Generational Curse? Or Is It a Family Secret?

8 Nov

Although we encounter secrets in every area of life, they are perhaps most destructive among parents and other relatives. Why? Because families are support systems. . Therefore, If family members keep secrets from each other–or from the outside world–the emotional fallout can last a lifetime. Fallen angels and demons will use secrets as a target to keep families in bondage for generations. What deliverance ministries are calling generational curses are really the power of family secrets to keep all its members in bondage. Expose the secret and expose the bondage.

There are five main ways that family secrets shape Us and put us in bondage.

1. they can divide family members, permanently estranging them;

2. they can discourage us from being open and honest with people outside of the family. in other words, the secret blocks us from trusting others.

3. they can freeze development at crucial points in life, preventing the growth of self and identity;

4. they can lead to painful relationships within a family, causing unnecessary guilt, resentment, shame and doubt.

5. They leave an open door to demons to consistently attack.

i remember a case where a secret almost destroyed a woman I write about called LAURA. LAURA was charismatic and she was also an addict. when I look back on it now, this prolific tongue talker was not even saved. Anyway, the secret that kept her drinking was that when she was single, she had a best friend who was dating this guy, who LAURA ended up marrying. The secret was that the two women were sleeping together as well. Laura’s friend left town before Laura and the guy got married. now she was planning to come back to town and Laura was afraid that the girlfriend would tell her husband that Laura had been a lesbian, sleeping with his own girlfriend.

This secret haunted Laura and caused her to continue to relapse. I would not know the secret if I did not dream about what had happened and confronted Laura about the dream. She broke down and revealed the truth. I told Laura to go on ahead and take the power out of the devil’s hands and tell her husband. She did, it all worked out. This was 1983. Laura broke up with that husband and married another, so all of that original guilt and shame was for nothing anyway, she is now a drug counselor herself with decades of sobriety under her belt.

When a family secret exposes others in a damaging way, to be set free from it, it needs to be exposed to someone that you really trust. The trusted person should be neutral, with no personal agendas connected to anyone involved. Preferably, the best person to reveal the secret to is a professional counselor. In deliverance counseling, I treat the problem created by the secret, making the whole generational curse approach unnecessary. So if you’ve got a secret the enemy is using against you, get help and call 518-477-5759.

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