Religion: A Strong Temptation

30 May

Religion is what we are all used to and religion is of the devil. With most Christians, religion is an endeavor to be what we are not and to do what we cannot do. Religious people are always struggling not to love the world because deep in their heart, they love the world. I am so far removed from the world, that I sometimes need a wake up call as to “where I really stand.” Recently, I was invited to participate in an African-American Group called “Sisters,” on Facebook. I thought it a good opportunity to reach churchgoing women of color. All of a sudden, I started to get loads of status posts on my cell phone. I discovered that the concerns the women on this group have as“hot topics” is so foreign to me, that I had to delete myself from the group.I would not allow myself to be contaminated by a group that is overcome with the issues of this world. Then again, religious people are always trying to act humble, because deep in their hearts, they are really proud. The proud are recognizable because they always have a need to defend themselves, to have the last word, and to ascend over others. The temptation that the demon assigned to you is designed to draw you out to vindicate your own integrity. So many are people pleasers, and therefore, they can’t share their sins with other saints, because they expect to be judged and they actually care what others think of them. I am able to share my sins with others because people pleasing is no longer a part of my character. We need to keep at the forefront of our minds that only the Holy Ghost can bear witness of who we are, as long as we leave the building of our character in His hands. Self vindication is a sign of the subtle life of self that only reveals itself AFTER we experience spiritual power, for each stage of spiritual growth has its own temptations and perils. Consequently, religion is both a temptation and a peril that can lead us to sin for several reasons and in countless ways. Since religiosity takes the job of the Holy Ghost into our own hands, those who are legalistic attempt to grow themselves and others by judgmental rules and standards that create bondage.

Those in bondage through legalism will find themselves in a perilous captivity. I have victory over temptation because I do not allow the legalism of man and the accusations of the devil to put me into condemnation.

Can anybody relate? I was the least religious person you could find, yet I too was religious.

In Rescue, we help those who are bound by religion to get set free from their bondage. If you are in religious bondage and need help, call 518-477-5759 or email us at

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