Gay Marriage

28 Jun

Many professing Christians tend to try to put God in politics. God really has nothing to do with politics. He deals in spiritual matters. Just because we are proclaiming to be one nation “under God” doesn’t make it so. Vote for whatever issues you want to vote for, but leave God out of it.  In this country, just because another person chooses to live their life differently than how Others believe one should or how I live mine, does not mean I should support giving them unfair treatment.

Every human being In this country deserves equal rights, regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs. God has given us free will, particularly in everyday life choices. Choosing a spouse is typically a secular choice, and not really about God, but religious folks tend to make it about God. Today’s marriage is predominately a LEGAL union. God is not sitting in heaven waiting to give us our every wish like a house, car, mate, etc. that’s what people make him out to be…this Genie who grants them their spouse because they said some witchcraft prayer, and then they say their spouse came from God. No they didn’t! YOU chose to be with that person! Let’s keep political matters just where they need to be…IN POLITICS.

In these days and times, it is important that you learn to discern truth from religious lies. My latest book, “Church of the Endtime Zombies” is a call for all professing Christians to AWAKE from their slumber.

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