whatever goes on in these houses of worship will be?


THIS is why people can’t get healed, delivered or saved in these churches.  They are worshipping and praying to a false god!

Have any of you ever had a roach problem?  Roach infestation is one of the most humiliating, debilitating experiences one can go through.  How about beg bug infestations?  OH, that’s even worse!

The nights of no sleep, being bit by bed bugs at your most vulnerable moments, when you are asleep?

How about putting down a cup of coffee and then when you pick it back up to drink it, there’s a roach floating in your cup?????  YUCKKKK!!!!!

Well, there are many, MANY people who are living in the these spiritual houses that are INFESTED with DEMONS.  They go back time after time again, to be tormented, humiliated, embarrassed, exploited, and victimized by these spiritual rodents.

Many of you who have had to deal with infestation know that a lot of times the only way to deal with infestation is to MOVE!

I have had to deal with both….and I will tell you.  The ONLY relief I found from dealing with roach and bed bug infestation was to MOVE out of the houses that were infested!  Yes, I spent all kinds of money trying to get rid of the pesky boogers.  I fought bravely and valiantly the good fight to get rid of them.  But they won, time and time again.  It would seem that they would go away…but it was just for a season.  Then they would return…with a VENGEANCE!

This is the decision that most of you who are reading this will have to do.  You think if you stay at your church, that your prayers will somehow get rid of the infestation.  When you fail to realize the longer you stay, the more ground and territory they gain IN and OVER YOU.

The only hope you have to is to GET OUT!  MOVE!  Don’t look back.  Leave the stuff you gained there because that stuff is infested, too.  Start over from scratch.

If you step out on faith, I PROMISE…God will order your steps and will lead you by HIS SPIRIT!!!!!

God Bless you!


Are you called into the ministry, or think you are?  Before you accept the call, I encourage you to get a copy of my new e-book ‘The Makings of a False Prophet.’  It will challenge you in ways nothing else can.

Is the Church Under Spiritual Attack?

23 Jan

Is the Church Under Spiritual Attack?

By Wenona Russ

In the past few years, the church has had to endure a few public scandals that has served to discredit the viability and relevancy of the church for these contemporary times.  As more and more scandals have unfolded, more and more people have called for prayer and fasting (especially during THIS time of the year) for the church. Folks are alarmed because the church-and the ministry, in particular, SEEMS to be under what some called ‘spiritual attack.’

Many quote the Word that says ‘the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church.’  And this is true.

If you ask yourself if the church-the institutionalized church-is under spiritual attack today, I say YES.  YES, it IS up under attack today.  But most of the people do not discern WHO is attacking WHAT.  They perceive that it is the devil and his imps attacking the church.  When I want to present to you that it is NOT the devil!

All the scandals, all the embarrassments, all the sexcapades and financial abuses are all being allowed to surface…BY THE HAND OF GOD!

Yes, that is right!  GOD has allowed these things to hit the church, as most known it.

God allowed the whole Bynum/Weeks fiasco, the Paula White/Benny Hinn thing, Eddie Long, Ted Haggard, Zachary Tims…all of it.

It is hard to hear, but it’s true.  GOD ALLOWED IT.


Because like what was cited in ‘Come Out of Her, My People,’ by Pam Sheppard, the church is under judgment.  I have been saying this for the last few years, the Lord spoke it to me in a word He gave me two years ago for 2010.  But when folks are dull of hearing-or when they only listen to what they want to hear…God then has to turn around and BACK UP what He said through the mouths of HIS TRUE Ekklesia, the TRUE church.  There IS a FALSE and a TRUE church!

The institutionalized church is demonically influenced, funded, run and maintained by evil spirits and those who embody them.  It is in the best interest of the enemy to feed the masses false doctrine, doctrines of devils, to misinterpret the Word of God, and to disable the ability of the people from hearing from God FOR THEMSELVES!  This is why in the institutionalized church, it is highly discouraged that you just trust that the voice you are hearing, that leading in your Spirit, that unction of the Holy Ghost that won’t let go…it is highly discouraged that you follow it.  Instead, you are encouraged to allow the leaders to become your spiritual ears, your mouth, and your spiritual eyes.  Then the leaders KEEP you that way for 20 years or more…knowing the longer they KEEP you bound to their religious system, KEEP you hooked to their messages, their conferences, their books, their teachings and their doctrines, the longer they are guaranteed your allegiance to their system…and the longer you will invest your money into their systems, too.

The TRUE church-the Ekkleisa-is a remnant, a body of believers who are led by the Spirit of God.  They are sons of God who God raises up in this time to usher folks into the Kingdom of God.  The Ekklesia realizes that this is NOT about a man or a woman, but it is all about Jesus and getting folks saved and delivered.  In the TRUE church, you are encouraged to develop your own relationship with God.  You are TAUGHT how to hear from God for yourself.  You can walk out and be used of God immediately…its all according to YOUR faith.  Not the faith of a leader.  A believer in the Ekklesia is NOT forced to do things for God.  They are LED BY the Spirit of God to do some things…all things.  And because where the SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS there IS LIBERTY, a believer is free to be who he/she was called to be in God.  That may not mean a pulpit preacher, or it may.  In “The Makings of a False Prophet,” I help believers who feel a call of God on their lives discern whether it is from the Lord or not, as well as give pointers on how not to fall into rebellion and disobedience AFTER accepting the call.

So you determine.  Is your church under spiritual attack?  Probably not.  It IS under judgment.  But judgment is not always a bad thing.

In a court of law, when a verdict is found, it is a corrective, judicial matter.  The punishment is given not only to punish the wrong doing, but in hopes that the guilty won’t commit the crime again.  In a best case scenario, the guilty as charged will confess of their wrongdoing.

This is all God is wanting from those caught up in the modern-day church system to do…is to confess their wrongdoing.  To repent.

It’s not an attack.  It’s an act of love that your church is under judgment.

Repent before it’s too late!