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So Many Doctrines

15 May


There are so many different doctrines being preached in the organized church, it’s a wonder we didn’t catch on sooner. If nobody was ever on one accord, yet everyone claimed to be “leading people to Christ,” how in the world could we have believed that the church was the avenue to God? Just some observations. Did you know that there are over 41,000 denominations that exist? Now, some of the denominations share the same doctrines, so 41,000 denominations doesn’t necessarily mean 41,000 different doctrines, but let’s face it…We all know, even from discussions among us, that there are several different gospels being preached…all of which have nothing to do with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. They water down the true gospel, and suddenly boatloads of people are flocking to church altars all over the world, claiming they got saved??? Really? My question to them is, “Well which gospel were YOU preached?” BLOWS MY MIND.

Anybody else out there put any thought into this? If so, do share!

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