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The Church is Blind….

20 Feb

The above video is an R & B artist known at ‘L’il Mo.’   L’il Mo is doing praise and worship service at a church.  I ran across this video last week, and I thought to myself, ‘Wow, she is really talented.’  This video was recorded in April 2011.

She had the crowd wow’ed and everything as you just saw.

But then a few minutes after looking at that video, I saw the video below.

What a stark contrast to the first video!

This video was recorded late last year, like October 2011.

Now, most people in church would comment that Li’il Mo was ‘anointed’ and they felt ‘the anointing’ in the first video.  I felt something, too.  But it was NOT THE anointing of the Holy Ghost.

The sad part is most of the church world do not know the difference between THE anointing and AN anointing.

Most of the church is-like I stated in the title-BLIND.

L’il Mo is RELIGIOUS.  And the ENEMY has anointed her.

But most in the religious world won’t ever recognize it.  This is why flaming, out-of-the-closet homosexuals can lead congregations as a pastor or in worship.  This is why sex offenders can oversee a flock, unobstructed.  This is why drug addicts-from the pulpit to the pew-are dropping dead like flies…OD’ing like they lived in crackhouses most of their lives.

Because NO ONE recognizes the REAL anointing.



It is high time we know the difference.

Remember in my post about religious spirits:



It is NOT in the performance; it is in the immediate AND long-standing RESULTS!

The Black Church and Whitney Houston

20 Feb

Wenona Russ is the first new author published by Pam Sheppard Publishing, the author of the e-book, “the Making of a False Prophet.”

In this video, Wenona  makes some salient comments relative to the failure of the institutional church to conduct successful interventions with its troubled and addicted flock.

However, I have a different take on the issue.  In my book, “Come Out of Her God’s People,” you will find these words:


There Are Plagues in the Institutional Church

“It is ironic to note that the very conditions conducive to the pervasive emergence of the plagues of the organized church thrive in Her ability to weaken, distort, mis-apply, and discard Her primary reason for existing, namely the revelation of both the cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.” Beside preaching the gospel so that the Holy Ghost can convict and convert, the most important responsibility of the church of Jesus Christ is to tend the sheep.  Jesus was very particular about the mandate of safety and protection.”

Whitney’s church gave her a memorable “going home” service, yet they failed miserably to protect one of their own from the evil music industry whose favor they  flagrantly seek, evidenced by the exaltation of worldly superstars at the center stage of their “holy” place.  The backlash?  Whitney drowns in a bathtub.

Her death may appear to be an accident.  On the surface, it seems so.  The spiritual truth is  that Whitney’s death is a plague upon the church because they have kept  one foot in the “house of God” and the other foot— in the world.

  The wages of sin is death.  Not so much the death of a phenomenal icon, but the death of the church system  who adored  her. The institutional church idolized  Whitney Houston  and out of a lust to bask in her superstardom, churchfolk  could  not protect her with their prayers or their counsel.