The Age of Spiritual Deception by Pam Sheppard

2 Jun

Pam Sheppard contends that we are living in end-times in the age of Laodicea, an age characterized by religious and spiritual deception. The Lord Jesus Christ warns Laodiceans: Buy gold from Me that has been tried in the fire.

Once this book is in your hands, the alarm of your own wake-up call will sound and before your eyes you will feed on truths that are filled with refined and tried spiritual gold. In “the Church of the End-time Zombies” as the reader’s guide, Pam unfolds truth and exposes lies acquired from 12 years of online work, both preparing and helping to deliver many people out of charismatic witchcraft, false conversions and the occult.

A sequel to “Recovery In Christ, “Faces of the Religious Demon”, “Come Out of Her God’s People”, “the Fake Jesus, Be Delivered From Deliverance Ministry,” and “the New Idolatry,” this book’s 273 pages contain the golden nuggets you will need to recognize the enemy’s games, come out of and avoid New Age teachings, handle rarely discussed problems like blasphemous thoughts, hearing voices, opened chakras and spirit rape. You will not only learn how to keep yourself free from religious bondage, but also how to minister deliverance to others. It’s shocking! It’s graphic.

It has to be to wake up passive Christian zombies!


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