Out of Touch With Reality…The Mass Trend Towards Denial, Part 1

29 Feb

Let’s face it:  we live in a stressful world.  We have been told that stress is actually good for us.  So, in varying degrees, we either embrace stress, or we go to the other extreme and do whatever is necessary to get rid of stress.

How do YOU ‘de-stress?’

Still others-no matter what their religious or spiritual backgrounds-find alternative ways to deal with stress.  I will say that a majority of the population deals with stress by denying that it is there, or that it even exists in their lives.

The ways that they deal with that stress varies.

Some do yoga, meditation, hypnosis. Some leave their bodies in spiritual exercises that is known as astral projection (Mental vacations, imagining you are somewhere else when you’re really right there, etc.)  Some induce trances, either medically, spiritually, or naturally.

Some have plenty of sex-on the prowl for that orgasm or ejaculation that will propel them in another time and place, even if its only for a few seconds or minutes.  Some will participate in all kinds of sexcapades and dangerous sexual fantasies, because the last encounter only fueled a desire for MORE encounters.  Another realm of sexual satisfaction-reaching that next orgasm or ejaculation becomes just like a drug addict looking that their next high…

Some will do drugs.  Ectasy, crack, heroin, cocaine, reefer, and a host of other drugs are in demand as they are by a population of people who are looking to ‘de-stress’ from something.

Some will get drunk.  (Why do you think they call alcohol ‘spirits?’)

Some will go to church and participate in all kinds of spiritual exercises to allow themselves to be put in an altered state of consciousness.  Some call it ‘in the spirit.’  What spirit is the million dollar question?

Some will allow preachers with DL lifestyles to lay hands on them to ‘cast a demon out’ of them.  Some will allow another language to come forth out of them, thinking that it is the Holy Ghost.  Some will run and dance all over a building.  (I have personally been in a church service where a man literally rammed his head into a wall, cracking the wall.  Actually putting a head-sized hole in the wall of the sanctuary! We had tauted that the Holy Ghost had ‘moved’ in that place….smh)

Some will allow their favorite mega preachers to call on gods, and then wave their hands over the audience, and then will fall to the ground, stating that they were ‘slain in the spirit.’  Again, WHAT spirit slew you?????

What do ALL of these people have in common?

They ALL are looking for ways to get out of touch with THEIR REALITIES!

THEY are ALL looking for ways to de-stress.

We live in a society that does NOT want to deal with REAL REALITY.  With the amazing rise of so-called ‘reality shows’ that have cropped up on television, you would think that society embraces reality, thus, embracing TRUTH.

Isn’t reality nothing more than THE TRUTH?

The problem is that society wants its own brand of reality-its own brand of truth, and NOT THE TRUTH.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth IS the WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE!

When HE is rejected, then the ones rejecting Him have no other choice but to create their brand(s) of truth.

What better way to do that than to ALTER (OR CHANGE) THE MASSES STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS?

When you do not LOVE THE TRUTH, God promises that He would send a STRONG DELUSION, to make people BELIEVE A LIE! (Romans 1)

I asked God to reveal to me what was with the RISE in people being interested in being in altered states of consciousness?  Being an intellectual, I find it foolish and even dangerous to give our minds over to another power.  To allow another total control or access into our minds.  When we do this-no matter by what means-this gives the devil FREE ACCESS to implant demons in our lives to oppress and-in some cases-possess us.

And by writing this article, He has shown me why.

It is a very dangerous thing to be in denial, because then denial leads to deception.

Masses and masses of people are being deceived-in AND out of the church.

Whatever you do in this hour, don’t lose your head.  Don’t lose your mind.  Don’t give ANYONE total access and control to your mind and spirit.  Be very aware of who prays for you, preaches or teaches to you.  Don’t do drugs, drink, or get caught up in new age practices.  Stop chasing sexcapades.

Deal with your reality.  The truth of it, no matter how painful.  Allow yourself to feel the pain of whatever has come your way, then give it to God.

Let GOD allow you to de-stress and lay your burdens ON HIM.

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