The Spiritual Husband in South Africa

12 Feb

Kinds of spiritual husbands

There are two kinds of spiritual husbands:

The first one is one that emanates from idol worship. Because of idol worship families surrender their lives and all aspects of their lives to the gods/ancestors/marine spirits (henceforth I will refer to them as gods) through dedications. From there their lives are in the hands of these spirit beings. The covenants that the families make with these gods are blood covenants (incision are done on children born in the family on the crown of the head, the back of the head, arm, legs etc.) and these covenants are further reinforced by blood offering from time to time when the family or individual in the family goes before them for whatever reasons. The customs and practices differ from culture to culture but there are many similarities. In my family they would slaughter a cow/goat/chicken as an offering to ancestors. The size of the offering is dictated or depends on the gravity of the issue to be brought before the gods. Everything that a family does or want to do, these gods are consulted. Nothing can be done without their consent. When one acquires wealth, children, a job, qualifications, material things etc., they must be dedicated to the gods with thanksgiving. For example, when I won beauty competitions the gods were part and parcel of this process from start to finish. When I won a competition we had a celebration to thank them.

Another thing that happens is that through these covenants and dedications the female in the family are unwittingly given as wives to the gods and conversely for the males. Some families are aware and will consciously offer a child to the gods as a wife or husband. We understand now that these gods are actually demons. But our forefathers never knew this. They viewed and worshiped them as gods. Even today idol worship is a great part of most families in South Africa and the rest of Africa. Those with links to the marine spirits swim a lot in the dreams. They swim in rivers and oceans and have communion with the “people” of that dimension. They find that they have a dual life. One in the physical and one in the spirit realm. They have husbands, children, careers, businesses (an entire life) in that spirit realm and they have the same in the physical realm. Some people who are dedicated and married to spiritual husbands in the marine world and to other idols, are told not to get married in the physical realm. If they transgress they lose their fortune, a child or they themselves are killed.


The second type of spiritual husband is the one that marries you in the dream. One has a dream getting married while in actual fact they are married in the spirit but not in their physical life. From that time they experience a visitation through dreams and sometimes physically by being oppressed and taken advantage of sexually. This type of spiritual husband normally happens through witchcraft. A witch who wants to have sex with you but cannot do so in the natural will project himself/herself spiritual and have sex with you in the spirit. OR someone who wants to do evil to you and mess up your life may consult a witchdoctor who will then send a demon to have sex with you with the intention to destroy some aspects of your life or your entire life. The reason they get married to you in the spirit is gain and have total control of you.

These kinds of marriages happen easily because most of Africans are dedicated and blood covenants are made on their behalf mostly when they are babies and toddlers. Thereby making them candidates for abuse of any kind in the spiritual realm. Spiritual marriages affect the physical marriage negatively. People divorce because of their impact to the physical marriage. They can kill your children born and unborn and do all manner of evil to destroy your physical marriage. They are very jealous and wicked.

To know more about romancing Jesus, the Bridal Paradigm and spirit rape, these books will be helpful.

The New Idolatry


The Church of the End-Time Zombies.


One Response to “The Spiritual Husband in South Africa”

  1. byacinte February 13, 2016 at 2:43 pm #

    This is so true, I know for a fact that ive been dedicated by parents to there idols. When I was a little girl to adult hood I dreamed of so much of swimming, seeing mermaids (half human half fish) also human/horse, human/snake. I hate the fact that I have to suffer the consequences of dedication. My life is a roller coaster, these demonic forces are trying to ruin everything for me. Ive been seeking help from these things but not successful yet but I know its out there. Im grateful to still be alive and getting by due to the grace of god.


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