How Religion Allows 2 People to Marry, That Leads to Destruction

22 Feb

Shirley Ceasar in the above video shares what she would want Whitney Houston’s ‘legacy’ to be.  In other words, what lesson can be learned through this all.

I found it amazing that she was as blunt as she was about Whitney marrying Bobby Brown led to her very destruction.

We need to take heed to this.

In my YouTube video, I rebuked Marvin Winans for marrying Whitney and Bobby, based upon the scripture that admonishes believers to not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers.  I taped another video on YT last year about that very topic-being unequally yoked together with unbelievers.

I have been saying this more and more since then, by leading of the Holy Ghost.

When two people marry, they MUST make sure that it is GOD who is leading them to marry, and NOT a religious spirit.

Yes, religious spirits will lead people to marry.  Religious spirits will send prophets to give confirmation of a prophecy about getting married, and to whom.  Religious spirits will send spiritual experiences to mimic the Holy Ghost…in efforts to try to trap you in a marriage that is sent STRAIGHT FROM THE ENEMY.  With the intent of DESTROYING YOU!

Religious spirits-in the form of preachers, who do NOT have your best interest at heart, will marry two people, not caring about the souls or destinies of those two people they marry.

The Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown fiasco is one of the most well-known sagas of marriages gone bad.  But anyone with an inkling of Holy Ghost KNOWS that they were two UNEQUALLY yoked people.  Period.  And ANY pastor who was looking out for these two would NOT have joined them in holy matrimony.

But this is happening more and more as the church fester under judgment.

So it is no wonder that ANY marriages instituted within a place under judgment will end in judgment as well.

We not only hear of the rise of ‘christian divorces,’ but all we have to do is look at the last 5 years or so of all the scandals in christian marriages.  This is no accident, neither is it an attack from the enemy.


That is one of the plagues of the modern day church. SET by the Hand of God.  They who are joined together BY GOD, NO man can put asunder.  If it gets put asunder, then that means GOD DIDN’T PUT IT TOGETHER IN THE 1ST PLACE!

This is a ploy of the enemy to mock the institution of marriage, that IS ordained by God.  But ONLY IN GOD.

The institution of same sex marriages, the pushing of rights for homosexuals and lesbians, and the putting together of fake, unequally yoked marriages within the organized church are devices ALL set by the enemy so that marriage would be dishonored, rather than honored.

I personally believe it is better in these last days to be alone and unmarried, than to be married today.

But if you choose to marry, I’m like Paul. Read your Word, know you’re in for a ride, stay in the Spirit, and act like you’re NOT married. (1 Corinthians 7)



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