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A Spiritual Ground Zero

4 Jun

This is KEY to understanding what it takes to REALLY pursue TRUTH, above all else. The first step is LETTING GO.

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To be at ground zero in the spirit is to take no religious baggage with you on your spiritual journey.

You start off with the premise that EVERy religious or spiritual belief, doctrine, practice or experience has been contaminated so consequently, you take nothing with you as you move forward. Those who suffer the worst with not being able to start over are the teachers and leaders among us who would prefer to admit to sin then to consider that their teachings are full of error and deception.

Another premise is that since God has sent forth strong delusion, everything and everyone has been affected, including the elect.
So the starting gate for us all in this generation is deception. Therefore, at ground zero, you also realize that to be undeceived, is the exception and not the rule. So you take as a given that everyone around you is deceived…

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