Birthing our Destinies? Or Demons?

30 Mar

By Wenona Russ

I was googling ‘Spiritual Midwives’ – expecting to see such greats such as Juanita Bynum, Cindy Trimm, or TD Jakes.  This is in light of my last post about birthing Ishmaels/false conversions.  And you will be surprised at what I found!

In my last post, I went into detail about birthing things that were of God, and birthing things that are NOT of God.  We hear a LOT of talk about birthing our spiritual destinies.  We hear people boast about being ‘spiritual midwives,’ in the church.  I personally don’t remember hearing this term until maybe a decade or so ago.  Well known preachers brought in this teaching and doctrine that THEY were needed to help ‘birth out’ the destiny of others.  Supposedly, whatever the will of God is for our lives is so ‘hard’ to manifest on its own so now God needs the help and arm of flesh to bring about what HE has purposed and destined for our lives?

Let the Vision Come From Within You – Bishop TD Jakes


How presumptious.  How arrogant.  How prideful for us to think that God needs OUR help to do what HE wills to do in our lives!

And many jumped on the bandwagon because it sounded so religious and deep…never questioning where this concept or teaching came from.

Well, anyway…

I came across this lady named Ina May Gaskin.  She came up with the term/phrase Spiritual Midwifery in the 1970s.  She is considered the Mother of Midwifery.  She started out a hippie trying to make the childbirth experience for mothers a more pleasant and intimate one; in the 60’s and before, women were put to sleep and woke up no longer pregnant.  Without the ability to bond with their babies in those crucial moments immediately after birth.

Gaskin actually wrote a book entitled Spiritual Midwifery.  I want you to read this excerpt from the book in the late 70s. You will be amazed!

“The following discussion on spiritual energy is based on observations made at more then 750 birthings. Every birth is Holy. I think that a midwife must be religious, because the energy she is dealing with is Holy. She needs to know that other people’s energy is sacred. 

Spiritual midwifery recognize that each and every birth is the birth of the christ child. The vow of the midwife has to be that she will put out one hundred percent of her energy to the mother and the child that she is delivering until she is certain that they have safely made the passage. This means that she must put the welfare of the mother and child first…”

Do you see that?

This ‘Spiritual Midwifery’ thing we see being pushed in the church has its roots in the New Age.  The whole concept of it worships the birth experience, even the child!  She speaks of energy and religious…terminology very well known in the New Age movement.  Take a look at other info found about spiritual midwifery at

“Spiritual Midwives are trained ministers of the seminary whose clairvoyant abilities are an essential ingredient in their spiritual counseling and healing with birthing families. They are trained professional spiritual counselors and spiritual healers. A spiritual midwife smoothes the way through prayer/meditation and spirit to spirit communication for the spirit to enter its body.”

Other spiritual midwives I found on the internet speak of their ‘spirit guides’ and operating in the 5th spiritual dimension….

We have been religiously taught that the birth of anything is wonderful, blessed..and holy.  This concept was borrowed (YES, I SAID BORROWED) from witches serve the agenda of the enemy to copy God’s (and man’s) ability to create.

We have to know why we do what we do and where did these things originate from in the church?  We have to ask the tough questions and make sure that what we are doing lines up with the Word of God.

These famous preachers were nothing more than instruments of satan to introduce doctrines of devils into the church.

Spiritual midwifery, birthing things in the spirit, is one of them.

Let’s stay prayerful in these end times.  Let’s try the spirits BY THE SPIRIT and see if they be of GOD!



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