2 May


In this day and age, MOST professing Christians are too proud and stubborn to consider the fact that the religious teachings they have grown to love ARE ALL A LIE. They lack spiritual discernment, and HAVE NO IDEA about the darkness that has taken over the organized church. THEY ARE RELIGIOUS ZOMBIES. They will fight you about examining their salvation, even though Paul encourages in Ephesians to examine yourselves to see if you are in the faith. They will argue that they know scripture, all the while taking it out of context and misinterpreting it as a means to try to support their false beliefs. MOST WILL BE AGAINST WHAT WE PREACH. IN FACT, MOST ARE. THEY DON’T REALIZE THAT ANYTHING THAT IS WIDELY ACCEPTED SHOULD CAUSE THEM TO RAISE THEIR EYEBROWS. But they don’t consider that. Instead, they defend their religious beliefs with a closed-mind and keep God in a RELIGIOUS BOX. HMMMMMM……

The more you pursue truth, the more you will realize that your journey will NOT be popular. When you leave your religion behind, you WILL lose friendships…THAT’S A FACT. Some may be more surprising than others. MOST people are not interested in TRUTH. MOST people worship their religion so deeply, that they have no desire or respect for the truth. They wanna hear what makes them feel good. You will find that you have to use a lot of wisdom when preaching truth…a message that is NOT popular to even those whom you love dearly…your parents, your siblings, closest your friends, and sometimes even your spouse. Why? Because not everyone is READY for the truth, and quite frankly, not everyone is meant to know the truth. You cannot force it on a person. You cannot MAKE them believe you. You cannot make them see that the religion they are in is not of God, but instead a bunch of religious lies from the enemy. NO. All you can do is preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to them, and then you have got to leave it up to the Holy Ghost to open their eyes and truly SHOW them. It is NOT your job to convince anyone of the truth. No one convinced me to leave the false doctrines within organized church. I was led by the Holy Ghost, and I was led here.

We have to use a lot of spiritual discernment when folks are sent to us. Some are sent here by God, to use us to help undeceive a person, and others are sent by the devil to mock our ministry and cause confusion. So, what do we do? We wait and see. As we preach truth in here, it doesn’t take very long for us to tell the difference. When it is the enemy, religious demons in people who are bound by their religious beliefs will usually surface. They get haughty, argumentative, and start making it their business to quickly disprove what we are saying. When it is God, we see how BEAUTIFULLY the Holy Spirit operates in a person’s life to help them get set free. It is truly AMAZING to see, and we know that it was not US, but rather the Holy Ghost working to show someone something that otherwise would have been impossible by human efforts.

I simply preach the truth I know, and if by chance that person receives it, I know that the Holy Spirit must be working to undeceive that person.

Family and friends can be your biggest stumbling block and obstacle, and the enemy WILL use them to challenge you. DO NOT ALLOW THE ENEMY TO USE RELIGIOUS FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO TEMPT YOU AND INFLUENCE YOU TO RETURN TO CHURCH AND TO RELIGION. BE STRONG ENOUGH TO STAND ALONE. When you have a pure love for the truth, and if the Holy Spirit is truly undeceiving you, you will not waver on this. But know that the enemy WILL try to use ANY desire hidden within you to lure you back in. You’ve got to be vigilant enough to catch it. Religion is so ingrained in many of us, that oftentimes, it is difficult to make the distinction between a pure desire, led by the Holy Spirit, versus a hidden desire that will reveal your love for religion. It takes awhile to identify the religion within us, and detox ourselves from the very religion and religious acts that have shaped us, and influenced MANY of our life decisions. If you have been influenced by religion in any way, chances are the very beliefs, morals, and values you have are based on a religious foundation. IN RESCUE, YOU WILL BE CHALLENGED IN EVERY WAY BY THIS. For many religious folks, the TRUTH is a VERY difficult pill to swallow. It is painful, and will challenge everything you have ever believed that was taught to you BY THE ORGANIZED CHURCH.

Here’s a good tip: If it is the road the MAJORITY is taking, then it is most likely NOT the road to truth. If there is a less popular road that very few are taking, chances are it could be the right one. DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING, OR THINKING ABOUT YOU. YOU STAND FOR WHAT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT. After the Holy Ghost led me out of the organized church, all I wanted was the TRUTH. And I am glad I pursued truth, because in my pursuit of truth, I found RESCUE. RESCUE is my safe haven after having dealt with so much religion and false doctrine in the institutional church. RESCUE helped me to identify my religious beliefs and denounce them, all in the name of TRUTH. I like the truth that RESCUE brings, because it goes against every single religious belief I have ever had, and helps me to see the smoke in the mirrors, the reality of things vs. what I was taught for so many years. In RESCUE, I have gotten so much more teaching, spiritual growth, and authentic fellowship than I have EVER gotten being a part of the Institutional Church! I thank God for the ministry of RESCUE, that is a TRUE light in the darkness.

I am prepared to stand alone, because I have a love for truth, above everything else. How about you? When tough times and tests come, will YOU be prepared to stand alone? Or will you cave in to pressure from those around you? Do you have the will to stand against adversity? Will you stand your ground, or will the ground fall from up under you? Are you TRULY ready to let go of your religion? If you are ready to receive TRUTH, discard your religion, and stop following the CROWD, help is available. Contact RESCUE at 518-477-5759 or send an email to

Also, my pastor recently released a book specifically to help people stand alone.  Its called “The Church of the End-time Zombies.  You can find either the paperback or the e-book by clicking here. Also, listen to each of 200 videos, at least one a day.  Write down what you have learned and watch the miracle happen.


  1. Pam Sheppard Publishing May 9, 2015 at 6:44 pm #

    I find the narrow road to be safer and more comfortable for me.

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  2. k4kaz2 May 3, 2015 at 5:31 am #

    Yes Tee, family can be a source of a lot of difficulties when it comes to following the truth. I myself have faced teachings that are keeping people in deception and they just will not want to even discuss that there may be another view, direction to follow. That used to upset me but have learnt to let them walk their own path. Sure i still pray but now allow God to work and not me!! There is something about being “compelled” to do the right things, and when you realise that is wrong it brings a lot of pressure off you.

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  3. Mike May 2, 2015 at 3:04 pm #

    is not our purpose to live in love , Nita’s the world loves but his perfect love


    • Tee May 2, 2015 at 3:40 pm #

      I’m not quite sure I understand your comment Mike.


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