Truth and Deliverance

22 Apr

I have run into some intelligent, gifted people some of whom have worked in Pam Sheppard Ministries in some capacity.  However, I have  had to cut them loose and walk away when they insist that they are born again, when I perceive nothing in their testimony  that bares witness with the gospel of the cross and the resurrection.

Anyone who is unwilling to examine their rebirth testimony is one who  is under the influence of the enemy and will end up being quite dangerous to me and unfortunately, I cannot bring  them close.

  Why?  Because of this.

They have believed the enemy’s counterfeit and allowed religious demons to  persuade them that their conversion is not false. When you believe a lie, you become   an open vessels to obsession and possession, and therefore CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!! Anyone who lives with a delusion of salvation will eventually become a Judas to a true, born again believer. I have adjusted myself to let them go and be free to meet their own destruction face to face with the devil. 

Most tormented people don’t want to face this.  

Deliverance workers like myself are not responsible for anyone’s deliverance.  We did not cause the torment or the bondage.  What we should be responsible for is truth.  The captive is responsible to accept truth with hisor her own free will.  Demons have no authority to enter ANY human being unless they are invited.  That is why they concentrate on children who are under the authority of parents for their protection from evil spirits.  So if demons got their invitation into you by the failure of  your parents, it is up to you as an adult to use your free will to revoke that invitation.  

You can’t do it until you apprehend truth.

Here are some words about the importance of truth from Jessie Penn-Lewis:

There is a fundamental principle involved in the freeing power of truth from the deceptions of the devil. Deliverance from believing lies must be by believing truth . Nothing can remove a lie but truth. “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8: 32), is applicable to every aspect of truth, as well as the special truth referred to by the Lord when He spoke these words.

3 Responses to “Truth and Deliverance”

  1. Pam Sheppard Publishing April 27, 2015 at 6:02 pm #

    There is a freedom in the walk. I don’t have rituals, prayer points, fasting struggles, etc. I walk free. When I pray, I have lasting results. When I fast, I don’t turn down a plate. I simply have no hunger. I also have no fear of losing, making a mistake, being unprotected, not pleasing people. The fruits is what will set apart one who is REALLY born again from one who is laboring to do and be right. the “labors” have no love, joy, peace or patience. Everything they do is WORKS!


  2. Tee April 23, 2015 at 11:37 pm #

    It really baffles me when after being questioned about their salvation, many religious folks HAUGHTILY reply, “Oh, I KNOW I’m saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost!” They are so caught up in making it clear that they are “saved,” that they will not humble themselves to consider that maybe they don’t know God the way they think they do. There’s nothing wrong with considering that you might not be saved. Heck, I’d rather at least know up front, rather than take the chance of being in the dark, only to find out on the last day that the Lord never knew me!!!! That’s so silly to let pride get in the way! I believe that if people become defensive about examining their conversion, then that is a clear sign that something is wrong…that they have something to defend, to justify…that they are afraid that they will learn otherwise. What is the harm in examining your conversion? It can only help you in the long run, and bring you the truth, since we know that truth ultimately sets one free. I say, SET THE PRIDE ASIDE, AND EXAMINE YOURSELF TO SEE IF YOU ARE IN THE FAITH!


    • Pam Sheppard Publishing April 27, 2015 at 5:56 pm #

      During my deathbed visits, I have witnessed God save folk in 30 seconds before they died.

      When you get born again, you are not really a better person. Your rebirth is based upon Christ alone and WHO HE is and not who WE are.

      I have been born again 38 years. Am I a better person than I was. Yes. I think I am more likeable, easier to get along with. I had no patience before, and now I am loaded down with it.

      Yet the change is not because of me but because I did not fight the process. I know that gain often requires pain. Yet the more I stay in Him, the less painful my growth is.

      The difference between the born again good person and the one with a false conversion is that the born again one does not have to struggle to do the right thing. The fake conversion requires a lot of hard work to be different and the result is a lack of genuine fruit.


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