Coming Out Of The Church

2 Jun

Once you COME OUT of the church building, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to acknowledge the truth of where you have been and what you have taken part in; and then begin to state where you stand NOW! Below is a post by Pam Sheppard that explains how you can restore your free will so that you can be on your path to true freedom.

The Importance of Affirmations

“The thing that all human beings have to fight with is our God given free will. In order for the enemy to control us, he needs our passivity to steal our free will from us. Stating an affirmation that both the enemy and your own soul can hear is very important because stating an affirmation helps us to restore our free will.
Here are two affirmations to stand on where your free will is concerned. the second one deals with fear. Let us know how this works for you.
Affirmation #1: I have been given a “will”, and it is mine. I have been given a “mind” and that is mine. I confess that I have been religious. I confess that I desired the tricks and the lies that I have been taught, and have believed in. By my own will and soundness of mind, I no longer want to walk in the ways of the wicked. I no longer give myself over to belief in your religious works and wiles. I now know that religiosity has kept me bound and blind; but I also know that Life and Truth is in Jesus Christ of Nazareth and HIM alone.
Affirmation #2: With my own will and soundness of mind I now realize and know that ‘fear’ has kept me bound. The lies of you demons, devils and fallen angels have kept me blind to the Freedom of Truth in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. In Christ there is nothing to fear, and HE says that perfect Love casts out fear: In Christ is perfect Love. I know there is only One who should be feared with a reverential fear, that is HE who has the power over sin and death. You demons, devils and fallen angels are subject to HIS authority. I do not fear you or your lies anymore, because I know that Christ is above all, He is Truth. Truth that will set me free from sin. Upon His leading I will wait, and Trust.”
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To better understand why you (God’s elect) should COME OUT of the church building, get a copy of “Come Out of Her God’s People”

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