Set Free By Angels: Do Not Provoke Them!

2 Mar

Many have been fascinated by angels, particularly as we watch their actions throughout the scriptures as angels  do  God’s bidding, protect God’s people and  send key  messages.  Nevertheless,  as much as  I find angels  interesting, I approach the topic with caution. My position on the matter is  that we need to avoid playing  with fire without  sufficient  knowledge.  For I have found that the spirit world can be like playing with matches.  For example,  many Charismatics have been taught to command angels in prayers and when they did, what they received was false conversions & torment. So I do not command or pray to or   directly communicate with angels, even when I know that they are present. Why? Because the bible warns us that angels can be provoked.  Here is an excerpt from the Fake Jesus: Fallen Angels Among Us:”

cover_the fake Jesus_new

Click the cover for the softcover and the title link for the ebook

Consider Daniel. When Daniel prayed, his prayers caused an angelic battle that Daniel himself was completely unaware of in the spiritual realm. When prayer is in accord with God’s will, we do, in a sense, affect angelic battles. However, to take prayer to a level of actually attempting to control what goes on between —when we try to “bring down principalities and powers”—I believe that we are stretching our self-created teaching on spiritual warfare beyond the limits and boundaries of our actual authority. God Himself have given Satan and his army “the go ahead.” Its a challenge where the Lord mocks the demons in derision with, “Hey Satan. You will have no lasting success in your attempt to rule the world— but have a go!!! Take your best shot. I am counting on My Son and I am counting on the elect to stay loyal to Me and they will spit in the face of the anti-Christ, the False Prophet—– and you, devil!!!
The “open the gates” thing is smeared with the Sananda influence that suggests that you can control your own destiny by the words of your mouth. Dangerous stuff. In example #2, there is also a clever, subtle euphemistic statement of “personal ministry offered by a prophetic team”—aka “psychic readings are available for everyone. Our mediums are here to serve you.” Readings that call themselves “prophetic” will certainly “open your gates.” They will open the gates of your soul to the wrong spirit and you will be in serious trouble.

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    Be warned. If you provoke one of God’s angels, you will reap the consequences, as revealed by Exodus 23:20. If you seek angels, you are inviting a fallen angel into your life. He will answer you with torment.


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