Are the Born Again Immune from A Need For Deliverance? 

26 Jun

Some think that being born again, that you never have any problems with demons.  Actually, the goal of demons is to enter, live and stay inside of human flesh, attempting to occupy and control the spirits, souls and bodies of its habitants.  Demons like flesh because they were once half human, according to the book of Enoch.  The incident with the demons begging to go into the pigs is yet another example of their lust for flesh. In other words, entering .any flesh is better than none, as they hate roaming around in deserts and other dry places like empty buildings. 

Fallen angels have a different challenge.  They can enter flesh but they cannot stay or inhabit it for too long because their creation is too different from ours.  So they work on humans from outside.  These are the principalities, powers and rulers of the darkness that The Apostle Paul warned believers that we wrestle with. The strategy of these entities includes deception, condemnation, seduction, temptation, accusation and many other hindrances to combat the born again believer. 

I have been born again for 38 years. As such, fallen angels  were constantly in my life but I did not know it because deception and imitating God was their primary strategy. They worked primarily in dreams and through speaking and working through other human beings to hinder me. Now that I know and have accepted the truth, I rarely hear from them. By “rarely” I mean perhaps once a year. Perhaps less. They are blocked  from sending me a dream because while I am in an altered state, like a paused slide,  one screen of thought or images is “on pause.” I even wake up, go back to sleep, and the slide comes back and blocks my mental screen.  How is this done?  I do not know! The only time I hear from them is through other people who are opened to these beings. And since I don’t have many face to face contacts, when I hear from them, it is through online folk.

So don’t assume that as soon as you get born again, you won’t be hearing from evil spirits. If the demons are constantly using YOU as their source of communication to you and you believe you are born again, there is a problem. Since I don’t know many truly born again people, my answer is based solely on me. They used me to communicate when I did not have the truth and my perspective was all wrong. Yet once I embraced the truth, they have to find other ways to deal with me as my dreams are almost totally shut down. I no longer hear voices, they can no longer speak through me or use my mind. Nor I am one who sees visions. I simply wake up knowing things, wondering how I know them. 
Any questions? LOL

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