“Evil Faith In The Church” by Pam Sheppard

13 Nov

“Today, I understand very clearly what Jesus meant when He warned that it is a perverse generation that seeks after a sign. Within the nature of perverse human flesh, a sign seeker is rebellious, disobedient, stubborn and ultimately “wicked” because God’s people are to walk by faith and not by sight.

To allow the devil to validate our God is itself “perverse.” In like manner, the problem for those who are caught up in deliverance is that they use demonic manifestations as signs to confirm their faith. Simply put, they believe in “good” based upon the fact that they see and experience evil. This is an offense to God because He expects His people to believe in Him because HE IS, not because we see the Creator through the manifestations of the creature,— Satan, or his demons and fallen angels.

Evil faith is also manifested when we believe a sign, wonder or message that a religious demon or fallen angel sent to us. For example, I was shown that a particular man was meant to be my husband. I had no interest in him on a natural level, yet evil faith acted as the substance to me building up an attraction, simply because I was in a hurry to have a man for the usual reasons. I married this man. but for the grace of God I could be dead by now.

Have you ever experienced evil faith?”

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2 Responses to ““Evil Faith In The Church” by Pam Sheppard”

  1. Vickie McCollister November 13, 2015 at 10:23 am #

    The only church that ever talks about signs and wonders is Jehovah witnesses. Gee i would like to ask you is this i walk each day . i wake up every day. Every morning i know it is he that wakes up. I thank him everyday for the new day . as i can say as it says mark 16: 15-18 . Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creatures. He that believes andbhas been baptised shall be saved ; but he who disbelieves shall be condemned. And these signs will accompany those have believe : in My name they will cast out demons they will speak they with new touges they will pick up a serpents.and if they drink any deadly poison ot shall not hurt them they will lay hand s on the sick and they will recover. I can not by sight but i know this is what the bible says. When i asked him to let me do this and be a person as he will me to be. I a pray over it then ask him to be the one that i pray for me to be able to in Jesus name. To abba father above. You see i give scriptures out my self but this is who i am . all parts of the bible . but i ask Jesus to guide me not any other for he stands at the door and knocks. And no one can go to the father unless they go thru the lamb of God. Now as you did not know some of. The things i ask the lord to forgive me of my walk i did. Then i asked him to let me be whom he ment me to be. Believe me the lord is me first love. As you speak curses out towards other. As the lord said to a disciple that said oh look that man was casting out demons . we tried to stop him . Jesus said do not for if he is for me he is not against me. So as you see i ask my belove lord Jesus to guide me . i also say this when a man goes and hurts a child in such away can say this begin a door way for simething called an afflictions yo happen to a person who believes in Jesus. I pray for you right now for inner healing this day. In Jesus name I pray for blessings on you and all whom curse any one. As you speak of curses of others you say are Satan you also are speaking a curse towards someone. In the blood of the lamb rev 12: 11 and they will overcome him because of the blood of the lamb and because of the word of their testimony. And they did not love their life even to death. Wow this tells me a lot. I pray for you. In Jesus name we no one is to fight over Jesus . when you speak or say any thing against any one you speak of fighting over Jesus. He said do not do this. But love one another as i have loved you. I hope he gives a bit of enlightenment ti you. God bless and be with you always. Amen

    Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2015 05:21:31 +0000 To: vikkiamc62@hotmail.com


    • Pam Sheppard Publishing November 13, 2015 at 3:08 pm #

      Not that I understand this Vicki or your intention for writing it, but out of respect for you, the fact that it is not offensive, and my consideration of the time you took to write it, I have published your comment.

      Pam Sheppard


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