How Do People Become Addicted???

4 Mar

Addiction has always been a mystery to me.  For as long as I can remember, I have always wondered what makes a person become addicted…whether it be to drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, or anything.


The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

The fact of the matter is that anyone can become to anything at any given moment in their lives.

What I have been trying to figure out is why they become addicted.

It became necessary for me to look into and study this.  Pray about it.  And through a combination of not only study and prayer, but divine connections with those who have insight into these types of matters, I believe God has finally begun to help me to begin to unravel the mystery behind addiction (the mystery behind addiction within the ‘church’ as well).

People choose to become addicted to substances and behaviors because they are looking for a form of escapism from their reality (I touched on this on another post about the altered state of consciousness).

Everybody is looking for an escape.  An escape from busyness.  An escape from the rat race.  An escape from stress.  An escape from drama, problems, trials and tribulations.  An escape from the reality of our lives.

I called it in the last article on this ‘the Mass Trend Towards Denial.’

The fact is this tendency is massive among the population.  We as a society are more stressful now than ever before.  We are living in the last days, when things are prophesied in the Word of God to be extremely perilous (1 Timothy 3:1).

And as we draw closer and closer towards the end of times, more stress is inevitable.  At least for those who don’t know Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

And since religion has done a masterful job at getting the masses UNfamiliar with the REAL Jesus Christ and MORE familiar with the ‘another’ Jesus, it is no wonder that more and more people are seeking ways of deliverance, peace and relief from the stress and pressures of the last days.

When people keep denying truth-a love for the truth-God promises to give them over to a lie, to strong delusion.

Masses and masses of people deny truth.  Some willfully, intentionally…others unknowingly, ignorantly.  NO matter the intent, when the enemy sees the denial of truth, then he has access to the souls of man, to impart untruth, false doctrine, false teaching and lies.

So people who are looking for relief from stress and relief from (demonic) torment in their lives seek relief through alcohol, sex, gambling, …and even RELIGION.

YES…RELIGION and CHURCHANITY indeed can be addictions!

The subtleness of the enemy is to lull churchgoers into a false sense of security-to rationalize and justify their behavior by concluding that avid churchgoing is ‘the right thing to do,’  Most have been raised in church all of their lives.  They know nothing BUT church.  I mean, if you listen to the average sermon preached on a Sunday morning, you can hear the preacher talk about ‘leaving your problems at the door’ and ‘entering the sanctuary’ with praise and thanksgiving.

In other words, the preacher (who is nothing more than an enabler) is encouraging people to get in denial about what they really are dealing with and going through-even if only for a few hours-and ‘get your praise on!’

The praise and worship leaders, the altar workers, the prophets…they are all enablers, enabling churchgoers to become ‘addicted’ to attending church, churchanity and religion-with all its varied forms & products of placation, pacification and flattery.

Mega preachers are counting on the masses being ‘stressed out,’ so they pump out books, CDs, DVDs, conferences and the such supposedly centered around and promising ‘deliverance.’  Psalmists with recording contracts have replaced YOUR voice, so now in order to get into the presence of God, you GOT to go and purchase your favorite gospel artist so they can ‘usher you into the presence of God.’

And all they are doing is ushering in ‘another spirit,’ a spirit that is NOT God,  It is a fake anointing.  A fake glory.  A fake shekinah.

The Word tells us to sing TO OURSELVES in psalms and spiritual songs.  We ALL have access to the presence of God now.  No ushers are needed.  No third persons, no mediators needed…JESUS CHRIST of NAZARETH is IT!

But these ‘preachers’ profit off you needing them.  They profit off your dysfunction.  They profit off your ‘needing a word.’  They profit off your need to escape from your reality.  They are counting on it.  As a matter of fact, these leaders start getting nervous when you start growing in the things of GOD, and start hearing from God FOR YOURSELF.  They get nervous when their conference attendance and sales dwindles.  So they got to tap into another form of escapism.

They GOT to get YOU addicted to their ministry!

They are nothing more than spiritual pushers, enablers, feeding your need to escape from reality.  Feeding your need to not see what YOU NEED TO SEE.  THE TRUTH!  

I came across a really good site that talks about the enabling personality.  I encourage you to read ‘Enabling Personality’ by J. Lawson and see the shocking similarities of the enabler as presented on this site and the actions and practices of leadership in mainstream Christianity.

You will be utterly amazed…

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