The Enemy Calls Preachers, Too!

16 Feb

“…the devil was telling me in my sleep, this was supposed to who I was supposed to be…”

In the video above, Pam talks about her experience of being ‘called into the ministry.’

She goes into detail of her heart’s disclosure(s) when she got the call…as she asks the hard questions that EVERYONE who is entering ministry should ask themselves.

And not only is it necessary to ask the hard questions, but to answer them…honestly.

In Pam Sheppard’s ‘Faces of a Religious Demon,’ I learned many things about the religious spirit.  Or rather, a lot of things I already felt were true in my spirit were repeated in this book.  It is by far one of the best books I have ever read.

What Pam and I both have concluded is that the enemy-in the form of a religious spirit-oftentimes will make a person believe that they are called into the ministry.  Many do not really grasp that concept because for so long in the institutionalized church, the ministry has been glamorized and made to be somewhat of a career.  When really it is a life of serving.

The religious spirit will use many supernatural means to call and confirm the call.  Many who are prone to be bamboozled into believing lies from the enemy are those who are strongly attracted to supernatural signs, those who are naturally manipulating and controlling, those who lust for power, fame, and fortune, and those who love to be the center of attention.

It is SO important to examine ourselves thoroughly before making any commitment to ministry of any kind.  We have to try the spirits and see if they be OF GOD.

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