Kicked Out of the Church? You’re Not Alone…Or Bad!

10 Feb


Pam Sheppard was a minister/pastor in a mainline denomination for over two decades.  In this video, she tells of her experiences within the institutionalized church.

I, too, was kicked out of a church.  I was pregnant with my now 18 year old daughter.  The pastor preached on me, rebuked me and told me to leave his church because I refused to sell praline pecan candy at the local Wal-Mart in Louisiana.  I was like 8 months pregnant and my feet were swollen like tree logs!

Pam and I both came to the realization that the institutionalized church was NOT the place to be.  We had went in seeking more of God, and we both believe that GOD HIMSELF orchestrated a chain of events that led to us being rejected by mainstream religion…NOT because we were bad people, or rebellious.


I know there are people who will never accept the ‘COME OUT OF HER’ message.  They will maintain that people who teach this are nothing more than a group of people who have been wounded within the church system.  They haven’t found the ‘right’ church, implying that ‘their church’ is the right one.  They will say we are bitter, blah, blah, blah.


We are an enlightened group of people who recognize the voice of God above the hoopla and hype of religion and charis-mania.   And we believe that there are other people who are hearing the same thing.

If THIS is you, Call Call 518-477-5759.

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