The Fallacies of Deliverance Ministry

23 Jul

In this post we address the issue of Deliverance ministries in a Q&A format:-

1.In  your estimation, what would you say you do that is different from what is currently being done in deliverance ministries inside of the church?

Deliverance sessions in the Institutional Church are characterized by a deliverance worker shouting at demons to leave a person who can be seen rolling on the ground, coughing or vomiting. Some don’t have physical reactions but believe that once the pastor has prayed and laid hands on them they are delivered only to discover a few days or weeks later they are still suffering from the same issues. Deliverance ministries in the church don’t work because:-
A. a person could be seeking deliverance from an issue that isn’t spiritual e.g. spirit of not having a spouse – this is not a spiritual issue that requires deliverance.
B. The deliverance worker might have no power to cast out demons, because they are not born again.
C. Demons prefer to remain silent and control a persons life without being noticed; if a demon starts making noise for a long period of time making the person jerk back and forth, its probably mocking the deliverance worker and the person being prayed for.
D. The I.C. has been taken over by the fallen angels and religious demons – one clear sign of this is the “i accept Jesus” doctrine or easy believism. This has produced false conversions rather than true born again experiences.

The deliverance counselling we do is to help the person be free and healed. Everything one has been taught and believed is challenged, false teachings are exposed and discarded and the person learns the truth. Detox from religion is highly recommended, one has to clear their mind from error. Truth will cause demons to leave a person as they lose ground every time someone hears and accepts the truth.

The counselling method also helps one become more self aware, you will be able to distinguish what is spiritual and what isn’t. You learn how to use your free will and most importantly you will be clear on whether you have a false conversion or a true born again experience. Deliverance is no quick fix, it takes time and the person seeking deliverance needs to put in work to get results, a session with a pastor screaming at demons to get out will not cut it.

2. Is it only your professional background that separates and distinguishes the ministry that you provide?

I am different not just because of my professional background but my stand on various topics just to mention a few e.g. While many would consider the institutional church the house of God, it is clear to me that it is the evil tree Jesus spoke of in his parable. The Jesus worshiped in most churches today is a fallen angel and not the true God. The I.C. produces a lot of false converts and very few if none born again believers.

3.You seem to have a core group of people you work with, making it simpler for you to hone in on the believer’s conversion experience, much like what is happening in the four walls of the church but the church is a larger scale.

Is this discipleship what your ministry is all about?

I highly doubt the ability of churches to hone in one a believers conversion experience, most churches are about numbers and even for the few churches that are sincere they cant really help their congregations because of the strong delusion in most churches. Many church goers believe they are saved and born again when they are not. Our focus is not creating disciples but to expose the darkness, bring people out of deception, deliver them from demonic torment and help them stand in truth.

Please visit this page there are two books that you will find of great value to answer your questions on deliverance ministries and the Institutional church.
Be Delivered From Deliverance Ministries & The Church of the End Time Zombies: A Guide to Religious Detox.

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