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Gay Marriage

28 Jun

Many professing Christians tend to try to put God in politics. God really has nothing to do with politics. He deals in spiritual matters. Just because we are proclaiming to be one nation “under God” doesn’t make it so. Vote for whatever issues you want to vote for, but leave God out of it.  In this country, just because another person chooses to live their life differently than how Others believe one should or how I live mine, does not mean I should support giving them unfair treatment.

Every human being In this country deserves equal rights, regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs. God has given us free will, particularly in everyday life choices. Choosing a spouse is typically a secular choice, and not really about God, but religious folks tend to make it about God. Today’s marriage is predominately a LEGAL union. God is not sitting in heaven waiting to give us our every wish like a house, car, mate, etc. that’s what people make him out to be…this Genie who grants them their spouse because they said some witchcraft prayer, and then they say their spouse came from God. No they didn’t! YOU chose to be with that person! Let’s keep political matters just where they need to be…IN POLITICS.

In these days and times, it is important that you learn to discern truth from religious lies. My latest book, “Church of the Endtime Zombies” is a call for all professing Christians to AWAKE from their slumber.

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“Witchcraft Prayers and Intercession” by Pam Sheppard

27 Jun

All The Lord ever asked us to do for the unsaved is preach. He never asked us to convict, convert or even to pray for someone’s soul to be saved.

Some prayers can be dangerous. Prayer becomes dangerous when it descends into charismatic witchcraft when the one who prays seeks to control the lives of others. Soulish prayers of this kind energizes psychic power by projecting one’s thought on to the persons that they are praying for, by saying that such and such a person ‘shall’ do this or that. Such prayers make demands upon God to “make something happen. According to Jessie Penn Lewis,

“Every prayer should be directed Godward, and should never be a telling the Lord what to do for somebody else. We may pray that God will direct them what to do, but we ought not to say that they ‘must’ do what WE THINK is God’s will they should do, or even that they ‘shall not’ do what we know is wrong.”

So what is the purpose of intercessors prayer? I believe it is in Isaiah 58. To loose the bands of wickedness. To let the oppressed go free. To undo heavy burdens. To break every yoke.

It is amazing how so many unsaved people think that their prayers are saving folk! SMH

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Are the Born Again Immune from A Need For Deliverance? 

26 Jun

Some think that being born again, that you never have any problems with demons.  Actually, the goal of demons is to enter, live and stay inside of human flesh, attempting to occupy and control the spirits, souls and bodies of its habitants.  Demons like flesh because they were once half human, according to the book of Enoch.  The incident with the demons begging to go into the pigs is yet another example of their lust for flesh. In other words, entering .any flesh is better than none, as they hate roaming around in deserts and other dry places like empty buildings. 

Fallen angels have a different challenge.  They can enter flesh but they cannot stay or inhabit it for too long because their creation is too different from ours.  So they work on humans from outside.  These are the principalities, powers and rulers of the darkness that The Apostle Paul warned believers that we wrestle with. The strategy of these entities includes deception, condemnation, seduction, temptation, accusation and many other hindrances to combat the born again believer. 

I have been born again for 38 years. As such, fallen angels  were constantly in my life but I did not know it because deception and imitating God was their primary strategy. They worked primarily in dreams and through speaking and working through other human beings to hinder me. Now that I know and have accepted the truth, I rarely hear from them. By “rarely” I mean perhaps once a year. Perhaps less. They are blocked  from sending me a dream because while I am in an altered state, like a paused slide,  one screen of thought or images is “on pause.” I even wake up, go back to sleep, and the slide comes back and blocks my mental screen.  How is this done?  I do not know! The only time I hear from them is through other people who are opened to these beings. And since I don’t have many face to face contacts, when I hear from them, it is through online folk.

So don’t assume that as soon as you get born again, you won’t be hearing from evil spirits. If the demons are constantly using YOU as their source of communication to you and you believe you are born again, there is a problem. Since I don’t know many truly born again people, my answer is based solely on me. They used me to communicate when I did not have the truth and my perspective was all wrong. Yet once I embraced the truth, they have to find other ways to deal with me as my dreams are almost totally shut down. I no longer hear voices, they can no longer speak through me or use my mind. Nor I am one who sees visions. I simply wake up knowing things, wondering how I know them. 
Any questions? LOL

“On Becoming Deception-Proof” by Pam Sheppard

22 Jun

“Just because a person is born again does not make them “deception proof.”

The Lord would not have warned His disciples to “take heed and be not deceived” if there was no danger that they COULd be deceived. It does not matter how many things you are or were deceived about. For 25 years, I was deceived about a few things in comparison to what other churchgoers were deceived about. Yet the Holy Spirit did not release me from the deception until He was ready to. He simply stepped in when He chose the time to be right and started unravelling things. What I remain cautious about is this. Just because I am undeceived NOW, does not mean that it is impossible for me to be deceived again. For me to think otherwise would be both pride and arrogance and I do not want God to resist me.

So what is deception?

Deception has to do with thoughts in the mind. Simply put, we believe a lie or a half truth. The worst of it is the assumptions. if you start off with even one little wrong assumption, everything else falls like dominos.

As I am reading some of the works of the RESCUE look alike leader, I am watching how a person can start out with truth and how the enemy can use the truth they have received and lead them into a lie. What happens is that the enemy takes advantage of our misconception of truth. He uses the weaknesses of our personalities to lead us into believing what suits us best.

This realization is humbling me quite a bit. I believe that once we are given truth, we have to seek God in prayer to help us not to misunderstand truth for our conception of truth may cause us to err.

So my question is “how do we make ourselves fool-proofed to deception?”

I think we can all answer this from experience. just examined how we got deceived, what was it about us that caused us to be open to the deception, and how did you come out of it?”


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Living in the Age of Laodicea

19 Jun

We are in the age of THICK deception (Laodicea), where most people just assume that various supernatural experiences are from God, yet in 1 John 4:1-5, we are advised to TRY THE SPIRITS TO DETERMINE WHETHER THEY ARE OF GOD. You cannot just make an assumption that just because you experienced it in church, or because it “felt” good, or because it “appeared” to be good, that it was from God! Don’t you realize that one of the enemy’s greatest weapons is DECEPTION?! OPEN YOUR EYES!

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“Ground Zero for the Religious” by Pam Sheppard

18 Jun

“I have never been religious but I am learning a lot about the journey through counseling and from hearing from people online, who have all had false conversions.

What I am discovering is that there is a bottom, a ground zero so to speak.

It seems a person is close to that bottom when he or she comes to realize the truth—-that deep down, he or she never really wanted God Himself. When a person sees the scripture that says “the carnal mind is at enmity with God” and it is realized that all he or she ever did was to try to become motivated toward God with a carnal mind, I think, ONLY then is a religious person getting close to the bottom, almost fully broken.

When all religious motives and efforts, including the pretenses acted out even here, in RESCUE, become as filthy rags, then salvation is close at hand.

what say YOU on this?”

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The Bridal Paradigm and It’s Connection to Spirit Rape

14 Jun

The Bridal Paradigm is a false doctrine that includes misuse of scripture, and has strong connections to Spirit Rape. If you have been in a ministry that has emphasized the Bridal Paradigm, like romancing Jesus, and having an intimate attachment to him on a personal level (often promoted in groups like IHOP or other ministries related to the Charismatic movement), you need to watch this video to find out why there is a connection, and how you can break free:

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Some History Behind the ‘I Accept Jesus’ Gospel and Altar Call

11 Jun

This is an original post by Pam Sheppard regarding the origins of what is known as easy believism and the I accept Jesus practice. It is only about 200 years old:

“With the rise of the Roman Emperor, Constantine, the organized church was established in 313 AD with the compromising church at Pergamos, which eventually became the Catholic Church. History revealed that the churches at Thyatira and Sardis are two phases of Catholic Domination that spans several centuries until Martin Luther and the Protestant
Reformation of the 1500′s. Protestantism was the Lord’s favored church, from 1500 to 1900. He called her the church at Philadelphia. Pentecostalism and the new age influence of mega ministries caused Protestantism to become as corrupt as the Catholic Church.

The age of Laodicea is the 7th and LAST church age I believe to be the one we are now living in.

It consists of an idolatrous, charismatic witchcraft Catholic AND Protestant church including almost 1000 cults. While the Catholics have perverted the gospel of Jesus Christ with the deification of Mary and the worship of various saints, Protestantism is equally perverse. By studying church history, it became clear to me that the 7th and last age of Laodicea is a fulfillment of the Apostle’s Paul’s predictions that in the last days, there would be a great “falling away.” Paul warned the Galatians that all who add to or detract from the gospel of Jesus Christ would be cursed. He also warned that some would depart from the faith because they listened to seducing spirits teach doctrines of devils. I didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to discern that there are far too many doctrines of devils for me to even try to count today.

However, the two most powerful ones—more powerful than the prosperity gospel–is the easy believism or the “I accept Jesus into my heart” gospel.

The “I accept Jesus” practice was first started by Charles Finney. Born in 1792, Finney is a hero of Billy Graham and many other well-known evangelists of today. In no uncertain terms, Finney preached that man can save himself by making a conscious decision to simply “cooperate with God.” Therefore, Finney is the founding father of practically ALL of Protestantism, both traditional and emergent churches, denominational and charismatic churches who all teach an “I accept Jesus” gospel.

I read somewhere that Finney was also a freemason but I have to check that out.

Jesus said that you know a thing by its roots and its fruit. A good tree does not bear evil fruit nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. Check out Charles Finney. Does he look like a good tree to you?”

In several of her books, Pam goes into detail about the I accept Jesus Gospel and the altar call. If you are interested in learning more about the TRUTH behind the organized church and its damaging practices, you can check out her books at

These books are based on a great deal research and REAL cases of church-going believers who have been in SERIOUS demonic torment due to religious practices that have nothing to do with God. If you want answers, read the books. The information will be eye-opening, will answer many of your questions, and will shed a great deal of light on the origin of several religious practices that are occurring in churches today. If you have further questions while reading a book, feel free to contact Rescue at or 518-477-5759.

Works-Based Religion

10 Jun

Before I was truly born again, I was taught that I had to do a bunch of religious works to get saved. I was taught by my former church that in order to get saved, I must go through a series of “Bible Studies,” which were scriptures taken out of context and incorrectly used to show me that there were certain works I had to do (like imitating the lifestyle of a disciple), first learning what a disciple is, committing to living as one, making a sin list and repenting from those sins, forcing myself to cry during the cross study( trying to work up Godly sorrow that can truly only come from God), and making a “decision” to make Jesus Lord of my life (as if he does not have the power to make himself Lord) by agreeing to be a disciple and then getting baptized to officially wash my sins away. 

This is called a form of Works-Based religion. It is a form of Godliness that denies the power of Jesus Christ. In Ephesians, Paul made it very clear that salvation is in the hands of God, so that NO MAN can boast. Yet, I see this in many churches all over the world…people trying to steal the job of the Holy Spirit by working up what they call their salvation. Those types of practices take away from and minimize the power of God. If we could just save ourselves from our own wicked natures, then Jesus Christ would not have had to die and be resurrected in human bodily form. We could not do it ourselves, so we needed a savior. Yet people are being taught in churches everywhere to essentially do certain works to “save themselves.” That is not what the Lord intended.

What are some works-based religious practices that YOU have been taught or exposed to?

A Spiritual Ground Zero

4 Jun

This is KEY to understanding what it takes to REALLY pursue TRUTH, above all else. The first step is LETTING GO.