Are You Worshiping the FAKE Jesus?

27 May

If you go to church, chances are you are worshiping THE FAKE JESUS. Most people in the churches are oblivious to the fact that there is a false spirit around, pretending to be Jesus Christ. Why? Because they are wrapped up in false beliefs taught in the churches. The pastors and ministers are not to blame. Religious demons and fallen angels have orchestrated this entire thing. It is a grand deception. If you are participating in practices that open the chakras, chances are you are making invitations to demons and fallen angels. Here are a few important facts from a previous blog, written by Pam Sheppard:

• Extraterrestrial beings, aka aliens, are not “other life forms.” They are fallen angels that Jesus Christ of Nazareth called DEVILS. The Apostle Paul called these cosmic beings “spiritual wickedness in heavenly(high) places, aka the skies that surround us.

• Most of these demons are “religious.” They began their open, telepathic communications with mediums and psychics centuries ago.

• Knowing that they would not be well received by true followers of Christ, there work in and with the Christian churches has been and continues to be “undercover.”

• There is a fake Jesus. He is not Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the only begotten Son of God. The fake Jesus is a demon that calls himself “The Christ.”

• The fake Jesus identifies himself as the portrait that has hung in many churches for centuries: a Caucasian blue eyed man with long, light brown hair. The fake Jesus calls himself Jesus Sananda Immanuel.

• With his occult followers, the Fake Jesus boasts of having been the founder of various Christian cults.

• There is more than one high ranking demon who specializes in false religion. The high ranking demons call themselves “ascended masters.” The “leader of leaders” calls himself “Maitreya.”

• Each ascended master has a company of lower ranking demons, at least one demon assigned to every one of the elect.

Religious devils are not human, nor are they divine. They are simply fallen angels who began calling themselves ascended masters around the mid 20th century. In open communication with their occult disciples, we Christians have been sleepwalking in the spirit. Tenaciously focused on the contents of our own personal lives, the so called “ascended masters” have been secretly planting their seeds and working diligently toward the fulfillment of their sinister agenda. The ascended masters are in the service of their master, Sanat Kamura, — Lucifer, the highest fallen angel that we all know as Satan or “the devil.” While the higher ranking demonic have been setting the stage for “their final act” of the endtimes, rank and file foot soldiers in Satan’s army were busy distracting all of us from the real issues.

if you want to know more, you need The book “The Fake Jesus.”
Go to for this book. The book is there twice, once as an ebook and once as a paperback, so make sure you choose what you desire. Another great book on this topic is “Church of the Endtime Zombies.” It is also featured on the list.

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