When the Enemy Sends a Husband, Part 1

14 Mar

I have said on several occasions that women MUST be careful on whom they choose to marry.  I have said it so much as a matter of fact that, at first glance, it may seem I am against marriage.  Nothing can be further from the truth.

I am ALL for marriage, as GOD describes and intended it, between ONE man and ONE woman, both in the will of God, equally yoked, going about the Kingdom of God.

What I am against is the mockery that the enemy has made of marriage today.  It is an all-out attack of the enemy…twofold.  One, to either have you support (or be silent) on same sex marriages or two, to allow IN THE INSTITUTION THAT IS KNOWN AS CHURCH for a multitude of marriages to be put together BY RELIGION and NOT BY GOD.

This can have disastrous results.

I want you to look at the following video of Whitney Houston as she talks to Oprah on how she met Bobby Brown.

Whitney states that Bobby brought out the passionate side of her, and her marriage to him sort of served as a form of escape from the stresses of Hollywood life.

I want you to notice that it did NOT matter if the world thought and actually KNEW that Bobby and Whitney were GROSSLY unequally yoked.  The more they spoke out against them being together, the stronger Whitney ‘held on and fought’ for her marriage.  In the few minutes before the above video started, Whitney shared how she didn’t want to be famous, that she wanted to be a regular stay-at-home mom.  All the money and fame meant nothing to her.  She constantly sought solace and refuge from the probing eye of the media.

She temporarily found it in the arms of Bobby Brown.

The enemy knows what we like, ladies.  And he will send him, JUST like we like them.  The enemy has been studying us…our WHOLE lives.  So he knows what the kryptonite is in our lives.

I am convinced if Whitney had simply walked away from fame and fortune, she would still be alive today.  And perhaps she would have never had a drug problem to begin with.

When the enemy sends a husband, that man is going to know how to push all our buttons.  Bobby knew just what button to push with Whitney.  Here she was, a church girl who became America’s ‘black princess’ (as Oprah called her) and became rich and famous.  But at a price.  As beautiful and as talented as Whitney was, she still had insecurities, hangups, issues…by her own admission.

Unfortunately, the fame and fortune only served to cover up whatever issues were in Whitney’s life.  And left a crack open for the enemy to enter in…

In part 2, I will go into further detail of HOW the enemy came in….

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