“Spiritual Discernment in 2012” by Pam Sheppard

28 Jul

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I have been saved, born again since Monday— March 29, 1977 at about 4pm. Yet, once I wrote the book “the Fake Jesus” about 5 years ago, I found myself cleaning out my own temple from the deceptive influence of Sananda, Ashtar and perhaps other so-called ascended masters. You see, this book connects the dots between the church system, the new age movement and the ascended masters, aka the fallen angels. I discovered in retrospect that once the demons lost me to the One True God, they immediately set out to derail His plan for my life. Through dreams and other supernatural experiences, I was deceived on many levels for almost three decades..For 3 years BEFORE I was saved, I was steeped in the occult. I also had healing powers and I was able to see into the future through astrology and other means. Once saved, my occult powers carried over into Christianity without my knowledge primarily because I was ignorant of Satan’s devices. I’ve learned a lot about the enemy in 38 years!

When you examine EVERYTHING, you are actually resisting the devil and he shall flee from you, IF YOU PRESS ON!.

Whether in ignorance or by design, when a person has made an appeal to Satan’s services by either a formal pact or an informal agreement, that person has unwittingly submitted himself to the powers of darkness.. When signs, wonders and strange religious practices that did not emanate from the Holy Ghost are accepted as divine, a spiritual invitation is made to the fake Jesus. Without hesitation, the fake Jesus pushes his way through the doors of your soul. . My testimony is too long for one blog. However for the sake of the subject matter at hand, I can testify that I was one who ignorantly made an informal pact with the fake Jesus by not properly severing ALL of my ties to my pre-conversion practices of occultism and mediumship.

Through presumption, I assumed that once saved, ALL of my occultic practices of the past were behind me, since I had burned all of my astrology and occultic books in 1983. My personal testimony is a classic example of how the fake Jesus can fool a true Christian by deception, capitalizing on its target’s ignorance of certain spiritual matters. Hosea’s word continues to ring true.(Hosea 4:6) God’s elect are overwhelmingly deceived and if we are not careful, ultimately destroyed by a lack of knowledge of how “all spiritual manifestations are NOT from God!”Another reason why I share various aspects of my own personal testimony is to give you hope and confidence that the principalities and the powers of heaven shall not win. We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony and I am an overcomer.

Here is just one of several examples. I received tongues at a meeting held in Albany New York through the ministry of the late Kenneth Hagin. Hagin is really the founder of the word of faith movement as it is operating today. I have no idea whether or not Hagin was a false prophet or a deceived one. I simply look around as I view Charismania, and I know Hagin by his fruits. Anyway, I never truly embraced the way that I received tongues because it had no resemblance to the way the early church received this gift as revealed in the book of Acts. Yet, I grew to speak prolifically, at my own will, what charismatics call in “a prayer language.”

The reason why I have not been convinced about tongues is that for 25 years, I was not able to find a bona-fide interpreter, nor was I able to interpret myself. So I ask, “Where are the interpreters?” The Holy Ghost does not expect me to throw away my commonsense. If I have prayed off and on for decades to receive the gift of interpretation of tongues as Paul suggests that we all do, 25 years passed and I still found no one, including myself to interpret my “prayer language”, good sense suggested to me that the tongue that I received in 1983 is not from God. So if it is not from God, then who did it come from?

Well, its obvious. It didn’t come from me. I suspect that it came from one of the Ascended Masters, perhaps Sananda or Ashtar. What would be the reason for the demons to desire to imitate tongues? Well, if we don’t know what we are saying when we speak in an “unknown” tongue, we could very possibly be used by demonic beings to “decree and declare” that their will, purposes and agenda be done on earth, rather than that of the will of the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the One, True and Only Creator–the one that Lucifer rebelled against in the first place.
I have been involved in almost all of what is passing itself off today as emanating from the Holy Ghost. Early on, I was groaning and weeping in very strange ways beginning in 1979.. Kenneth Copeland provided me with the explanation that I was looking for, confirming to me that my strange experience was a manifestation of intercessory prayer. Kenneth taught that the strange weeping and groaning that I did was a sacrificial work for the lost and the bound, emanating in travail from the Holy Ghost. TD Jakes and his “wailing women” seminars concur with Copeland. So Copeland, Jakes and others had me convinced that God was using my travail to break yokes and bondages, ie. setting captives free. Since I believed that the Holy Ghost was using me to intercede, it is only natural that I held on to this strange work.

My mind was certainly unfruitful when I travailed and so often I tried to guess the reason behind it. I convinced myself that much of my groaning and weeping was for sinning preachers to repent. If so, it did not work. They just kept on sinning. I also laughed wildly in the spirit before I even heard of Hagin and Brown’s practice of what is called “holy laughter.”. My laughter was different, as I believed that the Holy Ghost was using me to laugh at the devil. When I laughed, I cried also. I found several scriptures to support my style of holy laughter and so I never tried this phenomena to see if it be of God. I just assumed that it was. The only supernatural experiences that I have not personally experienced is holy dance and shouting, African-American style. Perhaps that is because I have no cultural background in the South and I was not raised in an African-American Church or any church. In other words, holy dancing was not a part of my ancestral upbringing.

Furthermore, even though demons could no longer “step into me and speak,” some of my mediumistic traits DID survive my conversion. Nevertheless, when a counterfeit was exposed by the Holy Ghost in recent years, I have been duty bound to remove it by repenting and disavowing it. For example, I could heal BEFORE I was converted. I sucked pain out of people with my hands, particularly my left hand, BEFORE I was converted—proof that my healing gift was mediumistic and not charismatic, NOT OF THE HOLY GHOST.

Once I realized that my healing gift was tainted, I have made every effort not to touch anyone unless I am sure that I am being led by God to do so. I know today that more was required. I have come to the conclusion that my healing gift was not from God and therefore I vehemently repented, rebuked, resisted and renounced it. Perhaps the Lord will give me the true gift of healing from the Holy Ghost. Perhaps not. I just kept on cleaning house as I press toward the mark of my high calling and truth flooded down upon me like rivers of living waters.. I resisted the devil and he fled from me.

Here is another example of my occultic powers influencing my Christian service. Since I could see into the future through astrology and through dreams BEFORE I was converted, I had never learned the absolute necessity of trying the spirits to see if they be of God. As I look back over my Christian journey, some of my most significant dreams of future events that actually transpired were sent by the Fake Jesus. I see now with a clarity that I have never had before. The fake Jesus uses counterfeits of the Holy Ghost as “a hook.” Whenever I receive information of a futuristic nature in a dream about people I know, I rebuked the spirit of divination. Now I rarely hear from this demon.

In the last seven years, when the Lord wants me to know the future, I just “KNOW IT.” Very quietly. Don’t have to see a thing. I walk in faith these days and I don’t have a need of knowing the future as I once did. I soberly remember the Lord’s warning: A PERVERSE NATION SEEKS AFTER A SIGN! So, yes, I can admit without reservation that I myself have been deceived by the fake Jesus, and it has taken all of 30 years to get clean. There is evidence that I am completely clean but seriously speaking, I can’t yet say that I am absolutely certain. I wait on the Lord for Him to expose what may yet need to be uncovered.

How do I feel as a dedicated believer in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Only and True Begotten Son of God who has been deceived by the Fake Jesus for decades? Do I feel like a failure,–fooled frustrated, faithless ? Bamboozled, run a muck? To that, I must say, emphatically NOOOOOOOO! I am joyous, relieved that real truth has truly revived me and I am free at last!!!! .And I declare, ” BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!!

You see, in my relentless search for truth, the Holy Ghost has granted me the wisdom to deny all mediumistic gifts once He has exposed them to me. However, He would not expose them to me until I was willing to humble myself, In 2012, I strongly recommend that all my readers humble themselves. To begin the process the first step involves questioning every significant supernatural experience that you have had since you believe you were saved, including your conversion experience. I would not recommend this step to you, if I did not take my own advice. Having been there and done that, I am pleased to report that the quality and consistency of the wisdom that I have received in the last seven years as compared to the previous 27 years, is truly beyond comparison. And the wisdom of God just keeps on coming.

If you have been in the occult, you were in the hands of the fake Jesus. Once you became saved, the fake Jesus assigned a religious demon to you to attempt to make your Christian journey unfruitful. The deception is like a maze or an intricate spider web. You may need help in unraveling the deception that the enemy has woven for years, even decades. Help is available. Call 518-477-5759 or send an email to rescueonfb@icloud.com

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12 Responses to ““Spiritual Discernment in 2012” by Pam Sheppard”

  1. bsallis August 1, 2015 at 1:09 am #

    In RESCUE, I mentioned Tony Robbins. I used to listen to his CD’s for a brief period of time
    before I left the IC, before I came to RESCUE. In one of them, “Unleash The Power Within”,
    the only one I listened to, the complete series.

    He has a thing in it that he calls a “Genius State”. Where he says things like (paraphrasing it.) Where a person can be so focused on their task, bombs
    could be going off. You wouldn’t know it! I can’t remember it word for word, (Gist.)
    Today, it sounds like ASC to me. I dropped his stuff a long time ago. He even said in it
    that he’s “Basically a Christian.” But it seems like everything that he teaches (New Age, self help.) are his fruits.

    I was told from a young age that I was gifted. I did some acting in school, comedy,
    and music later on. Just to illustrate a point, later I discovered how to build guitars,
    starting out with carving desktop models from wood from produce crates. Then,
    without even knowing what I was doing, I ‘graduated’ to building the real thing
    off the top of my head, by picturing it in my head and scaling it up to full size.
    Even adding in things people said can’t be done.Creativity, and maybe spontaniety?

    Just to illustrate what I mean. I don’t really see it, but can picture it in my mind’s eye,
    and can construct or re- construct from there. This is what I meant about the hidden
    gift I commented on in RESCUE. What I’m wondering is if this has anything to do with
    what Pastor Pam calls inner knowing in To Curse The Root. If it doesn’t, if it comes from Fallen Angels I don’t want it. I want Jesus to take it away. I hope this makes sense.
    This is the closest I can come to putting it in words. Keeping to the main points.


  2. jules0123 July 31, 2015 at 10:32 am #

    This book really explains how to discern the Fake Jesus from the real one. The real one does not try to appeal to our emotions but rather He is the one who is the TRUTH.


  3. bsallis July 30, 2015 at 2:09 am #

    The day before, I threw out 2 books by the author of Enoch: The Book Behind The Bible.
    (Prophecy Unsealed, & The Woman Clothed With The Sun.) I struggled with it, but I
    remembered Pastor Pam’s words about staying away from religious websites, (These came from Amazo n.) because of false & mixed doctrine. (So that I’ve got it, if something is 99 percent true with 1 percent lie, that makes it one, or the other?)

    Hoping that Jesus honors this I prayed, Meaning no disrespect to The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, The Prophets (Including Pastor Pam.) and Rescue, I tear these books
    up & put them in the trash. Then I tied the trash bag up & put it in the dumpster
    and let it go.

    The above mentioned version of The Book of Enoch reads like the NIV. A modern english translation of it. I read the R.H. Charles version of it at least twice years ago. I’m wondering if there’s something off about the first book mentioned. (E:TBBTB.) The reason I’m asking is, do Fallen Angels know more than man does about these things as a rule maybe, because they were there. It was them who did those things?

    I have one copy of E:TBBTB. I leave it on the shelf in the closet, and won’t open it.
    Would it be a better idea to just send it back to Amazo n, no reason given?


  4. jules0123 July 28, 2015 at 11:04 am #

    I agree a good feeling can make a person see it as “a sign.” Just because a feeling feels good does not mean that it came from God. If anything it can block a person from seeing the real TRUTH because the individual got caught up in the “feeling.”


  5. tinalynn8 July 28, 2015 at 10:19 am #

    Pam you commented:
    “In the last seven years, when the Lord wants me to know the future, I just “KNOW IT.” Very quietly. Don’t have to see a thing. I walk in faith these days and I don’t have a need of knowing the future as I once did. I soberly remember the Lord’s warning: A PERVERSE NATION SEEKS AFTER A SIGN! So, yes, I can admit without reservation that I myself have been deceived by the fake Jesus, and it has taken all of 30 years to get clean. There is evidence that I am completely clean but seriously speaking, I can’t yet say that I am absolutely certain. I wait on the Lord for Him to expose what may yet need to be uncovered.”

    When I read the phrase “kNOW IT” I was reminded of my thought yesterday. The devil always wants to make things difficult in getting at TRUTH. But God , on the other hand is not the author of confusion, nor is he into fanfare.

    Also, I wonder sometimes, if we are guilty of taking OUR FEELINGS AS “SIGNS”..


    • tinalynn8 July 28, 2015 at 10:23 am #

      I should have made the above more clear- The Devil knows we want to get TO THE TRUTH and so we think somehow there is a spiritual method other than TRUTH, plain and simple truth.

      I suppose this is a result of being taught false doctrines and methods..even when it regards things like “DISCERNMENT”


      • tinalynn8 July 28, 2015 at 10:35 am #

        so I suppose that feelings are something that can cause confusion with regard to when the mental meets the spiritual…?


      • gloria115 July 30, 2015 at 9:07 pm #

        i like this! many connect spiritual truths to fanfare, ethereal experiences but most times i find truth comes to me with no frills, no smoke and mirrors. If you watched the Moses movie, when he got the commandments, there was lightning and thunderstorm everywhere, so maybe we think that’s how we should receive spiritual truths lol! but its not.


      • christina51193 July 30, 2015 at 11:19 pm #

        I think demons/fallen angels can mess with your feelings to make you so certain of something, that actually ends up not being true. You can’t just take feelings as truth because they can actually end up being a lie.


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