Demons in Church – Could It Be So?

11 Feb

Could it be that demons are in the church?  Oh, we know about the people who come to church seeking deliverance.  They come to the altar or participate in private deliverance sessions in church…but they leave both no better than when they came.  Demons of addiction, pornography, perversion, depression, illness, varied forms of mental illness.

These are all obvious demons we KNOW about, KNOW they exist in the church.

But there are OTHER types of demons in the church.

They are called religious demons.

Religious demons are evil forces that mask themselves as good that will do ANYTHING to protect the institutionalized church, a ministry, a preacher, a fellowship, or any other religious-or even spiritual-entity.  Many of these are now functional cults and don’t even realize it!

I have seen demonic manifestations of the religious nature in CHURCH.  I have personally seen demonic manifestations while during a church service, one while we were still a part of the institutionalized church, the other occurred when we visited a service last year.

I have seen religious demons manifest, harass me, watch me, stare at me, and torment my children.  All while participating during so-called worship services.

My question has always been, ‘If the presence of God so permeates this place where I worship, how is it that these religious demons can have such free reign…in ‘the presence of God?’

The problem is many don’t even recognize when a religious demon is manifesting right before their eyes.  They mistake the manifestation for ‘a move of God.’  But over time, God started giving me discernment into what I really was dealing with.

I have seen religious demons manifest in the most mega of churches to house churches.

How do they manifest?

In ‘Faces of a Religious Demon,’ Pam Sheppard gets into detail on the many faces of religion.

Don’t think it is strange that this sort of thing happens today.  The Book of Revelations speaks of ‘the synagogue of Satan.’ Demons simply are dwelling where they have been categorically and openly invited to STAY.

You need to get a copy of Faces of a Religious Demon’ to help you discern the religious from the godly.

It COULD be a matter of life and death…

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