Secret Sins Hinder Deliverance

8 Jun

There are several reasons why there are no guarantees to deliverance. One of them is that demons are in the driver’s seat where secret sins are concerned.

Actually, the demons always know their target much better than I do. Even if I do everything right and cast the demons out,they know how to connive, scheme and pull the right triggers to set their target up again. For example, I am working with someone right now who is about 90 % free. she is very expressive, articulate and committed but I sense that there is something she is hiding or did not think was important enough to expose.

Sometimes people are unwilling to tell anybody about something they’ve done in their past because it is so embarrassing. they also anticipate judgment and criticism. This is a device that evil spirits often employ in order to keep a person from breaking free. It is important to be able to trust the deliverance worker with whom you are exposing the secret sins of your past and present because as The Lord said, it is the truth that really sets a captive free. Finding the legal rights that evil spirits are holding on to is like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. that is the reason why I developed the deliverance counseling model. My approach to deliverance is about finding that needle and plucking it out. This process takes time.

What religious people expect is that they don’t need to expose their dark secrets because they assume that a a deliverance minister is so anointed and God himself will tell him or her what is hidden. On occasion He does. yet that is rare.
so when I get these calls where the desperate captive says “pray for me,” I generally know what they mean. They assume if I can cast out their demons! I should know what to pray for and therefore they don’t need to tell me their business. I am just going to supernaturally know what to do and they can keep their secrets to themselves.

Here is a noteworthy incident.

consider the case of Laura. I was shown in a dream that Laura was about to commit suicide because she had fornicated with her husband’s former girlfriend. The three of them had been friends long before Laura married Sam. The two women were secretly sleeping with each other while one of them was also sleeping with Sam. Now that Laura had married Sam, the other woman, Doris, threatened to tell Sam out of spite. This was working on Laura’s mind. A former addict, she relapsed as a Charismatic Christian and had come to me for deliverance. she could not stop drinking yet she was a faithful Charismatic churchgoer who also spoke in tongues.

So Laura’s secret was revealed to me in a supernatural way. I was also shown that Laura would try to commit suicide as well as kill her young child that very day. I ran to Laura’s house, and sure enough, the place was pitch black on a sunny day, reeking of the smell of five or more huge garbage bags filled with empty bear cans. Laura was also saying strange things like her child was demon possessed, acting like she wanted to harm her.

I called the father and asked him to come and get the child! and then I packed up Laura and took her with me? that very day,
I cast demons from Laura, and from my understanding, she has not relapsed in 30 years, serving as an addiction counselor and a nurse most of that time.

So it would seem all was well and that this woman was successfully delivered because God intervened and told her secrets to me.

But guess what?

It was all a trick of a religious spirit.

The supernatural info I received came from the enemy. How do I know? Because The evil spirits turned around and used Laura against me in more ways than I can describe in this post. The supernatural exposure was a set up, aimed not at me delivering her but in setting ME up. if you have my books, then read up on the one I call LAURA, Laura is mentioned in Come out of her, God’s People, and a few other books, as I learned a lot from my work with her.

So I say, if you need deliverance, you may need to EXPOSE YOURSELF. otherwise, don’t seek me to set you free. Just grit your teeth and bear it. And if I do become your deliverance worker, don’t blame me for not being able to set you free. blame the fact that you hid the truth.


5 Responses to “Secret Sins Hinder Deliverance”

  1. baiy June 21, 2014 at 9:50 pm #

    I am demon possessed and i need God but i know the spirit of god has left me as he did saul. I feel myself getting worst each day. I grew up in the church and a month ago i started doubting jesus and the bible.. the thoughts took control it may have turned into unbelief… its like a nightmare my mind wouldnt let go. Then i read a verse the blaspheme chapter and then my mind automatically everytime i said the holy spirit would go to the name that they called the evil spirit. I knew it wasnt true i didnt believe it but its like when you try not to think of something you think it constantly. It was driving me insane. My thought
    S were so rebellious and my in my head i think i was just saying disrespectful things to God(as a fool does). I told him i didn’t need him then i would say in my mind that’s not true then i would just speak to him 24/7 because i felt like if i didn’t I’d lose contact with him but all that i thought was trash. Now I’ve asked for forgiveness so many times but its only granted through the holy spirit. I know im possessed by demons. I also believe jesus is lord and that he came in the flesh and he is the son of god amen. At this point i have tingling all over my body face and head and pain sometimes and movement in my stomach. My pupils are black and dialated and sore starting to push out. Im unable to retain memory. My heart lungs(chest area) felt like it was being chewed and ripped apart so now i feel nothing emotionally. My voice is also starting to change. I just want the holy spirit, nothing more nothing less.

    I know the bible well and im 18 years old girl.
    I feel condemned but I still refuse to believe im not Gods child. Im trying to meditate on the word. Really it seems like its all hopeless and i will die soon(2months time) and go to hell but i refuse to believe it. Jesus said you shall know the truth and it shall set you free. He told the lady that touched his garment that her faith had made her whole. I am keeping hope. I do not deserve anything from God but eternal damnation, probably the worst out of any person. I have to keep my hope in christ.

    I have nothing left. I know jesus is everything and i believe it. I refuse to be like esau. I refuse to believe i sold my inheritance. I like jacob will wrestled with the Lord so he can bless my with himself. The lord will give me strength.

    What should i do


    • Pam Sheppard Publishing June 22, 2014 at 11:09 am #

      The very LAST thing you should do is speak in tongues or any other religious act.

      what should give you comfort is to know that you were never saved and therefore you cannot blaspheme the Holy Ghost.

      RESCUE is a deliverance ministry.
      Send an email to In it, explain how all of this began. someone will contact you in less than 24 hours.


      • Simon June 22, 2014 at 11:43 am #

        We agree on the follow up ministry of deliverance , but speaking in tongues is the voice of God , the word of God , you deleted my comment because of ego rather than committing to help this person and a different point of view, it seems to be your way or the highway , I appreciate its your blog but if you think your opinion and way of deliverance is the only way dont let people leave comments , youve lost my respect and subscription


        • Pam Sheppard Publishing June 22, 2014 at 11:50 am #

          You are correct. This is MY blog. I have appreciated all of your comments but I deleted the last one because I felt you were giving a desperate person advice that would make her torment worst.

          Ego has nothing to do with why I deleted your comment. I don’t know you or Baii so it’s not personal. But it seems to me that ego has a lot to do with what you have written above.

          I suggest you read BE DELIVERED FROM DELIVERANCE MINISTRY at


  2. Simon June 8, 2014 at 8:21 pm #

    Bless you , I love reading your posts , they are very informative and confirm that we are all doing Gods work , may God and the Holy Spirit be with you always , keep fighting on behalf of the divine as this war is involving more and more people


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