Unequally Yoked NEVER Works, Part 4

14 Mar

When one is an unequally yoked marriage, the couple is not happy.  Because the two cannot walk together, they grow apart.  And the enemy uses the spiritually weaker/unsaved party to continuously try to keep the saved party-the one at least trying to be spiritual-down.  In the flesh.

What happens a lot of times is that women will invariably ‘stand by their man’ not only due to love, but also out of pride and religious deception…and fear.  A woman will realize that her marriage is over, the husband can be abusing her, humiliating her, not taking care of her or the kids, cheating on her, on drugs…the whole nine.  But ESPECIALLY in the CHURCH, a woman will stick to it.  She will fast, pray, rub oil on his shoes and pillow..all kinds of witchcraft and what not…all so that she can be spared the humiliation of a failed marriage.

This is what happened later on in the marriage of Bobby and Whitney.  She KNEW it was over, but to save face, because her religious upbringing had taught her she is to stick to her marriage vows NO MATTER WHAT, and because she didn’t want to have to admit to the public that she HAD married the wrong guy, she stayed in a marriage that was unhealthy.  She did drugs with her husband, to cope the pain of the failed marriage AND to have something to do with her husband, in attempts to be one with him.

When you are unequally yoked, home life, married life is miserable.  You may do things you wouldn’t normally do to cope with the pain and disappointment of the failing/failed marriage.  It doesn’t matter if you go to church/saved, highly anointed, in ministry or whatever.  When you try to stay and work it out, and pray that man thru-even if that man CHOOSES to not be saved and is NOT budging, or vice versa-then life is miserable.  You are two roommates living in the same home.

You may do things to ease the pain. Or you may be a workaholic or a ‘ministry-a-holic,’ you find reasons to find more work to do, or more ‘ministry’ to do.  Women throw themselves into keeping house or raising their kids…or even spend all their spare time at church or doing ministry, throw themselves into their  careers.  Or they seek solace in adulterous affairs, porn, drugs, alcohol…yet, they remain together.  ANYTHING so the spouses do not have to face the truth-that the marriage is over.  It was over before they ever said ‘I do.’

This is what happened with Whitney & Bobby.

We all know how the story ends with those two.  They divorce…and Whitney continues to spiral downwards.  She later on develops a relationship with ANOTHER ‘bad boy,’ actor/singer Ray J, who is several years her junior.  Another unequally yoked relationship.  Ray J in no way, shape or form was seeking the ‘peace that surpasses all understanding.’  As a matter of fact, he taped a sex video with Kim Kardashian.  He was just trying to break into the music scene to follow the footsteps of his famous sister, R & B artist Brandy.

Whitney stated in these videos she never drank when her and Bobby were together, just did drugs.  Yet, hours before her death, she had been drinking.  This indicates to me that she had picked up a demon from her ex husband Bobby…of alcoholism.  The drugs didn’t become enough.  Plus, doctors had to give her meds to go to sleep, to wake up…sort of to replace the cocaine and weed she did for years.

Whitney was NEVER healed from her unequally yoked marriage and physical and emotional abuse she suffered with Bobby.  She just sought solace in another troubling relationship, prescription drugs, alcohol and the revelry of her ‘fans.’

I want to also point out that in the video, she states that WHILE doing drugs, she would be listening to gospel and reading her bible.  It is said that hours before her death, she was doing the same thing: listening to John P. Kee.

Yet NONE of that was able to save her life.

A VERY sad and mocking ending to a beautiful, talented star…but a woman who fell for the trap of the enemy and entered into an unequally yoked union.

I want you, ladies and gents, to take a good long look at this.  If you get nothing else from these articles on Whitney and Bobby, walk away with the understanding that you CANNOT and MUST NOT be unequally yoked in marriage.

Understand that the devil DOES send mates, just as God does.  And their whole mission is to destroy YOU!

Do NOT take this lightly!

But take it as a warning.  Don’t marry lightly, harriedly, without weighing all the costs.  KNOW who you are marrying.  Seek GOD diligently about your mate-to-be.

Anybody can ‘act saved,’ until the wedding.

Then the mask comes off!


You are better off staying unmarried than marrying someone who is not saved!

8 Responses to “Unequally Yoked NEVER Works, Part 4”

  1. FreeSpirit October 25, 2016 at 8:43 am #

    Whitney was unequally yoked with the world long before she married Bobby Brown. Jesus said to “love not the world or the things of the world (music industry is controlled by satanists). Whoever loves the world does not have the love of the Father in him.” (paraphrased). Just sayin……..


    • Pam Sheppard Publishing October 25, 2016 at 11:45 am #

      I would go one step further. just because Whitney was raised in church does not mean she was born again. In fact, her behavior suggests otherwise, as she was I living a fleshly life for way too long. So I would not say she was “unequally yoked.” She was of the world, and just like most she knew, she was playing church.


  2. HurtingTiredSista April 26, 2013 at 4:38 pm #

    Okay, so now what? I’m 6 years into a marriage with a man who is good on the outside: a job, takes care of the house, worships the ground I walk on but is more interested in car racing than reading the Bible or getting to know God. His complains have worn me out. I’ve ruined my credit, lost a job, lost 2 cars and 2 houses. I’ve even sold off all my possessions to keep us afloat because he just doesn’t GET IT. His family hates me because I’m black and I’ve had to school him more than once on using the n-word. I have 2 small children and now they’ve found some sort of ‘hypodensity” on my liver. But I have no medical insurance because he works at a job where they don’t pay him enough to afford it.

    What do I do in THIS case? When everything seems to be so squeaky clean on the outside but isn’t? I’ve told him I want a separation but he wants to take my children. I can’t leave them, especially my son, to be raised by a bunch of racists.


  3. Clarinda March 14, 2012 at 8:29 pm #

    I am under the impression that you believe that Bobby was the beginning of Whitney’s demise but you neglect to mention that Whitney was a drug addict before Bobby came along and it was also all known that she was in a lesbian affair. Her marriage to Bobby was to try and clean up her image. I agree that they were unequally yoke, but she had major issues before he ever entered the picture. It is highly unfair to make it seem as though he was the reason her life was in shambles. Furthermore, in her interview with Oprah, I felt she was being very deceptive with her answers. I actually feel that she caused Bobby to fall deeper into the dark side. It’s not a coincidence that once he got away from Whitney he was able to clean himself up and get off drugs. Whitney funded that lifestyle for them both, that brother was broke and had to sleep in his car after their divorce. We need to own up to the fact that Whitney was her own worse enemy.


    • wenonaruss March 15, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

      I believe the enemy sent Bobby into Whitney’s life to further fuel her demise. I don’t know if you read all my installments, but I did state in one of them that the enemy’s FIRST plan of attack was to make Whitney rich and famous. In another blog, I mention the fact that I do believe that even though Whitney states she had a ‘happy’ chlidhood, I don’t believe this is the case. I do believe she grew up in a highly religious culture, which NEVER can be ‘happy.’ There definitely was some dysfunction in that house and/or church coming up. The thing is we will never really know of it b/c she took it to her grave. The whole point of the entire series is not to ‘demonize’ Bobby, but to state very real facts and tactics of how the enemy sets up women by getting them to enter into unequally yoked marriages…to cause their demise. That is not to say that these women do not already have issues or sin they are dealing with…but that is NOT the issue discussed HERE. I simply warn the ladies of entering into marriages that are NOT God’s Will for their lives. Because all that will do is cause them to further tumble into MORE dysfunction, drama, trauma, and despair. MANY women knowingly enter into these marriages because there is something in their lives missing, or they grew up in religious and/or abusive settings. I used Bobby & Whitney as an example of what can happen in unequally yoked marriages b/c it is one of the most popular and well-known stories of such. But the reality is this is happening IN THE CHURCH…often. And it HAS to stop…Let’s stay focused on the issue, not the celebs. Appreciate ur comments!


      • Clarinda March 16, 2012 at 12:09 am #

        I thought that I was talking about the issue. I was not really focusing on who they are, but rather where they were already in their lives. Truthfully, I just feel that this example is not the best as ANYONE that Whitney married would have been unequally yoked to her as another druggie wouldn’t do, a saved man wouldn’t have even thought about it at all. Whitney was not saved at the time of her marriage to Bobby and really had no business marrying any one at that time even if he truly was the right man.
        I understand totally the point you are trying to make, but you made several statements about each individual that are just assumptions.Things that if you never talk to them personally you will never know. The topic you chose is a very good one and I agree with your overall idea, but I just don’t see how that particular couple is a good example. Be ye not unequally yoked was a message given to the saved ones, not the sinners and Bobby and Whitney both were clearly sinners. Actually, I said earlier that they were unequally yoked, but I retract that statement as they were both drug addicts, and each abusive in their own way to each other. The only areas they weren’t equal on was income.
        Now scores of church women are entering into these type relationships and most of the time it’s because she just wants a man. I’ve never been to a church that ever told anyone who to choose as a mate, but I have been to many that have lonely, churchy, women that want a man and that causes them jump into covenant with the first brother that even pretends he interested. The devil has indeed sent these men as he knows what we all desire and will take any opportunity to set us up for the fall and single women must be on guard at all times.



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