Is Paul Washer Born Again?

27 Oct


I suspect that its a false conversion for the following reasons:

  1.  there is definitely no mention of the cross, repentance or the resurrection.
  2. He sounds like he decided to become a Christian.  he says that he believes in Jesus at that time, but as the bible says, even the demons believe.  Where is being brought to the cross in his testimony?  I don’t hear it.
  3. his testimony is not Christ centered.  its more about change which non-believers can do on their own.
  4. His testimony is certainly sincere but it is lacking the 3 R;s– the essentials of the gospel: repentance, resurrection=rebirth
In a nutshell, it was like “oh, I just know I was called of God because He really needed me  because I am the missing link in His plan for the world and He was waiting on me to say YES!” With all its sincerity, this testimony is self exalting.  In the end , in his own words— men decided his fate.
A true, bona-fide salvation experience is led by the Holy Spirit.
It seems false conversions are the rule today and not the exception.  If you believe you may have had a false conversion led by your own flesh, perhaps a fear of going to hell, contact us at
We can help.

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