Works-Based Religion

10 Jun

Before I was truly born again, I was taught that I had to do a bunch of religious works to get saved. I was taught by my former church that in order to get saved, I must go through a series of “Bible Studies,” which were scriptures taken out of context and incorrectly used to show me that there were certain works I had to do (like imitating the lifestyle of a disciple), first learning what a disciple is, committing to living as one, making a sin list and repenting from those sins, forcing myself to cry during the cross study( trying to work up Godly sorrow that can truly only come from God), and making a “decision” to make Jesus Lord of my life (as if he does not have the power to make himself Lord) by agreeing to be a disciple and then getting baptized to officially wash my sins away. 

This is called a form of Works-Based religion. It is a form of Godliness that denies the power of Jesus Christ. In Ephesians, Paul made it very clear that salvation is in the hands of God, so that NO MAN can boast. Yet, I see this in many churches all over the world…people trying to steal the job of the Holy Spirit by working up what they call their salvation. Those types of practices take away from and minimize the power of God. If we could just save ourselves from our own wicked natures, then Jesus Christ would not have had to die and be resurrected in human bodily form. We could not do it ourselves, so we needed a savior. Yet people are being taught in churches everywhere to essentially do certain works to “save themselves.” That is not what the Lord intended.

What are some works-based religious practices that YOU have been taught or exposed to?

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