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“Confirmation” is a Demonic Trap by PAM SHEPPARD

21 May

Assumptions are constantly made by Christians who believe that “the 3 witnesses rule” is an indication that a sign, wonder, message or circumstance is “a confirmation” from God.

Confirmation! Its a twelve letter dirty word that covers a wide field of consideration. In fact, Satan and his crew get many chuckles out of this one.

There are so many varieties of “confirmations” that it is hard to present one representative example, so I’ll have to make one up.

You had a dream that you should move to Georgia. Or perhaps someone
from your church prophesied over you—“God has called you to
minister in Georgia.” The same day, you heard Ray Charles sing,
“Georgia on my mind.” Then someone called you on the telephone
from Georgia, but it was a wrong number. In the afternoon, a friend stopped by
and gave you some peaches. Georgia peaches.

“So there it is” you say to yourself. I got 3 signs or
witnesses that provide “confirmation” to my dream or prophetic
word. God wants me to move to Georgia.

I use such a ridiculous example to highlight what foolish believers
do constantly. The “confirmation” thing is nothing but
an assumption, not based on fact, not based on truth.
When God sends a message, He does not have to confirm it. He may, or He may

Have you ever been duped by “confirmation?” I HAVE! LOL Many times.

If you believe that God has spoken to you about a particular situation, yet are still confused about your sign from God, you may be hearing from the devil and not God. Contact Rescue to find out why: 518-477-5759 or