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You DO NOT NEED TO DO Anything to Get Saved

13 May

A large amount of professing Christians have FALSE CONVERSIONS… meaning that they have been tricked by the enemy into thinking that they did something to get saved, when Ephesians 2:8-9 CLEARLY STATES “For by GRACE you have been saved through FAITH; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast.” Yet all over the place, people are boasting that they did this or that in order to get saved. HMMMMM….Something is SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE. If we could just do some religious work to get saved, then Jesus of Nazareth would not have had to die and be resurrected! Yet false doctrines being taught in so many churches are teaching that we save ourselves by doing a religious act like praying Jesus into our hearts, chanting a sinner’s prayer, responding to altar call, etc.. Folks that creates forms of Godliness that deny the power of Jesus Christ!!!

One of the things that is often missed when it comes to salvation is the understanding that in the essence of who we are, we are WICKED and EVIL. It is in our nature to be evil. Therefore, there is nothing that “qualifies” a person to be born again. For example, consider a show or movie you have watched that has an evil villain in the story. Well that is US! Often times we’d like to liken ourselves to being the “good guy” in the story, but quite frankly we are the OPPOSITE of that, which is why people often cannot see their wicked natures…The deception lies in the fact that we don’t realize that WE are the evil villains in the story, until the Lord regenerates our spirits and we become born again…a new creation. The power of salvation is that God can take a wicked, evil being and completely change that individual. It truly is a miracle because the one who is being born again sees how wicked they truly are, and that they are hopeless without the help of the father. THIS IS IT RIGHT HERE FOLKS! And there is no “work” on yourself you can do to make yourself a candidate for salvation, for you are lost and hopeless without the Lord. Chanting a sinner’s prayer, responding to an alter call, praying Jesus into your heart, and performing any other religious work in order to “get saved” does NOT save you. SALVATION IS IN THE HANDS OF THE LORD. Evil does not have the power to change itself into good…IT IS EVIL! Therefore, that evil being needs HELP to become good. Religion causes people to miss this because it encourages people to believe that something “good” about them qualifies them for salvation, and therefore, they can just do certain things to save themselves. It doesn’t work that way folks! There is evil, and there is good. There is evil fruit, and then there is good fruit. If we are, in our natures evil, how then can we just magically change ourselves into being good by performing some religious act? THINK ABOUT IT…

I used to believe this very thing..thinking that if I work up my flesh enough, I could become good. But guess what? In my evil nature, I could never do it. I failed miserably EVERY TIME. And if the religion that taught us to do works was “good,” then why has so much evil come from it? Because it stems from an evil tree. Good cannot produce evil results, and an evil tree as well as your evil nature cannot make you good…BUT…through the power of the cross and bodily resurrection, the Lord can change you from being evil into being more like Him, who is all things good. AND HE DOESN’T NEED YOUR HELP TO DO IT.

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