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Set Free From A Spirit of Heaviness

24 Jul

My name is Maria.  I found Pam on Facebook in November 2011.  But before that everything had gone all over the place for me. I was having a lot of unexplained situations going on, accidents, constant demonic dreams and wake up fighting. A lot of darkness, while this was happening I was still going to the ic and had to be dealing with lots and lots of dirtiness, from the pulpit.

I read everything in the blog ‘settng  the captives free’, watched all the videos Pam had. I even got to a place where I didn’t read the bible at all for weeks because  I couldn’t. When I finally started reading the bible  again, I started seeing things that in the IC,  they would only stress on half the verse but not the other half. I mean I changed my whole looks, completely. It was hard at first, but I just had to cut loose frm religious hypocrisy, whatever it took— I did.  I started to understand more and see things that they say was truth was not what I saw in the bible.

Still all this time my communication with Pam was only on Facebook. I kept the ph# I saw but never called until less than a week ago.  I knew it was time to talk to her. So, I said ‘at least call and  just to say hello’. I was stalling a bit, trying to think in my mind or write what to say, but I was blank. I keep thinking I have nothing to say at all, why call anyways. But she agreed to set up a time for me to call.

 That morning,—7/20/2012— I was hoping that maybe the time would pass and I would just call it a day. But I called and the number was busy. So I call back and she answered.

My first impression?//  Pam was so calm.

I also didn’t know what to say, my head was empty. Pam was the one who really open up questions I didn’t even know how to answer, I felt so immature and a bit embarrassed to seek help. Pride!. She started to pray for me (which I didn’t expect,) and I started to feel things in my belly asap when a certain person name in my life was called, I felt dizzy and nauseous and had to lay on the floor, I mention other names of people. The feeling in my belly went to my neck and out my mouth. I didn’t know what was happening to me. Her prayers werent the loud rebuke and stuff I was used to in the IC, but it was producing a reaction in me. When she stopped, I just lay there feeling so different, I couldn’t explain it. It’s like this person (me) was someone I didn’t remember, as if I was taken over by someone else.

My body hurt me the whole day (never happen before). I heard voices  in my head telling me that  what had happened on that phone call  was not real, the prayers or talking to Pam and the voices said that  she didn’t know what she was doing. I ignored the voices  because immediately, I started to notice a change in me. All that weight that was on me, was gone. The heavy thoughts I had before I couldn’t even find them anymore.

 I know God used Pam to deliver me. After our Facebook conversation the next day,  I even felt lighter. I felt my old self again after so many years, the depression left and I was the happiest all day today.

The enemy will cause us to have negative thoughts about those helping us, but if our hearts are pure, the Holy Ghost will also deliver us from all these things and it will even be better for us to humble ourselves and let the help come. It’s not a self glory help or one of pride. It’s for our benefit. If I had step aside because of pride I would not have received Pam’s help, by what God had placed in her to give to me.

 I still have a ways to go, it’s a journey that I hope to complete as a faithful member of RESCUE Gold.

I thank God he kicked Pam out of the IC and then to let her know her time trying to help me was not wasted.

So it may be time for YOU to make that call.  You won’t be sorry.  518-477-5759