Are you Willing to Let Go of Your Religious Beliefs in Order to Receive Truth?

9 May

Most religious beliefs are FALSE. Because of this, people who are professing Christians and in torment are wondering WHY they are being tormented by Devils and demons. True Born again people are not in torment, so something is seriously wrong here. In Rescue, we deal with identifying false religious beliefs in people, and helping them to discard those religious beliefs so that they can actually get set free. Herein lies the problem. Most people who have been in religion are so wrapped up in their beliefs that they regard them as true, and therefore, REFUSE to consider that what has been taught to them in church is a lie. It is very important for the captive to let go of false beliefs, and begin to digest the truth about their captivity. This is VERY difficult to do. Many of the beliefs that people hold near and dear to their hearts are NOT TRUTH, and are LIES FROM THE ENEMY that have them bound in the first place. This is the PRIMARY way a person is held captive…THROUGH RELIGIOUS BELIEFS THAT ARE NOT BASED ON THE TRUE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. In Rescue, we have deliverance coaches, whose job is to help the captive denounce those false beliefs by providing the captive with information that will shed light on the TRUTH of the matter. It is then the captive’s responsibility to either accept or reject the truth. This is not an easy feat with many who contact us for deliverance. Religious pride often rears it’s ugly head, and blocks the captive’s ability to move forward with this very important step. This is because, like I mentioned earlier in this post, that the captive is in bondage to common religious beliefs that they automatically assume are truths from God. Most people are VERY naive to the enemy’s crafty wiles and strategies to keep people deceived and in torment. It is very difficult to help people to see that much of what they believe as truth is a flat out lie from the enemy.

Quite often, we come across folks who are just unwilling to accept the fact that what they believe is actually not from God, and that they have been tricked into believing religious lies from the devil. When something has been a part of your life and taught to you for so many years of your life, it is very difficult to let it go, and can be uncomfortable at first. But, I assure you that the results FAR outweigh the struggle. But, in order to get beyond the struggle and progress to the next step, one MUST begin to develop the will it takes to receive the TRUTH by first recognizing the lies they thought were truth, by trusting in the Lord to undeceive them so they can begin to see the truth, and finally, by courageously make a firm decision to DENY those false religious beliefs. Then and only then will person be in the position to attempt to identify strongholds the enemy has in their life, and then as a result be able to successfully tear down those strongholds. Honestly, it requires an open mind, because the truth seems foreign at first; but the more a person is willing to humbly receive truth, the more he/she will begin to see more and more revelations of truth.

When I was being undeceived, I was utterly shocked at what the Holy Spirit was showing me. And then I went through a period of constant revelations, back to back, just opening my eyes even wider. For someone who has been raised in religion, my morals, values, and decisions were shaped by false religious beliefs. When I learned the truth, I had the choice of either rejecting the truth and traveling down the comfortable road by continuing to uphold my religious beliefs, OR by considering the fact that maybe, just maybe many of the beliefs I had developed over the years may actually be based on religious lies. I chose the latter. And I am quite pleased that I did. The blinders have been removed! I once was blind, but now I SEE!



3 Responses to “Are you Willing to Let Go of Your Religious Beliefs in Order to Receive Truth?”

  1. William Zodda May 10, 2015 at 4:13 pm #



  2. Ernie Mink May 9, 2015 at 2:24 pm #

    True Christian faith is NOT a religion, but neither are all beliefs of the devil. I stopped attending church regularly in 2003, which is over 12 years ago, but to say all pastors or churches are of the devil is just not realistic. I have seen three pastors in my life give their lives to save others, and lost their life for it. Tell me they did not know what true love was! It is nice you want to help people, but don’t put every church and pastor in the same box, because that is ignorance and segregating those who really do love Jesus Christ, and are helping people as much, if not more than you and Pam are. Also, pride comes before a downfall. It also can live in your life as saying you hold the truth and no one else does. That is just as damaging for others. Keep in mind that Jesus Himself on the cross said, “Forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing.” He said “It is finished.” He gave it all so we don’t have to perish. Remember that. I am not going to be subscribing to comments anymore. Many have what is called delusions of grandeur, and I am sorry, but you and Pam are not always right, no matter what your intentions.


    • Tee May 9, 2015 at 4:03 pm #

      Ernie, your prideful, religious comment has just proven my point with this post!!! Firstly, we agree with you that not all pastors are bad and that Christianity is a faith and not a religion. We are not claiming to be “right.” We are simply sharing what the Lord has shown us, and we realize that our message will NOT be popular…particularly among professing Christians. Many pastors are very sincere, who care about the spiritual well-being of the people. .they are simply deceived by unseen forces that masquerade as angels of light. It is not the people we are referring to. We are speaking about religious demons and fallen angels. Don’t believe me? Well, research Jesus Sananda Immanuel. Perhaps THAT will open your eyes. Furthermore, we never claimed to be “right” about everything, however much research, study of scripture, and REAL cases of people in serious demonic torment support our position. Also, that scripture you misquoted is referring to the cross. It is incorrect to take random scriptures from the Bible out of context, misquoting them in order to Bible bash people and prove you are right. Now THAT is prideful and ignorant.


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