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Religious Bondage

27 Apr

Being in bondage to religion can cause all kinds of unhappiness, agony, fear, mental anguish, confusion and torment. Something has gotten a hold of your mind, and washed all of the common sense out of it. You no longer think for yourself. You no longer have control of your life. You just go through the motions, doing things because you believe that is what you are supposed to do to be “right with God.” You are believing things that really aren’t true, and are in bondage to those FALSE BELIEFS. There is a certain level of bondage one experiences when being caught up in religion. It changes your moral code, forces you to buy into certain beliefs, forces you to follow certain rules, and puts you in situations where certain expectations are established. There is no freedom in being brainwashed into conforming to a certain belief system, then structuring YOUR ENTIRE LIFE around it. To me, it feels like prison.

Now that I am no longer religious, I can take a step back and see it for what it truly is. From the outside looking in, there is no freedom to live your life without guilt. All of a sudden, you are EXPECTED to attend all types of church events and functions, and perform certain religious acts, just to maintain a certain level of “spirituality.” To put it plain, RELIGION IS BURDENSOME. Living for the Lord should NOT be burdensome. His yoke is EASY and his burden is LIGHT.

You have the right to NOT ATTEND any function you choose to not attend. You should not feel like you have to pray more, read the Bible more, or do more religious acts in order to get God to hear you, acknowledge you, or respond to you. God’s love is UNCONDITIONAL. He does not give blessings to people based on the amount or deepness of prayer, the amount of times you attend a church function, or the amount of religious works you perform. Remember, in TRUTH there is FREEDOM.